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message 1: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
So, as I said, I am attending Salt Lake School for the Performing Arts (SLSPA) and we have earned the opportunity to go to Scotland for the biggest theatre festival in the WORLD! Also, we get to go to England for two days! This will cost me $6,000, I need donations and I need ideas! This is really important to me and I would appreciate any help I can get! thank you so much for joining :)

message 2: by Seth (new)

Seth (ninjaaaaaofwritingbooks) I dont really have any money but i really would help if i could

message 3: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Ideas are a BIG help and spreading the word! I totally know what you mean about not having the money to contribute yourself but even a couple dollars or sending a group invite to your friends would be a GIANT help! If I can get 6,000 people to donate I only need them to donate $1.oo each. If I can get 600 people to donate simply $10.00 I've got it! So you see why I'm looking for a large MASS of people?

message 4: by Kenny (new)

Kenny (kjamesmobile) | 1 comments When do you have to have the money? If you plan to raise it in a span of, say a year, you might do it. If you plan to raise it in a month... Sorry. I think that Scotland is just against the idea of having tourists. Why is it so expensive?

I would suggest getting a job at a small shop/stand. Snack Shacks and food vendors are always willing to hire young, underpaid fools. That's not you at ALL Lela... JK Jk.

message 5: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
The trip will conflict with the first week of school so it will be in late August. I have to make payments though, I don't know when the first payment is due cause I was unable to attend the meeting. I'm still trying to get more information. The 6,000 covers food, plane ticket, hotel room (we each get our own personal room) and everything and we're also spending two days in England and going to a show there all adds up!

It's a good idea for me to get a job but the thing with that is they don't pay THAT much. Note 'underpaid fools'. Also, my transportation is quite limited at the moment. Still, I will take that into consideration!

message 6: by aqua (new)

aqua | 12 comments I have thousands of fiends on here and I can help spread the word around.

message 7: by aqua (new)

aqua | 12 comments I mean friends.......typing too fast.

message 8: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Thanks! Donations are always helpful ;) but don't feel obligated cause your in the group. If anyone needs info on donating I'll be happy to oblige :)

message 9: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Here's the list of payments I need ;)

Schedule of Payments for the Fringe Festival Trip

Immediately-$200 per student

July 13th, 2008 - $150

Sept 13th, 2008 - $500

Oct 31st, 2008 - $750

Jan 30th, 2009 - $750

March 14th, 2009 - $1000

May 5th, 2009 - $1000

June 30th, 2009 - Balance

message 10: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Also, my sister just did the math, if everyone who is a member of this group RIGHT NOW contributed 20.00 I would be up to date on my payments! :) (no pressure!) Since I am a freshman and just learned about it the beginning of this year I haven't payed anything yet.

message 11: by aqua (new)

aqua | 12 comments I think I can donate $5 but I don't know what to send it to. email me at and give me an address or something. that way it'll be confidential.

message 12: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Oki dokito!

message 13: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Hey char, sorry I haven't emailed you about the address. It might be another couple days, sorry to keep you waiting!

message 14: by aqua (new)

aqua | 12 comments s'ok

message 15: by ♥ Rachel♥ (new)

♥ Rachel♥   (i_got_a_jar_of_dirt) | 3 comments yeah, and i'm also looking @ some ideas on here 4 a trip 2 dc...

message 16: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
oki doki! Help yourself to any ideas you want and if you find anything that works really well, tell me about it! :)

message 17: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
I think i'm going to end this group. Say goodbye! :)

message 18: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Also, thank you everyone for your good ideas and willingness to help! You're great!

message 19: by Julia (new)

Julia | 1 comments Why are you ending the group?

message 20: by Lela (new)

Lela | 29 comments Mod
Because it's not doing anything, thus, it's rather pointless.

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