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message 1: by Ketaki (last edited Jun 27, 2011 02:05PM) (new)

Ketaki Naik | 3 comments I don't remember the name of the book or the author, I just remember the cover of the book vividly and the start of the story vaguely.

COVER: It had a midnight blue background with a theater floating in water in the middle ground, it seemed like a play was about to start and people were getting ready on stage. The curtains were open and there was that laughing/frowning face at the top of the theater. The foreground has other animal's coming in boat's to see them.

STORY: It was like a bunch of little animals got washed away from their house in a flood and decided to inhabit a theater that had come loose of it's foundations or something, and it was able to float on the flood waters. The bored animals then decided to hold plays and I guess the rest of the book is about that: the plays they hosted and the people who came to see them.

Other additional information: Useless info, but I felt like saying it anyway, I owned this book when I was young, like ~7 years old, and loved it so much that I read it obsessively, again and again. Then I lent it to my mother's work colleague's kid, who never bothered to return it. And well, now I've lost touch with the kid... And even if I got a hold of her, I'd feel weird to ask about a children's book... I'm 21 now, but I still miss that stupid, gorgeous book. T_T

Help return it to me by telling me it's name.

P.S. I'm so happy I found this group, I'm still relatively new to Goodreads and dunno how stuff works here. ^^;
P.P.S. If even this doesn't work, I might try drawing the cover to see if it jogs anyone's memory. >.>

message 2: by Dawn (new)

Dawn | 221 comments Not familiar to me, but...when were you 7? what year? :)

Michelle Mulford | 112 comments I believe this is Moominsummer Madness.

message 4: by Ketaki (new)

Ketaki Naik | 3 comments Dawn wrote: "Not familiar to me, but...when were you 7? what year? :)"

I was 7 in 1997, but I'm sure the book wasn't published then, because my mother tells me I'd picked it up from my uncles house... >_<

message 5: by Ketaki (new)

Ketaki Naik | 3 comments Dawn wrote: "Not familiar to me, but...when were you 7? what year? :)"

Yes! Yes it is! I can't believe I was so obsessed with something called Moominsummer Madness. lol Thank you. ^^

Moving Topic!

Michelle Mulford | 112 comments :) Glad I could help! These are actually a great, funny series for kids; I was obsessed with them too! (I still would love to have some Moomin toys, but they are only made in Japan).

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