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message 1: by J.A. (last edited Jul 05, 2011 12:36PM) (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) So ... I was in my local library today. Usually, I just browse around, checking out stuff that catches my eye (bearing in mind that my local library only has Broken by Kelley Armstrong and none of the others in that series--and they only had the first two in the Darkest Powers series, but never bothered to order in the third.
Anyway, because I knew I was going, I had an idea. I decided to write down some of the authors I have on my to-read pile and take the list with me--that way, I could try and find as many of the books I wanted to read as possible.
I had almost twenty authors listed on my sheet. Out of all of them, I only managed to find ... ONE!!!!!! And even that wasn't the book I have on my list! (Mega)Disappointed goes only a short way to describe how I felt.

How are all your local libraries? Do they stock a decent selection of what you enjoy? Or are you like me, and live near a library where they have an almost non-existent supply of PRN/UF novels?

J.A. Belfield
Author Darkness & Light

Kayleigh {K-Books} (kayley_12) ONE?
mine is crap
mine have some ya pnr like i saw vamp diaries but no adult ones, i wanted fever series ny karen marie moning n they didn't have anything even similar

message 3: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) OCD Kay =P wrote: "ONE?
mine is crap
mine have some ya pnr like i saw vamp diaries but no adult ones, i wanted fever series ny karen marie moning n they didn't have anything even similar"

No, nor did mine. I had Karen Marie Moning on my list because I've heard a lot of good stuff about her work, but when I tried to order of Amazon her 1st in the series was out of stock, and I ended up ordering the 1st in BDB instead (which hasn't come anyway after ordering it over two weeks ago :( )

Kayleigh {K-Books} (kayley_12) fever is amazing. i have them on e-book format and i'm on book 4 they r amazing

message 5: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) I only have kindle as a pc app, and I don't enjoy reading so much when I'm sat in front of a screen like that. Much prefer something I can snuggle beneath the covers with, you know?

::note to self: must nag Mr B. for kindle for Xmas::

message 6: by Cassie Cruel, Adult Expert (new)

Cassie Cruel (faith_isola) | 1384 comments Mod
Mine is also rubbish, I have been lucky in the last few weeks, but when I search online, it frustrates me, apparently I can request them, but don't know how :S

But the only night huntress they had was the third then the silver dragons they have 1st and 3rd but not second!!

Kayleigh {K-Books} (kayley_12) yea i love my kindle it's amazing :)
i hate reading on a computer.

message 8: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) Hmm, I might try ordering books online and see where that gets me.

message 9: by ☺~Tina~☺ (new)

☺~Tina~☺ (tina007) | 12 comments I have a Kindle and Sony Reader. I use my Sony Reader to download books from the library (though that feature will be added to Kindle they said around the end of the year yay). I use THREE libraries, yes three lol. I use 2 that have downloads and one for the actual book. If it a new author, a series I haven't already started or if they have the ebook to high I use the libraries. And I still don't find about 90% of the stuff I look for from 3 libraries, smh. OR they will have like the 5 and 8th books in the series and nothing else.

So then I either buy the book or if it's to much I push it asided and hope the cost goes down. If not, oh well, there are thousands of reasonably priced books.

message 10: by Cindy III (new)

Cindy III I used to live near a library that was attached to other branch libraries, so if they didn't have the book they got it sent over from another library. They also have downloads, which I stumbled upon recently and have been getting some books read that way. It's pretty useful since now I have to take a long bus ride over to one of the branch libraries. There is also another library a bit closer, but usually they only have one copy of a book. There's also one other library that's closer, but I haven't gone there yet.

message 11: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) I gave up on libraries years ago :( (huge apologies to all those who are trying to keep open, what with council cutbacks etc), but I found out that the majority of libraries are stocked by their main librarian - who dictates what does and does not get in there!

Which is why Danielle Steele is still a major draw, and hits the head of the "most requested" list 9 times out of 10 :(

Unfortunately, there are not enough readers of PNR out there who can influence their local library. It's a specialist genre in any case; and I believe that getting a book in is determined by the number of requests for it :)

Also, most of the 'bought-in' books are subject to a 'guide-line' listing (either from WH Smiths or Waterstones) who apparently have major clout!! - and if you look at any of the 'frequently requested' lists that huge corporate booksellers produce, PNR stuff is WAY DOWN the list.

Hence the difficulty.

Unless you can convince 50% plus of the population to request PNR, then libraries are unlikely to have them. A whole consecutive series is almost impossible.

But, it's still worth while patronising your local library; although you may not get your 'wanted' read, they DO TRY for variety:)

It is worthwhile trying for second-hand books (even through Amazon or the Book Depositary) 'cos that is where you'll probably find them. But unless you find a (geek) second-hand bookstore near you (like me), there'll always be some difficulty getting hold of them.

It has taken me years (buying from America) to amass my PNR collection; and until the UK opens its mind (a little), you'll always be disappointed (sorry to say).

Hugs to everyone who reads PNR
I love it, and will continue to do so for an awful long time :)

message 12: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) It's pretty sad, I think. :o\
Though three of the libraries in my area do now have my book in them. :D

message 13: by Carole-Ann (new)

Carole-Ann (blueopal) Yeah! Plaudits for JA!!!!

(OK, how much do I get for that plug? )


message 14: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) Hehehehe. :D

(and psst, you just taught me a new word ;o))

message 15: by Jade aka MrsTosh (new)

Jade aka MrsTosh (mrstosh) Unfortunately I had exactly the same problem at my library, which is why I ended up buying a Kindle and downloading lots of books instead. I had to pre order in books to my library I wanted to read which took weeks and at a cost of 60p per book....even when they had it is storage and not on the shelves, you still got charged!

Tammy ~Witching Hour Reads~ (03tammy-lynn) | 241 comments I guess I am lucky I live in a smaller city, but they have a pretty decent library we have a main library and then we have 2 smaller branches. I go to the smaller one by my house (its in walking distance) and if then don't have what I'm looking for I reserve it from the main library and it gets delivered to the little branch by me. I have a few times ran into the problem of the library not having what I want and they put out a request for an inter-library loan, and have it brought in from another cities library.

message 17: by J.A. (new)

J.A. Belfield (jabelfield) You're very lucky, Tammy. :D

@Jade aka MrsTosh, that sounds a bit unfair to me. :o(

Tammy ~Witching Hour Reads~ (03tammy-lynn) | 241 comments Thank you, I love my library.

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