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why do you read? and is it fun

I love reading because it takes me awawy from everything, like no one can hurt me, judge me, or put me down. its just me and the book, and all the other characters. this may sound freaky but sometimes i find myself thinking about the characters throughout the day and talking to other people like they know.

I read because I can escape my life.. I like reading something and picturing that it's me doing what theyre doing, seeing what they're seeing, or feeling what they feel. I think it is SUPER fun...yes this sounds lame but I'd rather read a good book than watch tv...i rarely watch tv and im 15..

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I love reading,it is the best way to find out about things you never imagined would exist!I mean,the characters of each story are special,just like you and me!and in books,everything has something perfect,even in drama stories:D

I just love reading about different people/cultures/stories/genres around the world (fictional or non-fictional) and it is fun. Very fun! There's nothing like holding a book in your hand and experiencing the joy of reading that first line. :)

I read becoz its an escape from the regular imperfect real life. Fiction can bring to life the most beautiful of fantasies and make you a part of them with everything in a fairytale style radiating happiness and fulfilling ones deepest of desires.

I love reading! It's so much fun it's like going on an adventure/journey without ever leaving your room. It's the ultimate escape.

I read, because I have to. I don't think I could breathe otherwise. Sounds cheesy, but true. Kind of like not listening to music; how dull life must be without it. I read because it takes me somewhere..on a journey to .....

Erm.. the main reason that I read, is because it's fun :) I'm gonna sound pretty lame quoting iCarly but oh well, in some episode, Sam says: "It's like having a TV in your mind" lol. It is sorta like that to mee sometimes x) And YES it is fun, actually this is pretty dumb but fun, there's this libraries called "Gandhi" in Mexico.. and they have some sort of campaign to make people read.. its pretty simple, messages in their bags & some internet adds, e.g. one of them said "less face, more book" and yesterday I bought a book, & my bag said: "reading is fun. being a bag isn't" :) Idk why, but It actually made me laugh.. or maybe I'm just lame x)

I read because its a beautiful escape from the tough world. I love escaping into a new adventure every week. The reason I read many romance novels and romantic comedies, is because even though they won't come true, I think the world is a serious enough place, and these books make a bit more bare able for me :)

I only watched twlight because everyone was going crazy over it. after the movie i watched it again, i was hooked. Then i found out there was a series. so i immediately started readung them and i loved them. its nice to sometimes escape reality and live in a fictional world,

I read to escape to another world. I love all those exciting adventures, different eras, dangerous heroes, fantastical creatures, other worlds.

I love how I can get lost in a story and find myself surprised that I'm still sitting on my own couch when I look up from the book.

I love how you can live all these adventures and lives, and yet don't have to put yourself in any danger. You don't even have to leave the couch and still you're totally elsewhere.

Also, I love words, language, characters, syllables. Writing is a skill/talent that can make me jealous. How wonderful it is/must be to create other worlds in the most perfect sentences.

I read because I use it as an outlet. You can escape into a whole different world. You get taken away to a new world whether it be in a world filled with Werewolves, Vampires, Angels, or even a world that just isn't yours. You can become a whole different person while you read. You can escape your problems and become a character with different issues. I love reading.

When I read, I just get really into the plot and the characters. My imagination runs wild and I just really delve into the story. I love that feeling so yea reading is fun, very fun for me.

I just want to say, coming from the - Can Twilight Get Sicker Group - i'm so glad to come here and read positive things.

I also read because its fun.
Because in a few hours I can go through so many emotions.
I can get out of my head and into another world. :)
I also love the anticipation of it.
It's rewarding because almost always you find out how it ends.

I'm sure this is on some poster somewhere.

I also want to add that before twilight I hadn't read a book in two or more years, and almost all of those were mandated by my Highschool. Twilight opened my eyes to the world of YA fiction and once I started I couldn't stop. I've read about 80 books since Twilight and I've learned more about myself because of those books.

I love reading because it involves a lot of imagination. You take what the writer has given you and you make it come to life in your own way. Reading is also a way to learn new things. I adore books, I can't imagine a life without them. Reading is a huge joy to me, rivaled only by my passion for writing.

Lately, I've been reading a lot of horror novels, but I go in phases. Sometimes I like a good mystery, sometimes I want romance, sometimes I want a graphic novel and then there are times when I want to get into a good science fiction novel. I'll pretty much read anything as long as it's engaging to me.

I read because it’s like a vacation for my mind! I can get out of my head and completely absorb myself in the story. I can be beautiful, or dangerous, or kick some ass (whatever the characters in the book are doing). It’s a way to travel to new places and go on adventures you would normally never get to experience. I never want to stop reading!

I love to read. It's a marvalous escape to places and people. where the impossible is possible.When I read the characters I can picture in my minds eye are so much better then any television show or movie can ever hope to be. As long as there are books there will always be imagination.

It's fun to read. It's good to read about other places and meet new characters.

i read because i like roaming into different worlds, worlds that dont even exist. i would have to say that reading is fun, if i am having a momont or if i had a bad day i can just find a good book and bury my nose in it. i love to read my favorite called shadow horse.

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Reading takes me away from the stresses of everyday life. If it's a good book, I get absorbed by the story and its characters. My imagination takes flight and my dreams are fed. There's nothing as stress relieving as a hot bubble bath and a good book.

I read this book because the movie about this book was going to realese. I think that my favourite boook of this Saga is this book because vampires describes how they were converted. However, I haven't finished to read the fourth book yet. I hope I finish the two next weeks.

I read because it can drag you away from anything thats going on in your life, i actually do find it fun, but then sometimes when you have a boring book and your just sitting there... its like crap... :/ It all depends on the book. i love it when i loose track of time and before i know it i,ve finished a massvie book. Really makes me happy.

I love to read because the characters come to life and its a movie in my's amazing how reading can completely immerse you into a new world to the point that you care about that world and the beings in feeds the imagination...

I LOVE to read because when im reading a good book,im taken completely away,I only think about the world,and the characters that are create . Nothing is better than reading something you absolutely love. Of coarse there are many other reasons, but that would be too much to write.

I love to read because it keeps me distracted and I like the feeling I get when I feel like i'm in the story or what it would feel like to be in that position the main character is in! :D

There are lots of reasons why I read, mostly for entertainment and informational reasons. Once I learned how to read it was amazing and opened up the world to me. I would read anything with words--billboards, signs--you name it I read it.

Because it's like I'm watching a movie! And it's a really loooong movie. The longer the better, because if it's a great story (with great romance) I really never want it to end!

Reading reminds me that my life could be so much worse than relaxing on the couch with cookies or something.

It is my escape.
I love escaping reality for a couple of hours digging my nose into a good book.... it's just so relaxing... Some people do Yoga, I do books....<3

Two reasons:
1. To learn;
2. To be entertained.

I read because It's like shadowing a person's life and getting to know them and what makes them tick and how they handle their problems. You feel bad when they get hurt, you gain some time of tie to the MC.
Reading is amazingly fun because it's engrossing and good for your vocabulary and imagination :p
I genuinely believe that a person who read's has a better quality of life than those who refuse to read.

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