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message 1: by Feodora (new)

Feodora | 108 comments Mod
I am taking part in the GoodReads book read challenge.
As I "read" audiobooks as well as " normal" books I ut the challenge up to 65 books.
I am good on track, but I twice lost trach when I read some big books with many pages.
Therefore I think the C shoud e changed to read pages. That woud as well fix the problem with books I stopped reading, which count for the challenge.

Did You took part and if, what are Your expierences?

message 2: by Cheryl (last edited Oct 30, 2011 03:06PM) (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 426 comments If you stop reading, and don't want the book to count, just don't put a Date Finished on it.

I say audiobooks, children's books, etc. should all count. Especially if you write at least a short review, then it should count.

I can look at my stats chart to see how I'm doing on pages. But I don't really care about those. And, since audiobooks don't have pages, that would mess up your challenge.

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 17 comments I am behind on my challenge by 17%. It seems 200 is a bit too much for me in 2011. Next year I think I'll go 150, I seem to be right on track for that right now.

message 4: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mrsmelissa) | 22 comments Wow Shannon - 200 books! I thought that I'd shoot for 2 books a month and increased to 32 for the year, since I'd begun working in a library :) BUT 200! Wow! How? :)

message 5: by Shannon (last edited Nov 22, 2011 06:08AM) (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 17 comments I read ALL THE TIME. In line at stores, at stop lights. I listen to audio books at work and while driving. Really all the time.

**just had the random thought that my commute no longer takes me through 2 very long stop lights any more. Maybe that is part of why I'm not getting as many books in**

message 6: by Sorcha (new)

Sorcha (nordie) | 12 comments I'm including Audiobooks - why not? It's still a book!

I was aiming for 100 originally, then went through a fallow phase end of October when I didnt want to read anything (yes, it happens!), so dropped it to 90. Now I seem to be back in the groove, and will hit 90 books in the next few weeks - although I did just pick up an C.J. Sansom book as my "next to read", so may well not get past that!

message 7: by Melissa (new)

Melissa (mrsmelissa) | 22 comments @ Shannon

Love it LOL

You remind me of Stephen Fry... His discovery of audio books helped him to lose weight by walking and 'listening' everywhere everyday. It is a great thing! I enjoy listening to lectures & podcasts while I'm walking, driving and shopping :)

message 8: by Shannon (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 17 comments Melissa wrote: "@ Shannon

Love it LOL

You remind me of Stephen Fry... His discovery of audio "

I've tried listening to them in the gym and it works most of the time but sometimes I zone out then I've missed part of the book and have to go back.... it's kinda easier to just listen to music.

Congrats to everyone whose hit or is about to hit their goal!

message 9: by DubaiReader (new)

DubaiReader | 20 comments Did you realise that you can alter your goal, up or down, if you feel you need to??

message 10: by Xanthi (new)

Xanthi (libertine101) | 6 comments Yep, I include audiobook too. And changing the goal just feels like cheating, so I won't be doing it.... unless I surpass it before the end of teh year but I don't think that will happen! ;)

message 11: by Feodora (new)

Feodora | 108 comments Mod
Will there be a reading challenge on GR in 2013. I could not find any hint.

message 12: by DubaiReader (new)

DubaiReader | 20 comments Guess you have to wait for the 2012 challenge to expire and be replaced by a new one :)

message 13: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 426 comments They are pretty secretive about things like that - but I bet there will be!

message 14: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Brady (minesayn) | 102 comments I put in to read 100 books but doubt I will make it because I intend to finish a needlepoint canvas I bought 30+ years ago and it is going to take a long time. It is rather large.

message 15: by Hayes (new)

Hayes (hayes13) Audiobooks while you do your needlepoint, Nancy? There are some really good ones at

message 16: by Shannon (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 17 comments I'm aiming for 160 this year but already 1% behind. LOL. It's been a busy January and I imagine I'll be busy through the spring since my American Lit class it taking up lots of my reading time but it's ok. I'll make it up in the summer.

message 17: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 426 comments Well at least you can count the books you read for class, no? :)

message 18: by Shannon (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 17 comments Nope! We have a whole other thick tome for that class, which reminds me I should get reading.

message 19: by Darlene (new)

Darlene (dar49) | 2 comments 2012 I managed 225. If we could still include the audio/Audible version as separate from the Kindle or tree book I would have had more. I have problems reading with my eyes of late, but I, also, have ADD so I find my mind wandering unless I am listening and reading at the same time. But each version gives a different take on the words in front of me. I may interpret what my eyes read so differently than the narrator on the Audible version that sometimes it seems a different book. So I wish I could count them separately. And it give the narrator their own review.

My goal for this year is 200 books and as many fem written, strong fem leads as possible. I am already behind and not following those rules as my adult children have challenged me to read A Game of Thrones series. I am reading the third book now and am getting bored with the over male dominating nonsense. Those same children took me to see Les Miserable for day after Christmas so my plan was to re-read Les Miz after AGoT. So nothing like falling behind!

Oh, and I wish I could include the many betta reads I do for other authors. Often they haven't set up a page for the new book so those books go uncounted.

Does/did anyone adjust their goal for last year? I think I aimed for 300 at first but about mid year I lowered that. Then at 250 near the year I kept falling behind. So I lowered it to 215. Then when I started passing that goal I raised it again. When I hit 220 a few days til New Years I read voraciously to the point of ignoring the up-coming holiday and family and friends just to hit the goal in my head of 225. Oh, the games I play!

By the way, working folks, I am on disability so I am home all the time and don't get out much so reading is my escape from the world. If I were still working I don't think I would have gotten 20 books done in a year.

message 20: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl (cherylllr) | 426 comments I'm not sure why you can't count both the audio and the e-book editions - I've seen how you review both, mentioning the difference between the two when appropriate... - ?

message 21: by Debbie (new)

Debbie Robson (lakelady2282) | 67 comments Darlene wrote: "2012 I managed 225. If we could still include the audio/Audible version as separate from the Kindle or tree book I would have had more. I have problems reading with my eyes of late, but I, also, ha..."
200 books is amazing!

message 22: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Brady (minesayn) | 102 comments Audio books tend to put me asleep so I am not sure that needlepoint and an audio book would be a good fit. I will have to give it a try though. On the other hand, I have managed to read about seventy books so far. The needlepoint canvas has not progressed as fast as I expected. Maybe come fall?

message 23: by Anna (new)

Anna (annadlx) | 4 comments Since I just joined a few weeks ago I put my TBR challenge at 12 books and seem to be doing grwat at 10.
Next year my goal for 2014 will be 85 books.

message 24: by Sean-michael (new)

Sean-michael (smbryce1) | 6 comments where do I find this challenge you are talking about?

message 25: by Shannon (last edited Jan 13, 2014 08:59AM) (new)

Shannon  (bookjunkie57) | 17 comments Sean-michael wrote: "where do I find this challenge you are talking about?"

This might take you to my challenge but you should be directed to set up your own. (if you so choose)

message 26: by Inge (Inge1990) (last edited Nov 21, 2014 07:46AM) (new)

Inge (Inge1990) | 22 comments My new list. I didn't yet read all, but maybe people can use it as inspiration. When I didn't read it yet it says planning to read. Lets see when we have time for those books ;)

1820: the legend of sleepy hollow, Washington Irving, heard: 21-11-2014
1865 : alice in wonderland, currently reading
1870: de delftsche wonderdokter
1900- 1910: the hound of the Baskersville - Sir Arther Conan Doyle. pub 1901, planning to read
1910 - 1919--> Phantom of the opera. pub: 1911 planning to read.
1920 - 1929
1930 - 1939
1940 - 1949 --> Anne Frank, het achterhuis. pub: 1947 planning to read.
1950 - 1959
1960 - 1969 The spy who loved me- Ian Fleming. pub:1962 read: 06-09-2014
1970 - 1979
1980 - 1989
1990 - 1999- The love of a good woman- Alicia Munro, published 1998, read: 05-09-2014
2000 - 2009- doopvont van de duivel- Victoria Platova, published: 2005, read 24 august 2014
2010 - 2015: Heldere hemel- Tom Lanoye, published: 2012, read 30 august 2014

message 27: by Cameron (new)

Cameron (220340) | 17 comments i will give it a try. i AM trying to read 30 books! i'll be perfect!:D

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