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Aestas Book Blog Question for anyone who has inside info or who has already read this book:

Does Ash appear in it? I just went to Kenyon's website and on the interactive feature, it shows a list of all participating characters and Ash's name wasn't there... I don't think there has been a book so far withOUT Ash so I was just wondering if it just went without saying that he'd be in this book or if he really is *gulp* absent????

Desiree No Ash does not appear in this book at all.

Koula No

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Aestas Book Blog I have to say, I was worried before reading it. But having read it, I totally didn't mind Ash's absence. I know it's Jaden's arc now and all, i was just having a hard time letting go lol. Looking forward to seeing him in future books but for now, I'm glad he's enjoying his HEA ... Love this book, one of the best in the series IMO

Alana I have to agree, I didn't miss Ash at all. I think if he was put in, it would seem like an after thought, or SK was appeasing her fans, or something like that. He wasn't "needed" so I was glad he didn't show up, or else it would seem like pandering. Don't get me wrong, I love Ash and can't wait to see more of him.

Sheila Martinez I LOVE Ash.....I would like to start reading about the children some day and the powers the wield. Especially with the unique parentage...

Aestas Book Blog Bk70lvr wrote: "Ash is my favorite character, but when it comes to the dream and were hunter worlds, I don't expect him to show. I hope we get to see him doing some super, duper cute daddy stuff when he does make ..."

ya!!! he's gonna be the best Dad!!!!!

Emily I am so interested in Jaden and Thorn! Must have their story!

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