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Almost here!

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M Todd Gallowglas Am I the only one who is looking forward to this more that A Dance with Dragons? If I don't have Dance finished by the time this one comes out, I'm shelving Dance to hang with Harry.

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Got the book and am reading it now as I'm sure you are. Back when I'm done to share!

LeisureSuitLarry Just finished it. It was amazing. I can't wait for what happens next.

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@Leisuresuitlarry...thanks! It's good to know there is a "what happens next"!

Hitandmiss Yer I really wish it was a chapter or 2 longer! I feel like there should of been a few more convo's!

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Maritza I am looking to start this series. should i read them in order?

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@Maritza...I think it would be more rewarding and understandable if you did read them in order. You get a feel for how the main character grows and how his friends work their way into his life and choices. It's not necessary, you'd enjoy any of the books on their own but it's better if you see the story unfold.

Dana Some authors are easier to read out of order than others as some really 'retell' aspects of their series as they come up. I love Butcher because he doesn't dwell on this and you get more new story that way. Due to this fact, I think you would really miss out if you didn't read these in order. When you are talking about a series that already has 13 books and is slated for 10 more, there is really just too much going on for you to skip around and get the FULL experience.

Just my opinion, but I think you will appreciate doing it in the correct order. ;) Enjoy them either way!

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Good point Erato. I especially agree with your last sentence..."Enjoy them either way!" The Harry Dresden series is well worth the read. For some reason I couldn't really catch on to the Fury series though.

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Maritza thanks pauline and erato....I'll start with the first one!

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Dana Have fun Maritza!

@Pauline: Did you read past the first one of The Codex Alera (fury series)? The first book reads differently that all the others. Many people, myself included, struggled a bit with the first. After that though, they are awesome! I usually tell people that if you are a Butcher fan, you should try to get through the second or third. In the second, the tone changes, and you start to recognize some of the 'Butcher-esque' aspects of the writing. Tavi has a bit of that same 'can't I ever catch a break?' issue that Harry has. Also in the second and subsequent books, you see Butcher's sense of humor come out and it is very reminiscient of the Dresden books.

I think some Butcher fans have a harder time with the Codex because there is so much more 'stage setting' than in The Dresden Files. That is required though. Harry's world is current time, so we understand all the cultural references, and it is in a 'real' city so geography is a given. The only thing that requires set-up is the magic and the Nevernever. Alera though is completely fictional and it requires a lot more the whole first book. :) I think this is what is so hard for Butcher fans. Urban fantasy doesn't need as much 'investment' as straight fantasy does.

If you only got through the first one and have some time, I would give them another shot. The 4th Codex is one of my all-time favorite books.

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Josh Maritza wrote: "thanks pauline and erato....I'll start with the first one!"

Absolutely agree. Some of the things that happen in some of the later books are the direct (but often, unintentional) result of choices made earlier in the series. You'd miss out on a lot of "OMG!!" moments by reading them out of order.

Willam Nations Just got a copy signed last night. I had bought it on my Nook when it came out on Tuesday and finished it in about five hours. He was nice enough to sign that to. I can't wait to see what happens in #14.

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Ed Fleetwood Maritza wrote: "I am looking to start this series. should i read them in order?"

Absolutely. You'll be lost unless you take it from Storm Front and come forward. The whole series builds upon its earlier volumes very very cleverly. I sometimes wonder if Jim had it all planned out that way from the start or whether he's just a mad genius!

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Dana In all the interviews that I have seen where he is asked about this, he says that for the most part it is planned. When he first created the series, it had over 20 books, so I think that he knew what he was doing all along.

Of course, I think he is a mad genius for having it planned that far out! Holy mile-long outlines Batman! :)

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I liked the ending of Ghost Story...was so bummed out at his working with conditions as they were through the story so the ending was a big, pleasant surprise. There, no spoilers right?

Andrew I think Jim has turned Harry into the Ghost Rider of Marvel Comic at the end of Ghost Story

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Huh, I haven't read Ghost Rider. Guess I'll have to look that up. There's still the matter of his being Winter Knight to deal with and Maab, which could fill a book on its own.

Andrew The Ghost Rider was give his power from a devil and rather than give it back when his job was complete he keeped it and vowed to us the power agenst the demon.

Debra It was well worth the extra wait as it took Mr. Butcher a little bit longer than usual to finish this book. I always enjoy this series and haven't been let down yet!

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Ray how many books does Butcher have in mind for Dresden?

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I believe he said at one of his interviews that he had about 20 but I'm sure that will adjust to whatever the storyline requires. The following is from Jim Butcher's FAQ: "Q. How many books is Jim writing for the Dresden Files?
A. 23ish: 20ish “case books,” like those we’ve seen so far, plus a 3-book apocalyptic trilogy. Book #12, Changes, hit bookstores in April 2010. Book #13, Ghost Story, will be released July 26, 2011. Book #14 will be called Cold Days, though we don’t have a release date for it yet.

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Ray oh cool... but what the heck is "a 3-book apocalyptic trilogy"

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Gosh, I don't know. Guess we'll have to stay tuned to find out.

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Josh I would assume that the trilogy at the end will be just that the end of the series. The ultimate culmination of the whole story that will be 20 books long.

A grand set of epics that will hopefully ruin us for all other authors. ;-)

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Deb I love it when you can say "I did NOT see that coming!". Can't wait for the next book.

Stephanie I have to agree, Deb! I finished this book about a week ago and I wanted the next one to be done right now because it was so good! I really feel like Dresden has been fleshed out as a character. He is so much more interesting now than he was in book one or two. I'm super excited for the next book, but am bummed I have to wait almost a whole year. Grrr.
On a side note, does anyone else find it ridiculous that a website devoted to books doesn't have a spell checker? Or did I miss it?

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