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Discuss Poison Study > How would artists or creative types be able to flourish in Ixia? If the Commander doesn't respect art, will that loss be felt in other ways?

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message 1: by Jane (new)

Jane (janeg) | 123 comments Mod
Freedom of creativity is the main reason I chose Sitia over Ixia on the poll. I would hate to be told where to work and how to express myself. Having had secure jobs that I was good at but hated, I was much happier struggling to do something I love. I get that the Commander could very well "assign" me to do something I actually liked, but the restriction alarms me. I would think that people would sneak behind his back and express themselves "illegally" or even rebel. Though sometimes I hate living in America, Sitia is kind of the same so I already know what to expect.

As for the flourishing of creative types, I guess culinary arts is pretty creative --only if you're the head chef.

message 2: by Alethea (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
I think Commander Ambrose appreciates practical arts like cooking, and gardening for example--when Yelena is climbing the stairs to Valek's office for the first time she sees landscaping through a window... I think of it as a sort of orderly, utilitarian expressiveness; while the slashing of the tapestries and decorations of the old regime is a post-modernist statement that the useless wasteful take-from-the-people kingdom is gone. Here comes the Commander who doesn't ask for much luxury, he's gonna use his resources to make sure everyone's got a home, food, free healthcare and whatnot.

I guess I wouldn't really be able to do my watercolors and fiction-writing (story-weaving?) in Ixia, but I could knit uniformy-type things, build furniture, or other creative but useful things!

message 3: by [deleted user] (new)

Well, depending on what your talent is, I think the Commander would allow some things to express your individual creativity. For example, the mini-sculptures. I, too, could do some knitting, at least. Maybe something like cloaks, shawls, and gloves. Even if the color choices are a bit limited....

But Sitia would probably be a better environment for painting and fiction, I imagine.

message 4: by Ashton18 (new)

Ashton18 | 3 comments I think that the twice a year festival is the main outlet for the artistic types such as dancers. Useful arts such as pottery, ceramics and sewing is probably allowed but in controlled amounts. Eventually people would revolt against this type of government but if it is just the suppression of art and luxury and not outright corruption any revolt would only be popular with young people.

message 5: by Jane (new)

Jane (janeg) | 123 comments Mod
Suzann, No I haven't lived anywhere else.. but based on what I can make of Ixia, I would just be very unhappy. As for living somewhere else, I would want to live someplace very GREEN. I'm obsessed with the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice because of all the landscapes--especially the old trees.

Ashton18, That's actually a very good observation. I didn't even think about the festivals. The commander must be tolerable of some forms of art, just as long as it doesn't get in the way of work. I don't really think that Ixia is a oppressive type of society, though I do think there's a lot of bitterness about some sorts of freedom issues.

message 6: by Liz (new)

Liz | 25 comments I appreicate the opportunity Sitia allows for personal expression and the arts. Although there is much to be said for the organization of Ixia and the protection it provides its people.

message 7: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (poisonedrationality) | 172 comments Alethea--I agree I think he does appreciate certain forms of expression. Food definately, landscaping and even the festivals held twice a year. Restrictive perhaps, but when he let's them let loose he really does. I also think it has more to do with the military-esque atmosphere of his HQ. From the way Yelena made it sound, it sounded like they were allowed to have outlets for their creativity as long as they got their work/chores/studies done first (at least in Brazell's District). Plus he seemed to appreciate Valek's outlet, the sculptures.

The old monarchy sounded horrible (on par with the French Court during Marie Antionette's time honestly) and was too free in its allowance of creativity. There was no substance, no meaning for any of it. They did because they could, not because it meant something to them. The people look forward to the festivals so very much that they put their hearts and souls into what they want to create and show off. They appreciate the hardwork of their competitors.

message 8: by Liz (new)

Liz (jedimindreader) | 27 comments I think the Commander's lack of artsy fartsiness is due to the fact that he's constantly trying to supress his female side and art and creativity (although not always the case) is a trait more commonly accepted and found in females.

message 9: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (poisonedrationality) | 172 comments Well do you think that his female side, Ambassador I can't spell her name correctly, is any more open to the idea? I think he is the very embodiment of 'military starkness'. Ambassador Signorn (blah sp?) seemed every bit as lacking creative impulses as Ambrose. I think its an ingrained habit of his now that is a trait of his personality and outlook of life--everything has its place and time and use. He personally has no use (or ability) for creative things, so then he has no time for it. He recognizes that others DO and allows them an outlet and usefulness to indulge.

message 10: by Alethea (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
Signe ;)

message 11: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (poisonedrationality) | 172 comments THANK YOU. I have no idea why I was convinced it was just like Signory. With my books packed away ('cause of the move and my lack of room being built XD) I couldn't go back and check.

message 12: by Alethea (last edited Oct 12, 2008 11:22PM) (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 481 comments Mod
Signe + Aragorn = Signorn?! Lol!

Long live the King!

message 13: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (poisonedrationality) | 172 comments lol! Now there's a crossover! A very scary one no less since Signe would prolly kill Aragorn on sight o.o

message 14: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Harvey | 511 comments I definitely think there would be some allowance for creativity in the arts, or at least a basic form of it. I think that the commander would have to go to an extreme such as banning it before it would go nill in this world.

message 15: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (poisonedrationality) | 172 comments Oh I doubt the commander would do that. he is a very stern fellow, but realistic. He must know that if he banned creative expression altogether it would be just as bad as the former overindulgent monarchy--by stressing the need to get work done first and play later, he makes it more of a treat to be savored then something to take for granted as being there.

message 16: by Kristen (new)

Kristen Harvey | 511 comments Yes, I think you have a valid point on art being a "treat" and if you think about the jobs and market it makes for the whole world, it is necessary, whether he completely likes it or not.

message 17: by Lexie (new)

Lexie (poisonedrationality) | 172 comments Exactly. The bi-annual festivals they have in the winter and summer are part of that necessary activity. Not only is it a week for his people to relax and rejuvenate, its also a day that they can mingle and discuss and look forward to. They work harder knowing that soon a pleasurable activity is around the corner (same thing anyone with a 9-5/Monday through Friday job here does on fridays--the lure of that weekend of rest drives them to want to finish all they can so there's less later).

message 18: by Meme (new)

Meme (mstylp) | 519 comments Jane wrote: "Freedom of creativity is the main reason I chose Sitia over Ixia on the poll. I would hate to be told where to work and how to express myself. Having had secure jobs that I was good at but hated,..."

I don't remember what I voted for on the polls but I started think that is wouldn't be so bad with the commander because he let that little girl do math her way because she was good at it and liked doing it

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