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message 1: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Great Thanks.....I have already read 6 of the OA as I like to call them, otherwise known as Old Adult novels!! Most people call them Adult Fiction but since I am probably old enough to be most of the groups Mothers, and YA is a general term used for novels for youngsters, OA is what they will be!!!! LOL:)

Anyway.....I will only be reviewing the remaining 6 on the OA list, but all 12 on the YA list, although I may have read a couple of them too, not sure, have to give it a better looksey!

message 2: by Audrey ~ EXO-L (new)

Audrey ~ EXO-L (lunewhisper7) hehe...I didn't read any yet because I just saw it!

message 3: by Sam (last edited Aug 22, 2011 08:49AM) (new)

Sam (lit-brit) FALLEN by Lauren Kate:

I was torn between 2 and 3 stars, so I decided to go with the lower of the two, but if I could have done 2 1/2 I would have!!

Okay......I had to read this for a Goodreads group, and I have to say I wish I didn't have to!! Now don't get me wrong it was good, it was a little bit like deja vu, I have read the general storyline before but with Vampires and Werewolves (even though Twilight isn't brilliantly written it held you right in the story, this one didn't)!!! I thought it was very similar to the aformentioned Vampire book, although I enjoyed the Vamps and Weres alot more.

I found the writing to be mediocre, a little juvenile, but I also have to remember who the target audience is......not me!!! I didn't really connect with any characters either, and I like to have someone to root for and I didn't seem to find one!

There were many areas of the book which I wish the author would have dug a little deeper, expanded to tell the tale from all the situations. I would have loved for the end battle to be more about the graveyard and not the chapel (I am trying not to say too much without giving things away!!).

message 4: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Weldon (sarahrweldon-author) | 6045 comments Hi Sam

What's this list sorry I only just saw this post it was buried in the back I had a few problems with my updates a couple of weeks back and this post slipped through!

message 5: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) It is a book reading list.....there are two: a young adult list and a regular adult list!!! If you go to the book club sign up, then you can get in on it. You have to read the 6 book sin either list and then review them on your page (this is my page!!!).

Hope that helps Sarah.....I am behind on my reading :( But will hopefully get back into it after a trip to the library.

message 6: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Weldon (sarahrweldon-author) | 6045 comments Sam wrote: "It is a book reading list.....there are two: a young adult list and a regular adult list!!! If you go to the book club sign up, then you can get in on it. You have to read the 6 book sin either l..."

Oh Okay I don't have the time at the moment so I will give that a miss maybe later.

message 7: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit)
Review for Glass Houses :)

message 8: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) I thought it was rather good.....I will probably read the books that follow :)

I am reading Die for Me by Amy Plum right now, literally just started so only on about page 30 on far it's okay.

message 9: by Sam (last edited Aug 22, 2011 08:44AM) (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Here is another to add to my Book Challenge YA list. NORTH OF BEAUTIFUL.

Really liked this book, well written, dealing with real subject matter.....that was nice!!

message 10: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Still reading Die for Me!!!!!!

message 11: by Sam (last edited Aug 22, 2011 08:45AM) (new)


I liked this book, it was interesting and fast-paced. The first half didn't grab me fully though, the second half I was much more engrossed!! Because of the first half I only gave it 3 stars.

message 12: by Sam (last edited Aug 22, 2011 08:45AM) (new)

Sam (lit-brit) DIE FOR ME

I liked this book, the premise of the story was something new but the overall story was the same, same, same as so many other books out there. That is the reason for 3 stars, it was written pretty well, with cute, funny and hunourous moments so it didn't get bumped down!!!!

message 13: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Starting The Iron King by Julie Kagawa today. Interesting premise from reading the back of the cover....we will see!!!!

message 14: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Hahahaha......I put many of the reading list on hold at my library, and they all came in at once, so I have them there, ready to read!!

message 15: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) I know right??? Unfortunately not all of the books on the reading list are available at the library, so I will have to check on (which I don't like) or buy them, which I refuse to do!!! So, I may be stuck ;)

message 16: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) You could put books on hold online and when they are all in go pick them up, then you are not making several trips, and you can keep them for 3 weeks, so you can finish them before taking them back.......anything is better than onread!!!!

message 17: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) If I am stuck I will use onread but will try and find some other way first. There are a couple of books not available on onread nor at the library, so I am not sure what I am going to do....probably have to go out and buy them!

Nightshade and To Kill A Mockingbird are waiting for me at the library, so off I go this morning to pick them up :)

message 18: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Undone, Blood Song and Kissing Snowflakes are not available on onread, and not available at the library!!

message 19: by Sam (last edited Aug 22, 2011 08:46AM) (new)

Sam (lit-brit) THE IRON KING

Another one done!!! Really liked it, and will probably follow the series.

Next stop is Nightshade, I picked it up today from the library :)

message 20: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) I zip through the YA novels!!! Just got a Kindle from my wonderful husband for our Anniversary, I am going to be downloading like crazy, no stopping me now!!!!

message 21: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Not to be too much of a stickler but......

YA: 7 out of 12
Adult: 6 out of 12

Which equals: 13 out of 24

I am focusing on YA right now, and will then go on to Adult......Not sure if I have listed reviews for my Adult books, but will start that after YA's are done :)

Starting Nightshade today.

message 22: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Just looked at my earlier posts and I guess I have done reviews for the 6 Adult books :) And I noticed I haven't named my reviews and my Fallen review is just the text from my review page....sorry I am not being an ideal reviewer!!!!! LOL:) I will go back to them and list the titles before the review link.

message 23: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Ingrid wrote: ":)hahaha the page monster! i just thought that one up because you are reading like nuts! great job! i am a slow-poke right now bleh:("

I like that.....The Page Monster!!!!!!

message 24: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for NIGHTSHADE by Andrea Cremer

I liked it. 3 stars, didn't give it 4 just because the story has been done way too many times before!! Good concept though :)

message 25: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for UNDONE by Brooke Taylor

4 of my favourite YA books in a while. Really enjoyed it, made me giggle, tear up, feel for the characters. Very well done.

message 26: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Yeah, I know....but it is on the Challenge list, so I figured I would go ahead and read it ;)

message 27: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for BLOOD SONG:

If you don't have to read it then don't, and I don't think it is a YA book.....I will have to check on that. That is all I have to say ;)

message 28: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Think I am starting To Kill A Mockingbird tonight.

message 29: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) You MUST read To Kill A Mockingbord first!!! I have never read it before and wonder WHY??? It is wonderful :) About 1/3 of the way through it, probably have it done by Friday!!!

message 30: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for TO KILL A MOCKINGBIRD:

I cannot belive I have never read this book, I wish I would have because it is a wonderful work of American Literature. Thank you to whoever chose this to be part of the reading challenge, you are awesome!!

By the way.......I gave it 5 stars!!!!!!!!

message 31: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Starting Kissing Snowflakes by Abby Sher tonight.....when this one is finished my YA list will be done and then onto the Adult Fiction list :)

message 32: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for: KISSING SNOWFLAKES,

Overall 2 was okay.

message 33: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Right, if I am not mistaken that is the YA list taken care of....on to the adult fiction now I think :)

Starting Half Broke Horses by Jeanette Walls today, not going to get through these books quite as quickly as the YA but oh well ;)

message 34: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Thanks Guys :) I don't think it is kinda fair for me to claim the leaderboard, I am an adult and do read rather fast, plus I have the ability to attain the books by whichever means necessary!!! However.....I do thank you and will be continuing with the adult fiction list now :)

message 35: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Onto the adult list, here's HALF BROKE HORSES:

Really liked this book, well written and very interesting material!

message 36: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for The Passage

Really liked this book, even though I was expecting not to!!!

message 37: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) And I thought The Passage took me AGES to read!!!! So, so, so good though :)

I am deviating from the Challenge list, I have my live bookclub picks to read, so right now I am reading The Hunger Games :) But will be back to the challenge soon with Little Bee.

message 38: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Okay....started Little Bee today, it has to be back at the library next week!

message 39: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Review for LITTLE BEE by Chris Cleave

message 40: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) Here's my review for BLACK OUT by Lisa Unger.

3 stars....good but not great, yet it was suspensful and full of surprises!!

message 41: by Sam (new)

Sam (lit-brit) OMG!!! Been on vacation and reading Sookie Stackhouse Series, so totally behind on my challenge list :)

Anyway, got The Art of Racing in the Rain in my possession, so when I finish Mockingjay it will be the next in line :)

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