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Magnus's Vow

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message 1: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) Has anyone read it yet? is there anyway someone would be willing to share it here please?? I already have the book in hard cover and can't buy it in paperback again =( Anyways if you have read it, how did you like it? Thanks

message 2: by ஐAndreaஐ (new)

ஐAndreaஐ (rosesrrblue) | 83 comments What is this? Was it a release that only came out with the paperback?

message 3: by Daylighter (new)

Daylighter (pantea13) yeah it's included in the CA paperback that was released on October 4th

City of Bones: Magnus's Vow

message 4: by Felicitas (new)

Felicitas | 1 comments It was good. It was pretty much just Magnus in his house present day (city of bones) looking back at old pictures of the people from the infernal devices and saying that he will never get involved with shadowhunters because then you start to care about them and then they break your heart. He then said to chairman meow "I don't care how charming they are, how brave they are, or how helpless they seem, I will never ever ever-" and then it ended.

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