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SOLVED: Children's/YA > YA-British sisters go to stay with grandmother who doesn't let them read [s]

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Dimity There were two of these books-written in early or mid 1990s, I believe (could be late 80s I suppose but I really don't think earlier than that). I don't remember the second one, just that it existed. The first was set in England and there were 4 (I think) sisters who were sent to stay with a grandmother that thought reading was a waste of time so the girls had to sneak reading whatever they could find. At least one of the sisters ate all the toothpaste pretending it was mint frosting or candy. The grandmother kept complaining about how often she had t The books were funny and I have thought of them with frustration that I can't remember the name or author!! Would love if someone could help me.

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Dimity Thanks to the resources listed here and a baby who decided to wake up at 4 am, I found it! The Exiles

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