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LenaLena So what do you think about Boyd not telling anyone? I'm pretty sure I would not have been able to keep my mouth shut!

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I would have kept my mouth shut too. One of the smarter things Boyd has done. :)

This is one of the first plot twists that I thought was really cheesy. We'll see where they go with it, I guess.

LenaLena I am not saying it wasn't the smart thing to do, just saying it'd be hard not to talk.

As far as I see it, they had two options in bringing Sin back (and yes, he had to come back, despite all our previous discussions) and both of them required him to have gotten some sort of mind wipe. It was this one, wipe his mind and dump him in civilian life, or wipe his mind and turn him into some sort of mindless killing machine stationed in Siberia or thereabouts. I would have bet on the latter, personally, but this one works. I think it is all going to depend on how they are going to continue this story line.

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Definitely depends on how they continue it, but it doesn't make sense from what we are told of the Agency that they would mind wipe Sin and dump him rather than terminate him. So it has to be a mission of some kind, but Annandale doesn't really seem like the place you'd stick a high level asset, betting that something useful might turn up. Besides, it's not just a mind wipe, it's a personality transplant, too. Apparently they managed to civilize him in an incredibly short period of time, something that they hadn't been able to do with his anti-social inclinations for 15+ years previously.

I dunno. This feels too pat and too easy. They've avoided easy plotting to this point, so I'm hoping that what we're seeing is misleading and it will get better right away.

I thought they had several options: be holding him in the lab, to have inserted him in a Janus cell, for Sin to somehow have escaped on his own or staged an escape with inside help (I was betting on Jeffrey), been taken by an un-named branch of the agency for other purposes and have it made to look like he'd died (which Emilio might be involved in for his own reasons), etc.

LenaLena But then we're entering Nature vs Nurture. If you wipe all the memories of his crappy childhood and abuse at the hands the Agency, would you not end up with a person with a different, better adjusted, personality?

I agree that is doesn't make sense at all for them to do this rather than terminate him (even though all the terminations don't make sense to me either), but how is he going to do any kind of mission if he doesn't remember who he is? Someone has got to be keeping tabs on him too, I can't possibly imagine they let him go without keeping an eye out. Which makes me wonder if they've spotted Boyd talking to him.....

Yes they could have held him in the lab, but any other option, with his mind intact and with freedom to move, he'd have come looking for Boyd sometime in the past two years.

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How could you mind wipe him and still have all his talents, many of which come from his ability to shut himself off from what other people are feeling.

He wouldn't look for Boyd if he'd been told/shown that Boyd died on his last mission, especially since that would have been a likely outcome.

LenaLena I don't think you can. Mind wipe and retain his abilities, I mean. Which is why it doesn't make sense that he's on a mission of some kind. One that only the Marshall knows about? But on the other hand I really doubt the Agency would just dump him like that into retirement, so what is really going on?

Boyd didn't believe Sin was dead and went through a lot of trouble to check that story out. Sin would do the same, if not more.

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Really? I think Sin is much more accepting of things like that than Boyd is. For instance, he believed his father was dead, that he'd killed him. It might shock him to be told Boyd had died on a mission, but I think he'd be inclined to believe it. Boyd is the one that fights against fate. Sin just curls in on himself and takes the blows. He doesn't question what's happening or what people are doing to him.

I agree that the unlikelihood of the Agency just mind wiping him and then dumping him is less than zero. So yeah, where are they going with this?

I think I'll hold off reading the next few chapters, so this can build up a little more steam.

LenaLena I think I'll hold off reading the next few chapters, so this can build up a little more steam.

Really? You have that kind of willpower? You some kind of superhero?

Sin believed his father was dead because he thought he saw him die. When it is information coming through the Agency I am not so sure he would readily believe them. He doesn't trust them one bit and knows they wouldn't hesitate to lie to suit their own purposes. I don't think he'd be that easily deceived.

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Then there is that passive acceptance of what they do to him at the lab, he doesn't question Emilio or why he trained him the way he did or why he disappeared. To me, Sin is rather incurious. Presented with a plausible explanation of something, he doesn't delve into it very far. I think if he were told Boyd had died on a mission he'd get angry and take his rage out on anyone present, as well as trying to kill Vivienne, the Marshall, and maybe others; but I don't think he would wonder if he was being played.

It's kind of an intellectual exercise anyway, since that doesn't seem to be part of what they are setting up here.

I'm a little bored with Fade, so I'm hoping if I can read more chapters at once it will get more interesting. The first 2-4 were great, but they obviously can't keep the intensity at that pitch for a whole book. This feels like a kind of natural lull before building up for the next bit.

LenaLena So now you're going to need me to preread for you and tell you it gets exciting enough to jump back in? LOL.

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We can take turns. :P

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