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SOLVED: Children's/YA > Childres/Ya book about treaure hunting-SOVLED [s]

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LostOne (VincetheUndying) | 6 comments This is par of a sries and i can only be vauge with the desription. A group of kids find a treaure map that they think will lead them to Captian Kidds hidden treasue. The enter some tunnal and they keep going down but its boby trapped. unfortubnatly thats all ican remember.

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Brittany (weareattached) | 218 comments The Secret City (Pyrates, #1) by Chris Archer I think you are talking about The Pyrates series by Chris Archer.

message 3: by LostOne (new)

LostOne (VincetheUndying) | 6 comments and i thank you. for i never forget a cover and that is definatly it.

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