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Juliet | 1455 comments Mod
If you want to make your own character, then please fill this out (After being approved, your character will be added to the character list and claimed as yours to rp):
(The maximum is now changed to 3 characters by member in this folder!)

Nation name:

Nation age: (Look online, but it's alright if you can't find it.)


Human name: (Make it a common name from that country/nation/whatever.)

Human age:

Capital: (This should be easy enough if you look it up.)

Birthday: (Again, just look it up.)



Enemies: (It can be made up, or based on past wars.)


Crush/Love: (Optional)

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 10514 comments Mod
Vatican City State (Stato della Città del Vaticano)

Nation age: 754 from under the rule of Italy... yes Italy. But Vatican City was established in 1929 by the Lateran Treaty. Mentions of them, although, have reached all the way back to 37-41 A.D. It seems they've always been there...

Gender: You can never tell but let's do like the others and keep assuming.

Human name: Nicknamed 'Silas' by everyone they meet (after the hard core, self torturing catholic monk from the book the Davinci Code) but their real name is Cianna Tacitus. His holiness does just as well when you summon them though.

Human age: let's say 18-ish but quite as well be in their 20's.

Capital: this is going to shock you but... Vatican City.

Birthday: 11th of February

Personality: They horde the darkest most useful secrets in the whole world, as well as more money then a country that size could ever need for the next 2000 years. They hold a strong grip over half of the european countries but they do not abuse their power, though they very well can anytime. They don't have an army but most countries around would never stand for another's disloyalty, never mind someone else's violence (even if you are not Roman Catholic you somehow feel snubbed but privileged around them). He/She don't need to talk because others talk for them. Their like a king within a country. Only coming through when things go really out of hand and in the old days, to silence those who had to much power. Archaic.

Appearance: He/she has light golden eyes, is short but has a larger then life voice over people so seems taller and has thin wispy brown hair, curled like the Italians but there's something more about them. Something that differences them from Romano or Italy. Though younger they seem to have more patients and a stiffer, darker look in their eyes. Their movements are like stale bread, not pleasantly clean but you get the sense that they where once the most decadent and made of only the best ingredients found through the entire world or empire. They will take you in like a gracious host but you know not to trust them like a Butler. Is it just me or does everyones eyes turn down when I enter the room? http://browse.deviantart.com/?qh=&... (Home to the Catholic church, the Pope and some of the most priceless religious artifacts in World History. It is also a country built in the smack middle of Rome).

Enemies: It's not put that simply, but here's a way anyone can understand. Anyone not Catholic, yet they will stiffly accept a good few.

Siblings: Italy, the Holy Roman Empire, Romano, all directly.

Crush/Love: ?

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ƒσαℓєη | 255 comments Nation Name: Kyoto (Tokyo)

Nation Age: 143 years

Gender: Male?

Human Name: Shiranui Kimura

Capital: Tokyo, hehe redundant eh?

Age: 17

Birthday: 1st of January

Personality: Jovial, cheerful, boisterous, spontaneous. Sum it all up, an optimist. He has smart and stubborn moments. He wants to give his brother Japan hope and tries to make Japan proud of him. He LOVES electronics and is an artist. He's a ninja and can beat people up with his shurikens. He's pretty laid back sometimes, unlike his over-achieving brother, Japan.

Appearance: He dresses nicley and properly outdoors, but wears crazy neon-colored shirts and shorts at home. He always as his IPod with him and has headphones around his neck. Kyoto has straight, sleek black hair with violet eyes. He isn't too tall or small.

Enemies: Whoever is an enemy to Japan is an enemy of his.

Siblings: Directly to Japan.

Crush/Love: hehe.. no

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Jerry | 38 comments Name: Israel

Nation age: 63 years

Gender: Male

Human name: David Levine

Human age: 14

Capital: Jerusalem

Birthday: May 9

Personality: Israel is generally quiet but will not hesitate to stick up for what he believes in. Though he is young, he has much experience in warfare and government affairs. He is fierce when challenged, but is always willing to make friends.

Appearance: Small and somewhat skinny; dark hair; brown eyes; tanned skin; has several scars.

Enemies: Gaza, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Pakistan.

Friends: Egypt, Jordon, Syria, China, India.

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Naition Name: The Rebulbic Of Malta
Nation Age: Currently unknown, but people think Malta was settled around 2500 BC.
Gender: Male
Human Name: Izzak Vargas-Kirkland
Human Age: Appears around 17
Capital: Valetta
Birthday: (Independence from England) September 21st
Izzak is quite a outgoing person, but he's fairly weak, always going under the protection of others. During WW2, he continually went under the protection of England. He tends to be a bit over-trusting, and he fairly screams.He has a slight love/hate relationship with Sicily, due to their past, when Sicily used to rule over Malta. He can be very brash and strait forward, but people assume that is because of his friendship with England and Germanic blood.His culture is very vast, but mist people cannot understand his fast paced Maltese accent. Izzak is a fairly loud speaker, wanting to sperad the word of his naition, and that Maltese is a LANGUAGE, not a DOG.
Picture coming soon.
Malta is a short, childlike person. He has a soft, broad face. His skin is tanned, and his hair is a dark caramel. At the part in his hair, a wispy curl sticks up, and touching it makes him giggle uncontrollably.He has dark coffee-colored eyes, that are nearly hidden by thick eyebrows.
Enemies: Turkey, Sicily(Kinda.), France, and a few others.
Siblings: The Italies, England, Germania.
Crush/Love: ._. No.Just.....no.

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Juliet | 1455 comments Mod
((Technically, this character is already a known fanmade character, but isn't an actual character from the series. So I'm adding him here.))

Province name: Manitoba (He's a province of Canada)

Province age: 141 (Calculated from his birthday...I couldn't find it online.)

Gender: Male

Human name: Liam Andrews

Human age: 16

Capital: Winnipeg

Birthday: July 15 1870

Personality: He always claims that he's 'friendly', but he honestly scares the hell out of Canada. He always looks irritated because he's a guy that's willing to fight and get things his way. It'd be smart not to mess with Manitoba.
Also, he's usually mad because of the blizzards in winter and mosquitoes in summer.

Appearance: http://fc00.deviantart.net/fs70/f/201...
Read head, freckles, and yellow/orange eyes. He usually wears his 'Friendly' coat, (a deep blue winter coat with the word 'friendly' written at the front) a scarf, and a dark tuque.
((And to you non-nowers out there, a tuque is a hat.))

Enemies: Completely dislikes Ontario, for taking his land and his bands.

Siblings: All of the Canadian provinces, Canada, America, and many other grandparents and such.

Crush/Love: British Columbia

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Meadow ~ (Lunahexmoon) | 477 comments Nation name: Singapore

Nation age: Dunno

Gender: Female!!

Human name: Tsai Chin

Human age: 21

Capital: Singapore city

Birthday: i dunno the 1st of januray

Personality: Fiery, and is is a bit rough with people she doesnt like, but she`s easy to get along with if your nice to her.

Appearance: look below

Enemies: France

Siblings: China?(maybe)

Crush/Love: Later...


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Meadow ~ (Lunahexmoon) | 477 comments Nation name: Fiji

Nation age: cant find it


Human name:Lili Uokalani

Human age: 20

Capital: it's an island, it doesnt have a capital

Birthday: no idea, it said sometime in 2003...but i dont realy believe that

Personality:Very laid back and kinda lazy, but if there is somethine interesting or a party fiji i there and ROCKS the house.

Appearance: link down below

Enemies: doesnt like Canada because apparently he needs to shine more.

Siblings: Amercia...i think

Crush/Love: later...


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Blood Bone and Muscle | 10514 comments Mod
GerIta_lessthanthree wrote: "Nation name: Quebec

Nation age: 144

Gender: Female

Human name: Lea Bouchard-Williams

Human age: 17

Capital: Quebec City

Birthday: July 1st

Personality: She's a really sweet and..."

Remember, she has French humor (this seriously goes for France to, cough, cough. French humor is not dry like English humor it's literally taking things way to far until everyone else in the room is uncomfortable. Russian humor is categorized by being able to say anything with a smile in such a gentle relaxed way it sounds like their complementing you. Like saying "your hair smells like dead dog and your sister eats pesticide" but then sugar coating it to the maximum it can go.

message 10: by Lauren (new)

Lauren | 53 comments Molossia (it means little rocky hill in Spanish)
Human Name:Bella Roccia (lol, beautiful rock in Italian)
Capitol:Molossia :P
Birthday: September 3rd
Personality/Hobbies:she is playful and nice and very random.
She likes to slack off and take vacations, she likes school, except for math, though she is good at it. She love to tour around other countries and she likes the Fem! countries and all the female countries and she speaks English, Spanish and Italian. she is shy when it comes to singing in front of other people. She is left handed, (like me :P) and excels in music, art, and p.e. she believes one day she can take over the whole Nevadan (is that even a word?) state. she lives on a small patch of land in Nevada. she is very loud and loves the ocean, though she lives in the desert.
Appearance:She is usually found wearing a white button-down shirt, black ca-pries and black flip-flops. she has light brown hair down to her waist slightly curly and she has one curl from the left side of her head. she also wears black glasses.
Enemies:Turkey.(I don't know why, i just don't like him.)
Siblings: America:older brother Canada:older brother
Crushes: Romano and Antonio.
Molossia is an unrecognized micro nation


copy and paste sorry for my fail drawing =_="

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Lauren | 53 comments description

got itttt!!!~~~~~
(i didn't draw this)

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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (Willyoupleasegiveup) | 7050 comments Nation name: Repulica de Argentina

Nation age: 235 yrs

Gender: female

Human name: Jazmin Alamos Vilagomez

Human age: 23 1/2 yrs

Capital: Buenos Ares

Birthday: July 9, 1816 (independence day)

Personality: fiery from England, hopeless Romantic from France and Italians, love of dancing from Spain, and anger from Italy

Appearance: Long dark brown hair, tan skin, and green eyes. She has one curl that sticks out and turns inwards

Enemies: Chilli, Spain

Siblings: Unknown. (Spain was a whore but I love him!)

Crush/Love: Is developing a thing for England.

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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (Willyoupleasegiveup) | 7050 comments (There is now a maximum of two characters by member in this folder!)

West Virginia

Nation age: 148

Gender: Female

Human name: Josie Jones

Human age: 21

Capital: Charelston

Birthday: June 20

Personality: Beacuse of the many mountains, she was very secluded. She dislikes her sister Virginia, beacuseof her many law suits over her counties. She likes being where she is and is very country. She likes the simple things in life and takes life a part at a time

Appearance: long brown hair that always in a braid, tan skin, and wears a miners hat and plaid shirt with jeans

Enemies: Virginia

Siblings: Virginia, America and the other states

Crush/Love: none

message 14: by Isabel (new)

Isabel (CallMeSue) | 333 comments Nation name:Antartica

Nation age: Ummmmmmm can't find


Human name:Maria McHelf (There is no reasadence.)

Human age:27

Capital: None

Birthday: Can't find

Personality:She is quite and only talks when she needs to, when she talks she uses as few words as possible. She loves nature and loves to study the animals that live in Antarctica, she is a scientist and loves nature, and she blames America for the ice caps melting.Her favorite animal is the polar bear

Appearance:She has wight hair that is cut like a boy's and greyish eyes, her skin is quite pale.But most of the time what you see is a person wearing a very thick grey winter coat and grey ski pants. The hood of the coat is up most of the time.

Enemies: She hates America because she thinks he is the cause of the ice melting


Crush/Love:I honestly have no clue...

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Hether (InsaneCrazyFanGirl) | 1313 comments HI guys :)
Nation name:Ohio

Nation age: 203???((I am useing wiki...))

Gender:She is a female

Human name: Emma Smith.

Human age:14

Capital: Columbus((I hope I spelled that right))

Birthday:March 1st

Personality:She love anime and anything related... Boys need to be careful around her because she is a yaoi fangirl to an ocd point...She is hyperactive and has a short attention span... If you need to distract use pocky.

Appearance:Tan skin Brown hair that is alway and forever in pigtails and green eyes she is about 5ft tall.She wheres a blue tee shirt saying Anime rules and a pair of jeans, black teni-shoes.

Enemies: ??

Siblings:The states


Other:She always has a camera with her...this can be a bad thing or a good thing...

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Nation name: Florida

Nation age: 166

Gender: F

Human name: Sara
Human age: 23

Capital: Tallahassee
Birthday: march, 3
Personality: soft hearted, at time she is loud like america

Appearance: hair color like america's long, has a small Orange blossom in her hair, likes to ware baggy clothing like america

Enemies: argues with china and hungrey, sometimes with west
Siblings:America's children

Crush/Love: like Spain.

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 10514 comments Mod
Nation name: Aboriginal (Native) America (America means all of it, not the united states of 'America')

Nation age: 10th century AD or approx. 10.000 B.C.

Gender: Male

Human name: Len (meaning flute) Kwatoko

Human age: 23

Capital: (This should be easy enough if you look it up.)-----um, not for this one.

Birthday: Strangely he can't even remember his mother.

Personality: For the most part he's rather good natured and takes cracks about himself not to a serious note unless under the abuse of alcohol. Extremely bright and smiley, he feels like a caged animal with few good words to say about his unearthly captors (the only reason he stays on the res. is to acompany his people while the others fight racism of all kinds). If you needed a lawyer (which, please, dear friend, I hope you don't) he'd be your better choice for once he sees injustice that can be saved nothing from government files to ancient treadies can stop him from holding the laws in account! (Yah! give Alfred a run for his money!) Determined and clever as a fox he grants respect to all elder to him (or anoyone of an old age because even China can't compare to that age), not asking for too much himself for he knows people tend to forget his position. Likes hand to hand fighting, small already planted flowers, extreme tree climing (a personal favorite ^^), outdoor sports and art to pass the time in the barren land he was forced on. He dreams of one day getting back what once was his and cleaning up this garbage waste of a planet. He speaks thousands of dialecs. Getting sick and tired of powows.

Appearance: Frofled tick raven hair that can never stay in the same place, it's shortly cut tips stick out like porkepine life resembling quils. He has deep coper coulored skin and low upturned eyebrows, bringing personality to the creased sloemn face. Native America wears pracitical clothing for outside (baggy jeans and a navy blue sweatshirt, complete with worn auburn canvas shoes).

Enemies: Canada, France, England, Spain and America in general. But Canada and America he can cope with, it's his home, it's the mistreation that sets his nerves on edge. They just expect him to die off. Warning: Is not going to be best friends with the states or provinces until they recognise him as part of society.

Siblings: How far do you want to trace?

Crush/Love: I can't tell.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

is anyone going to aprove me :( *cries* moscow is waiting lolz XDDD

message 19: by Blood Bone and Muscle, Roy Mustang, promise to shoot me if I go off my path. (new)

Blood Bone and Muscle | 10514 comments Mod
The thing is, I don't know, I mean I already can't understand why we let whole states and provinces in when they're obviously the same ethnic group and not any diffrent from America or Canada themselves. Berlin is technically east Germany and Because Prussia changed his position to become that half of the country he's really Berlin. Moskow is a city, how is it diffrent from Russia? What makes her, her?

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Nation name: Mongolia

Nation age: 1802

Gender: F

Human name: Irina
Human age: 27

Capital: Ulan Bator

Birthday: December 29

Personality: hard-headed, always seems to be perserting china and scares russia to death

Appearance: http://1.bp.blogspot.com/-VIJn0Y6JdkY... with black hair, to look more..mongoilian! http://browse.deviantart.com/?q=mongo...

Enemies: russia and china((like poland as a friend))

Siblings: unknown

Crush/Love: open

message 21: by Juliet, Head Mod (new)

Juliet | 1455 comments Mod
Well, she wouldn't quite scare Russia to death; I'm pretty sure that only General Winter can do that. And Belarus. Forgot about her for a second there.

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Greece Karpusi (Scotland) Nation name:Scotland.

Nation age:I do not know his age.


Human name:Angus Kirkland. (a lot of people make his human name Angus, and since he's brother is England his last name is Kirkland.)

Human age:27.

Capital: Edinburgh

Birthday: November 30th

Personality:Loud, prideful, courageous, tough, fierce, brash, superstitious, hardworking, intelligent, determined, loyal, dependable, jerkish sometimes, stubborn, frugal, violent, nosey, tight-fisted, argumentative, cynical, and resourceful

Appearance:Has a little bit more of a bushy brows than England. Has red wild hair. Sometimes wears a plaid hat and a kilt. Plus he has green eyes like England. He also has a large scar that spans from his left shoulder blade to his lower back. England gave it to him during the first Scottish Wars of Independence in the 13th century.

Enemies: England and France (that is all I know)

Siblings:England, Ireland, and Wales.

Crush/Love:I think he once went out will France.

Other information:He has a magically friend that is the lochness monster named Nessie; he can see all of his brothers magically friends too. His height is 6 feet. His favorite food is haggis, porridge, oakecakes, fried food, blackpudding, and ect. He was on the allies side in World War 1 and World War 2. He is the eldest of the Kirkland brothers. He gets along best with his brother Ireland. He is the worst cook in the UK family (and maybe even the entire world); in fact he was the one to teach England how to cook. He loves his booze, especially whiskey and fine french wine. You can never tell if he is sober or not because he acts the same. He has a bit of a drinking problem. His main weapon is a golf club and he is resourceful with anything. he has a dagger at the left side of his kilt. He was a assassin in the past. He hates it when anyone calls his kilt a man skirt; it just ends up with him being mad. Same thing with calling him English or British. Some people call him Scot or Scotty short for Scotland. He is a smoker; he usually smokes when he is drinking/drunk, pissed of, bored out of his mind, or stressed. Oh he also has a deerhound that hates his brother Wales, and chases him. Plus if you try to wake him up..... well good luck with that. He is a really heavy sleeper, and he sometimes talks and walks in his sleep. And let's not forget that he can play a FREAKIN great bagpipe.(I may have spelled something wrong. If I did tell me.)

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Juliet | 1455 comments Mod
To Russia--A.K.A.YoiteSnake:

There seems to be some confusion with your character entries-

You're character Florida is Approved, so no worries there.

Moscow has not really been approved, and we asked that you either try to fix or delete her.
Mongolia needs a bit of work, so again, please either fix or delete her. (You can only choose one or the other though, since you are only allowed two characters in this folder)

Sorry, I'm just trying to organize this group to make it more understandable.

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Sam | 8364 comments Nation name:Republic of Northern Ireland

Nation age:97


Human name:Seamus O'Kirkland

Human age:20


Birthday:21 January

Personality:He is a happy go lucky type of guy.He loves when he is compared to his older brother scotland,but he hates his younger brother england.Like the rest of his family,he can see how you say....mythical creatures.His main one is leaprachaun.The leaprachauns love to cause mischif so he does to.He love beer irish bread and potatoes.He hates halloween. He can not use Magic like his siblings. He can only see magical cretures

Appearance:He has shaggy dark red hair that is always a mess. He is pretty tall (despite being the youngest out of the Kirkland family) He is a little taller then england. His freckled face always has a grin and is usually red(DRUNKARD). He always wears green plad. On his shirt is a smaller version of his flag. His eyes are a brilliant green, a similar shade to his older sister, Ireland. His eyebrows are a smaller version of England's. Ya know ... Not as bushy and Godzilla like .description

Siblings:scotland wales england


with england he hates him but hes the second nices to him.

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Hether (InsaneCrazyFanGirl) | 1313 comments Nation name: Wales
Nation age: can't find it.
Gender: male
Human name:Jack Kirkland
Human age: 20
Capital: Cardiff
Birthday: I can’t find...
Personality: He loves mystical animals and he is a very relaxed person. He often tries to stop others from fighting and he loves to read and enjoy nature. Bad cooking runs in the family and he can be annoying at times.
Appearance: http://media.photobucket.com/image/he...
Enemies: We will find out who annoys him.
Siblings: England, Ireland, Scotland
Other: He has a pet red dragon named red

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Ash (ashyboy) | 3220 comments Mod
Nation name: Verona

Nation age: about 2,561 years old

Gender: girl

Human name: Julietta Vargas

Human age: 17

Capital: n/a

Birthday: 550 B.C.

Personality: (( Like Russia, Italy, Romano and Belarus smashed together, if you can imagine that)) Very artistic and sweet, she loves the guitar and violin, you will often find her quoting Shakespeare and other writers, although she may seem nice she can be very blunt and will cuss like Romano if you push the right buttons, a hopeless romantic she will do ANYTHING to get her love ((sound familiar? xD)) she also enjoys ambushing people and creating yaoi moments, you will often find her lost in a mindless romantic haze, she always carries her well worn copies of Romeo and Juliet and Midsummer Night's Dream with her, as well as her art pad and pencils, she keeps these things in a small leather knapsack, she also has a small grey tabby kitty named Alessia who can be seen peeking from her knapsack


Enemies: Romano

Siblings: she is a city in northern Italy so she is his younger sister she does not like Romano

Crush/Love: Spain (calls him Romeo)

message 27: by Sam (last edited Feb 25, 2012 10:46PM) (new)

Sam | 8364 comments Nation name: Republic of ireland

Nation age: TT.TT''

Human name:Sarah o'kirkland

Human age:27

Capital: dublin
Birthday:cant finsd it either!Someone help TT>TT
Personality:She is a usually happy person.She is cheerful and warm.But around her brothers she is cross and yells at them.((Especially around N.Ireland))Like her brothers she can see 'creaturs' hers is the irish fairy.She is very superstisious.

Appearance:She has dark red hair.She has a curl but its in the shape of a good luck item,usually a four leaf clover.Her hair is pulled up into a ponytail and she has a fourleaf clover in her hair.She is not particuarly tall,she is shorter then N.Ireland.She wears a green working dress and a brown apron.She wears dark brown shoes.She wears a horseshoe braclet.She hits people with a roleing pin.

Enemies:She isn't fond of her brothers and shes somewhat afraid of the nortics and hates england.



message 28: by Colton *AKA Razor* (last edited Dec 11, 2011 10:47AM) (new)

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 1070 comments Nation name: Louisiana 

Nation age: 151 (I'm using my bad math skills)

Gender: male

Human name: His real name is Pierre  Bonnefoy but, he uses his American name Hayden Jones.

Human age: 17

Capital: Baton Rouge

Birthday: Can't find it

Personality: He is very curious and can be really troublesome at times, but he is also very kind and warmhearted to others. He idolizes his adoptive father, America, and will remind everybody of who his adoptive father is. Despite his age, he is not afraid of much and will let everybody know of it. But he is very frightened of Belarus and Ukraine for some reason but doesn't want to admit it. Though he is polite most of the time, he can be very rude at times, especially when he doesn't get his way about something. He is also very rude to most of his siblings and many new people, especially when he's meeting a new person for the first time and ask him why he looks a little like France.

Appearance: He has pale skin and  shaggy blonde hair that hangs above his piercing blue eyes. He often wears overalls with a black bandana tied around his arm and is usually barefooted. He almost always carries a banjo with him, for an unknown reason.

Enemies: He hates France for "giving him away" to America.

Siblings: All of the states in America 

Crush/Love: He has no crushes as of now

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Nation name: Panama

Nation age: 190

Gender: F

Human name: Kuna

Human age: 25

Capital: Panama city
Birthday: Nov. 28

Personality: hard-headed, protects her country with her life. Take a while to get to know and trust other countrys

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?q=spanis...

Enemies: America,

Siblings: i don't know

Crush/Love: (Optional)

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Ash (ashyboy) | 3220 comments Mod

Name: Siberia
Age: 2641 years old
Capital: Moscow
Languages Spoken: Siberian Yupik, Yuit, Russian, Eskimo–Aleut Dialects, Mongolic, Tungusic, Siberian Turkic Dialects, Uralic


Name: Iskra Matryoshka Alekseyvich-Braginskaya
Age: 19
Sexual Orientation: Straight


General: Siberia used to be more of a free spirit, but due to hardship, she evolved into a more serious character. Siberia is honest to a fault and works to maintain a stubborn and proud composure, but in actuality is very sensitive and quick to anger. Siberia has a fighting spirit and it is rare for her to back down from a challenge.

As a country she can be described as unique - a strange land with her people stretching far beyond her borders, Siberia is nomadic like her people and tends to get restless when forced to stay in one spot for too long, the exception being her brother's house. She's a bit antisocial and tries to keep to herself. Siberia loves piano and classical music but she also loves the raw sounds of traditional throat singing, common among her people. Surprisingly she is a weapons expert and is trained in Systema (view spoiler) Siberia is very capable in the ways of her people and knows how to survive. As a matter of fact she enjoys the cold weather, while everyone else is shaking in their boots Siberia can be found skipping around jacket open, scarf trailing behind her in the wind. Siberia doesn't trust easy and will usually shoot trespassers unless she knows you personally. She LOVES animals, don't mess with her's.

❖ Cold weather
❖ Sharp Things
❖ Messing with Fire
❖ Piano, classical music, throat singing
❖ Snow boarding, snow sports in general
❖ Her scarf
❖ The color Red
❖ Animals of all kinds
❖ Fighting for sport
❖ Being with her family no matter how dysfunctional they are
❖ Soups of all kinds
❖ Being Outdoors
❖ Hiking
❖ Terrifying Trespassers
❖ Climbing to new heights and seeing new scenery everyday
❖ Waking up Early

✖ When her family fights
✖ Vodka... Alcohol in general... (Le gasp!)
✖ Staying in one spot for too long
✖ Being around a crowd
✖ Being stuck in small spaces (she's claustrophobic)
✖ Trespassers (or just meeting strangers)
✖ Anyone who threatens her family
✖ Loud, obnoxious, snobby people

Strengths: Loyal like dog, strong physically
Weaknesses: It's easy to play with her emotions


Picture: http://flikie.s3.amazonaws.com/ImageS...
Except she has dark violet eyes and yes her hair is that long XD
Hair Color: black/brown
Eye Color: deep violet
Body Type: athletic, she's tall 5'11
Hair Style: long and straight (casual), pulled into a high ponytail (military)
Outfit (Military): female version of Russia's with out the royal adornments
Outfit (Casual): long royal blue pea coat lined with white fur, stylish light grey cashmere sweater, red scarf, dark denim skinny jeans, black leather belt, coal grey ankle combat boots
Outfit (Meetings): grey straight leg trousers, white blouse, grey jacket
Accessories: her red scarf, her siberian tiger XD


Pets: a siberian tiger named Aleksandr
Crush: none...
Enemies: anybody who enter her land without her permission and Austria, she finds him irritating and he is a rival piano player.
Siblings: Belarus, Russia, Ukraine
Other: like Belarus and Vash, she always has some sort of weapon on her person, just thought I'd warn ya...

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Juliet | 1455 comments Mod
Capital name: Berne [or Bern]; the Capital of Switzerland

Capital Age: 820

Gender: Female

Human Name: Adelheid (“Sweet/noble”) Zwingli-Péclard

Human Age: 23

Capital: We’re still unsure…Wikipedia doesn’t want to tell me...

Birthday: Berne was founded in 1191; the exact day is again unknown to me.

Personality: Her personality and temperament varies for nation to nation, none of them all too fantastic to boast about. Toward caring members of her close family like Vash or Lily, she is somewhat outspoken (as Vash commands) and shielding (to secure Lily from others), sure to not harm them physically, but not as much mentally.
In more public places, she likes to stay silent unless spoken to or bothered. To her, strangers are people she does not know, therefore does not need to know. This being the case, you’ll probably notice how she doesn’t have many friends. ((-sad face-))

Another reason could be that Berne absolutely refuses to show any sign of emotion, feeling that as a sign or vulnerability and a betrayal to her neutrality if she chooses a fondness over one side and not the other. Therefore she masks the emotion of love with other not-as-readable-or-preferable emotions.

Appearance: description

Berne has thick platinum blond hair, often tied up into a ponytail to keep it out of her face. She has cloudy blue eyes that change to gray from time to time, and smooth pale skin protected from the sun. She likes to wear a leather coat as shown in the picture, and a pair of headphones around her neck. Worn out jeans and Swiss band t-shirts are paired up most of the time, along with bright neon high-tops.

For formal wear, the traditional Swiss dress is always her first pick.

Enemies: Bern holds a grudge against Aargau and Vaud (two other Cantons located in Switzerland) ever since they invaded her in 1415 and 1536.

Siblings: Anybody who is a relative of Switzerland’s would be related to Berne, but honestly, who actually pays any attention to family relations in this Hetalian world?

Crush/Love: She has a small liking to New York, the famous son of the US of the A. But being who she is, she handles the rare emotion with violence, such as punching, hitting, shooting like a trigger-happy woman whilst enraged, and kicking. Others she’s been known to be overly ‘violent’ with are guessed to be France and the Italian brothers, influenced by the increasing amount of French and Italian in Berne.


- Berne has a male Bernese mountain dog, which goes by the name of Sven. Sven is good natured, self-assured, docile and placid towards strangers.
- Berne’s favourite band is Eluveitie, a Swiss Celtic Folk Metal band. She likes to listen to their most popular song Inis Mona, usually while waiting for Switzerland to finish his World Meetings or just waiting in general.
- Other facts shall be added when things are discovered.

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Nation name: Kingdom of Bhutan

Nation age: 3011

Gender: M

Human name: Johan

Human age: 25

Capital: Thimphu

Birthday: in the 17 centrey...dosn't tell....

Personality: seems to like warmer places, loves celibrations, might see him dressed up, celibrating his kings b-day. Has a tendency to blurt things aobut medicen. Sometime rides on a elephant. He gets very influenced by history, and tends to forget things becuse of when his old capital brunt down.

Appearance: http://image.yaymicro.com/rz_1210x121...

Enemies: Enlgand, border issue with china, sometime forgets tibet is not there, and ranbuls on about hating them.

Siblings: china, india((i think))

Crush/Love: (Optional)

Colton *AKA Razor* (RazorlovesHetalia) | 1070 comments Nation name: Transylvania

Nation age: (Can't find)

Gender: Male

Human name: Dragos Anton ((I just put two first names together))

Human age: 26

Capital: Cluj-Napoca (That's what I found...)

Birthday: (Can't find it)

Personality: Transylvania is very mysterious and solitary, but can also be very open and kind to others. Although, he is usually cold-hearted to America and his children, who started the rumors that he is a vampire. He takes a liking to most small animals, specifically rabbits.

Appearance: He has silky black hair that shines in the moonlight and crystal blue eyes that seem to stare into your soul. He has milky white skin and stands at 6'5.

Enemies: America, for starting rumors about him

Siblings: Romania


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Italyveneziano | 1 comments NAME: Venezuela GENDER: Female COUNTRY AGE: unkown HUMAN NAME: Maria Romero HUMAN AGE:21 CAPITAL: caracas BIRTHDAY:July 15 PERSONALITY: she is cheerful, can get scary if around spain. loves trying new things. loves warm hot places, but is also kind of laid-back.shes very quiet, doesnt say much. APPEARENCE: GO TO THIS SITE http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/... ENEMIES: spain, germany FRIENDS: Italy, Japan, Seychelles and Britain SIBLINGS: spain, Colombia,Brazil. CRUSH/LOVE: Romano(south Italy<3 tell me if you approve this please! ^^

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Nation name: Kansas

Nation age: 147

Gender: F

Human name: Marsha Walker

Human age: 20

Capital: Topeka

Birthday: January 29

Personality: She is kind of free sprited, but can be shy with new people. She is strong will and will never cry unless someone makes her super upset.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?imgurl=h...

Enemies: TBA

Siblings: All fifty states plus America

Crush/Love: Small crush on Russia O.o

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DestinysMaster | 418 comments Nation name: cyprus

Nation age: 440

Gender: F

Human name: Maria

Human age: 15

Capital: Lefkosia

Birthday: 1571 (doesnt say month or day)

Personality: makes friends easily, doesnt usually take part in wars, can be shy at first and usually trusts people too easily

Appearance: [image error]

Enemies: very few people

Siblings: Turkey, Greece

Crush/Love: open

Other: shes got a sweet tooth (gets from turkey) and she loves cats(gets from greece)

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Dani | 2 comments Nation name: New Jersey

Nation age: 224

Gender: Female

Human name: Megan Jones

Human age: 19
Birthday: December 18

Capital: Trenton
Personality: Normally Happy-go-lucky,sometimes stubborn,jealous of how little time she get's to spend with America,can also be a bit boastful about her wealth,also sulks when someone insults her about how she is the third smallest state,and can get envious very, very easily
Appearance: http://25.media.tumblr.com/tumblr_lis...

Enemies: The Netherlands(he sold her to Sweden), Sweden(fought with The Netherlands for her even after he bought her from him!)
Siblings: All of the other 49 states

Crush/Love: Her two current interests are Italy and Romano. She likes to try and flirt with them, but her siblings try to keep her out of trouble with the two. Megan still insists on speaking to either or both of them on any occasion possible, no matter how inconvenient it may be

Other: (Based of off the famous legend)She also houses the famous cryptic creature called the Jersey Devil. He's practically her lapdog(though he's too big to fit in her lap)The Jersey Devil has the head of a goat, with short, round ears. He has bat wings and walks upright on two legs, which have hooves. Megan calls him "Joiz", after the Brooklyn pronunciation of "New Jersey". Whenever her siblings come to visit, she tries to keep Joiz away though, because she's afraid of scaring them off.

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Thisishetaween | 44 comments Country name: Brazil
Country Age:not sure. about 51?
Gender: Female
Human name: Izadora Garcia
Human age: 23
Capital: Brasilia
Birthday: April 21st
Personality: Cheerful, loud, energetic, and friendly,
she is very focused on forming the best possible relationship with friends and family. after all, it's family that matters most!
appearance: go to this site http://mahnati.deviantart.com/gallery... the one with the curly hair and smiling. she has green eyes, dark brown hair, and the outfit she commonly wears is soccor shorts and a brazil soccer t-shirt.
Enemies: non. she is big on peacekeeping and being on friendly terms with everyone.
Friends: everyone. she's pretty close to cuba, though.
crush/love: She has a huge crush on america, but is worried if he doesn't like her, so she doesn't tell him. she hangs out with him a lot, though.
siblings: her siblings are Venezuela and Colombia. she is the oldest. btw, venezuela is the youngest.

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Thisishetaween | 44 comments Country name: Colombia
Country age: Unknown
Gender: Male
Human Name: Camilo Ramirez
Human Age: 22
Capital: Bogota
Birthday: July 20th
personality: Colombia is very laid-back, taking things slowly. he likes to stop and appreciate the good things in life. he is passionate about soccer, good latin music, and good food. he has a huge soft spot for venezeuala. if anyone picks on her,be prepared to face the fearsome wrath of colombia!
Appearance: go here butwhen you do, scroll down through the list. the one that's listed as Brazil is what colobia looks like. again, green eyes, dark brown, almost black hair. http://animeaudiorp.proboards.com/ind...
Enemies: none.
Friends: Unlike Venezuela, Colombia is on extremely good terms with spain, as both share a love of music. on friendly terms with everyone. he is also quite cheerful like spain, but not as loud.
Siblings: Venezuela is his younger sister and brazil his older. he is very close to both, and affectionately refers to them as "Zeula" and "Braz".
Crush/love: Colombia currently has no love. he doesn't like dating and will patiently wait until he thinks he's found the right girl.

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Emily ~BIG BARDA~ Heaberlin (Willyoupleasegiveup) | 7050 comments Nation name: Falkland Islands

Nation age: 178

Gender: Male

Human name: Benjamin (Ben) Kirkland Villagomez

Human age: 18

Capital: Standley

Birthday: January 5, 1833 (British Rule)

Personality: He is much like Argentina and England, due to their rasing of him. He is happy-go-lucky, like mother Argentina. He is always smiling and joyful. England brought his love of cooking and his eye-brows into this equasion. Benjamin lives with England, causing him to have a british accent among other things.

Appearance: description

Enemies: unknown

Siblings: British territories

Crush/Love: open

Other: Has a pet penguin named Thomas

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Sam | 8364 comments Bejing, China 北京,中国

Nation age: As old as China

Gender: Female

Human name: Mei-Lien

Human age: 10

Capital: Beijing ((Wow so reduntant))

Birthday: October 1

Personality: Beijing is a shy, quite girl. She loves China dearly and hates when western countries picks on him. She is China's lapdog. She does whatever he says.
She is very familiar with China's tactics of everything. She says "Aru~", Aiya, and whenever she meets someone, she greets them by saying "Ni-hao". She's a little prodigy when it comes to kungfu and other forms of fighting. She is like a little adorable ninja.
When ever she meets someone new, she stays behind china. When she knows someone well, she sticks close to him. She is adorable and she knows it. She likes to manipulate China with the sacred art of Kawaii, but she only does it when she wants to.

Appearance: Beijing is a chibi! She has amber eyes and chesnut hair like China. Her hair is pulled up like Ni-Hou Kilan's.( http://incredible-invites.com/images/... ). She wears a little red kimono.( http://www.carpatina.com/productimage... ) Sometimes, She either dresses like the Chinese Zodiac charecters or Hello Kitty. She's really little, but don't let her cute kawaii-ness fool you!

Enemies: Anyone that messes with China!

Siblings:China, Japan, *sigh* You know, all of Asia.


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Antje གརས པཅ Parker | 5522 comments Nation name: Armenia

Nation age: Depends which age you want. The traditional date is 11 August 2492 BC (4503 years old) but Armenia has had shot periods of independence between the periods they were ruled by someone else. She was recognized as independent from the Soviet Union on 21 September 1991 though it wasn't finalized until Christmas 1991 (20 years old).

Gender: Female

Human name: Hermineh Vartanian

Human age: 17

Capital: Yerevan

Birthday: August 11th

Personality: Armenia is a rather traditional Armenian girl. She has a very direct way of talking, she doesn't beat around the bush and just says what she wants to. This is sometimes misconstrued as her being uncaring but that's not true, it's the norm in Armenia. While she has no huge personal space problem she doesn't like actually being touched unless she knows you well and when she does she will randomly pet you.

When she talks to you she will look you directly in the eyes and would prefer if you did too. She's not very active and wears rather loose clothing as is expected of her. You will never see her drunk and you should never make a fist and put your thumb between your middle and index finger as she will most likely slap you for doing so.

Appearance: http://fc02.deviantart.net/fs71/f/201... Black hair and brown eyes peoples!

Enemies: Azerbaijan and Turkey

Siblings: Everyone in the Middle East

Crush/Love: Open

Other: Since its independence, Armenia has maintained a policy of complementarism by trying to have friendly relations both with Iran, Russia, and the West, including the United States and Europe.[1] However, the dispute over the Armenian Genocide and the recent war over Nagorno-Karabakh have created tense relations with two of its immediate neighbors, Azerbaijan and Turkey. Armenia is a member of more than 40 different international organizations including the United Nations, the Council of Europe, the Commonwealth of Independent States, the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe, NATO's Partnership for Peace, the North Atlantic Cooperation Council, the International Monetary Fund, the International Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the World Trade Organization and La Francophonie. It is also an observer member of the Eurasian Economic Community and the Non-Aligned Movement

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Tyler | 134 comments Nation name: the dutchy of normandy
Nation age: 1100
human name: Tyler kirkland(from the normon french world for a maker of tiles)
human age: 30
gender: male
birthday: unknow someware in autum (founding of normandy)
Capital: rouen
personality: even though He is small He is terifying to other countrys because He is made out of the worst europe the vikings,and rome and for suceeding in taking englands "vital regions"though honestly he is very kind and afectionate he dose however threaten to cut france balls off quite alot he swears like england he is like everyone else scared of russia alot
apearance:hes quite strong fairly tall he has dirty blond hair oddly he were a long black cloak a black hood he lops around his beloved greatsword
appearance: he has short blonde hair like england but talks the same way as the nordics as he was oringanaly a viking he has fair skin and most of the time wears a black cloak he carries around a great sword and he has bluish green eyes and has a small curl repersenting caen
other: he like england can do black magic and see magical creatures he is strongly religious
friends: england,canada(because of d-day)

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Sa-Human rights! Sorry about barging in... But I hope this will work, since I'm new, and I want to submit a OC... Sorry if I'm causing trouble! D:

Nation name: Madagascar.

Nation age: 46 (Can I change it? It's the first time Madagascar competed on the olympic games.)

Gender: Female.

Human name: Nataly Tsiranana.

Human age: 18.

Capital: (This should be easy enough if you look it up.) Antananarivo

Birthday: (Again, just look it up.) 26th June 1964.

Personality: She is kind and sweet and cares deeply for her nations flora and fauna. But don't get her angry, since she gets really angry and starts shooting really bad swear words at nations. She is stubborn and doesn't barge into arguments, and she is a sensitive girl, and is harsh when she wants to. (Sorry if you get troubled by this... I'm adding in a few more things I forgot...) troublesome times (Like in HetaOni and HetaHazard.) she is discipline, and mostly is very tough at those times, and thinks a lot.

Appearance: http://hetaliafanmadecharacters.wikia... (Sorry if it doesn't fit... But there is a picture of her...)

Enemies: Germany (She just.. hates him.) and Japan. (He preparing to take over her nation... *Shivers.*)

Siblings: India, China, France (Brothers and sister.) Africa (Mother.) and Antarctica (Brother.) Also Seychelles, since Seychelles and she have people from India, so... yeah.

Crush/Love: (Optional) America. She has strong feelings for him.

Other: She has several pets, and numerous types of lemurs and 10 Zebu (Cows.) and she spends her free time with America, teaching him malagasy and he bringing her to the Bronx zoo to show her the Madagascar section.

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Greece Karpusi (Scotland) Nation name: Chile.

Nation age: 201.

Gender: Male.

Human name: Luis Vilagomez.

Human age: 22.

Capital: Santiago.

Birthday: September 18, 1810.

Personality: Friendly to a degree, I would not say polite yet I would not say rude ((I may take that back if him and Argentina see each other a lot.)), aggressive when around enemies, and very stubborn.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am... .

Enemies: Argentina and Spain.

Siblings: Colonies of Spain(Brothers/sisters.) and father is Spain.

Crush/Love: None, ;3 Yet.

Eh I got bored and Emily wanted someone to make Chile. So I just need a Mod to check it then Emily needs to see if it's okay.

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Greece Karpusi (Scotland) Nation name: United Mexican States.

Nation age: 201.

Gender: Male.

Human name: Abelardo.

Human age: 18.

Capital: Mexico City. ((XD I feel dumb. I always thought it was in America. :P Oops.))

Birthday: September 16, 1810.

Personality: Super friendly, very hardworking, outgoing, will do anything for strangers.

Appearance: http://www.google.com/imgres?hl=en&am... .

Enemies: None that I can think of.

Siblings: Spain, Aztec Empire, Mayan Empire ((Guardians)), Spanish colonies (Brothers and sisters.))

Crush/Love: None.

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Tyler | 134 comments Nation name:the Dutchy of Brittany

Nation age:1082 years old



Human name: jeanne bonnafey

human age 20

birthday: unknow

personality: she is very energetic,pervy,affectionate,flirty,France like person she owns several books that appear out of nowere

apearance: she is very butiful with silky long dirty blond hair she's short and strong she has yellow eyes and a small mouth.

Family: England,normandy,France

enamies: France

Crush/love: Normandy her fighters helped normandys capture englands vital regions.

{♥️BunnySkullBoy♥️} (LollibombLee) | 4748 comments Nation name: Essex

Nation age: (Look online, but it's alright if you can't find it.)

Gender: female

Human name: Abbie

Human age: 17

Capital: london?

Birthday: (i cant find it)

Personality: annoying but dosent relize it, short temper but cares alot about friends

Appearance: http://lonelydekugirl.deviantart.com/... that took me over a day 2 draw ^^' plz drool over it slightly

Enemies: (made up) she often gets the wrong impression of ppl, but she hates france for spreading rumors about her

Siblings: umm none

Crush/Love: tends 2 jokingly flirt with ppl (mostly boys lol) so no1 knos if shes srs

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Nation Name: Madrid

Nation Age: ((-_- it so hard to find how old for anything so here's a link for both the age and history)) http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Madrid

Gender: female

Human Name: Clarinda Alba Carriedo

Human Age: 20

Capitol: she's the capitol of Spain

Birthday: *<.< I hope its in the link above

Personality: she's a minni Spain: huge bundle of joy, happiness, and spunk. She loves her brother with all her might and loves her home. She adores cooking and tomatoes as well. She's a master of sword-play, but only uses it when she feels like her or anyone she loves is threatened. She also has a stubborn((sp)) streak a mile wide and will fight until she's blue in the face for what she believes in...or when Spain tells her to give in.

Appearance: She looks just like Spain; bright green eyes, dark skin, and hair.
She wears a necklace with a charm in the shape of a bull around her neck and usually wears something similar to what Spain wears, but every now and then she likes to wear: http://www.ma-petite-chou.com/wp-cont...
Enemies: No one yet

Family: Spain, Cape Verde

Crushes: Romano, Prussia

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Blood Bone and Muscle | 10514 comments Mod
Our Ottawa 'white house'

And Toronto:

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