Breaking Dawn (The Twilight Saga, #4) Breaking Dawn question

Would you rather be a vampire ot werewolf???

I Would want to be a werewolf because if somebody come in your house yoou can go all werewolf on them.

I'd want to be a werewolf coz i would want to be hot in the warm way. And the werewolfs in twilight are preety cute!

Based on Twilight, a werewolf, because their relationships are not codependent to the extent that Bella/Edward was.

Granted the whole imprinting thing can get creepy at times, but each person in the relationship still can keep their own identity.


VAMPIRE! I would like to have a power or that things, it might be cool to know what only can you do! :)

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I'd b a Vampire! I would wat to b beautiful and b able to run, b immortal! 0_0

Vampire!!!!! Duh! Who would want to share thoughts with a bunch of other people. And the whole naked thing...ugh nuff said.


Vampire...all I have to say is FLEAS!!!


werewolf - so you can imprint on someone.

A vampire, without a doubt! In fact I AM a vampire, already. Born vamp!

I WILL BE A .................

HYBRID!!!! Half Vampire & half Werewolf!!!!!!

I'll Definitely rockkk!!!!!!!


Vampire! I just think vamps are so much more sexier than animals.


If we're talking Vampire vs Werewolf in the Twilight universe - I'd say Vampire. The whole not sleeping and time to do everything you could ever want to do is rather tempting.

Vampire, i mean would you want to smell like a dog and change into a wolf everytime you get upset. Not me. I would probably be a wolve all the time the way my sister and i fight.

Rachel Same with me! I totally love Vamps so i go with being a Vampire although it comes with a price: You get to watch the people you love die in the end.
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I would rather be a werewolf because drinking blood is disgusting!

I would hands down be a vampire<3

Werewolf, why would I want to kill people to keep me alive? Nawh, I'd rather be a werewolf so I can transform back into a human and stop by McDonald's to grab lunch.

Vampire, wolves are smelly and I dont like being hot at all so that would be a definent turn off lol

I would soooo be a vampire.

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vampires all the way. I live forever, im strong, fast, never have to sleep, and im hot! (hotter than usual. ;)

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Werewolf cuz i could actually CONTROL myself plus vampires can be annoyingly perfect

I would love to be a Vampire! Immortality, Beauty. It would just be fun and amazing!

i would be a vamp, i just dont want to die in the sunlight or sparkle, but i guess sparkle is better than gettin dusted

Werewolf you have to love then

I'D LOVE TO BE A WEREWOLF!! cuz why the hell would you wanna sparkle!! seriously!!

Vampire all the way!

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vampire of course!!!


I would rather be a vampire, they are fast, beautiful, and the twilight ones have powers!! Obviously the blood part wouldn't be great to deal with, but still. I like vampires better.

I would love to be A VAMPIRE because of "IMMORTALITY" but WEREWOLVES are cool too... hm...


I wanna be a no sparkle Vampire! :P

I don't really like the whole twilight thing...however, if I had to choose...werewolf! Or at least have a boyfriend thats a werewolf for obvious reasons ;) but honestly, supernatural werewolf/vampire thing is getting old and unoriginal..

Werewolf!!! I would love to be warm all of the time and still be living!

Werewolf. All the way. They're easily my favorite mythical creature, and how cool would it be to be a wolf??

Werewolf,especially the cute wolf, so I don't need to kill to get food

seriously people!? werewolves all the way! Does having the incredible urge to drink the blood of every human you come into contact with really appeal to you?!

I'd be a vampire because I have a have a random
hate of all werewolf.

Vampire ;-]

i wanna be a sparkling,gorgeous,never aging vampire!!^-^

Vampire. but not a sparkling vampire. :)

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I would be a werewolf out of the choice of vamps and werewolves, but if I could choose anything I would be a Fallen Angel.....

Well i'd rather be a vampire, but not a Twilight vamp, more like Lestat from the vampire chronicals or one from the Anita Blake world. If i had to sparkle i'd want to kill myself >_>

I'd want to be a vampire, but I guess it would be pretty awesome to be a werewolf, too.

I kinda like the whole eternal life aspect of vampires cos it would be so interesting to live through all those decades and historical moments and be able to recall them all, although that does have its downfalls too. But for me I would def prefer to be a werewolf. I just think they're sooo awesome! Plus they all have amazing ripped bodies!


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vasiliki ditto girl!!:]
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