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message 1: by Clare (new)

Clare (ClareReads) I have the Nook 3G and I so want the Nook Color. I just can't bring myself to buy it new, so I've been frantically watching e-bay for a used Nook Color. What's surprising is how cheap used wi-fi only nooks are now. So if/when I win my nook color, I'm also considering buying a wifi only one, just because the price is so good. I'd take that one to the gym and read while on the machines. Can I really have 3 active nooks on one account?

message 2: by Tiennie (new)

Tiennie | 15 comments My husband and I both have the nook color, our 4 kids have the nook wifi so that makes 6 nooks on our one account. I think that once you have the nook color, you won't go back to using the other one - I haven't because I love it so much! I even use the color one on the treadmill. :)

message 3: by Tiennie (new)

Tiennie | 15 comments Oh and we also have the nook apps on our iPads, iPhones, iTouches - all one one account too!

message 4: by Clare (new)

Clare (ClareReads) Oh, good. I was worried that I was seeming nook crazy, but you are making me feel much more reasonable.

message 5: by Laura K (new)

Laura K Last Fall, my hubs bought me the 3G NOOK for my birthday. But... in November, the NookColor came out. Every time I went into B&N, I would look at it. In January I went and purchased it with my Xmas gift $. What a sweet machine-- love it, love it, love it! I use both Nooks, the color one more than anything, and I also have the NOOK app on my itouch. All are on one account.

message 6: by Clare (new)

Clare (ClareReads) I went to buy the Nook 3G for my birthday (October) and checked with the clerk to make sure there weren't any Black Friday sales I should wait for. She told me no, so I bought the 3G. Then the Nook Color came out.

Tiennie: I assume that you don't have your Nook rooted or anything technical like that because of your iPad. I would use mine just to read books - and magazines, and kids' books.

Laura, I have a e-gift certificate I was planning to spend on e-books, but maybe I should buy online...

message 7: by Liz (new)

Liz Fichera (LizFichera) I'm holding off on the Nook Color till it gets closer to Christmas. At this I'm happy with my old-fashioned Nook with no color. ;-) Am hopeful the price will come down closer to Christmas. Wishful thinking?

message 8: by Tiennie (new)

Tiennie | 15 comments Clare - people always ask me why I have a nook if I have an iPad too but my kids are always running off with my iPad to play games. It is also so much easier to hold the nook to read than the iPad. I love reading books and magazines on my nook! I'm especially love that I can borrow so many library books to read too!

message 9: by Clare (new)

Clare (ClareReads) I was in the store drooling playing and the clerk said a new update is coming in May and I might want to wait for that...

Oh, the magazines... I have piles of magazines on my shelf.

message 10: by ★Meghan★ (new)

★Meghan★ (starinheaven) | 340 comments I have the Nook 3G and the Nookcolor and the app on my iPhone. My mom also has the Nook 3G. I use my Nookcolor at home. My Nook 3G is always in my purse and my iPhone I use whenever I can't get away with my 3G being on me.

message 11: by Dorie (new)

Dorie (DorieAnn) I currently have the original Nook 3G. Tonight I splurged with some of my tax refund and bought the Nookcolor. I'm happy I have a new toy! I'm going to keep my 3G for a while to see if I still have use for it. I may end up giving it to a family member.

message 12: by Kenna (new)

Kenna (KennaS) You know, and sorry that this is off topic, but I love living in an age where there are electronic devices that let us read books without having a book in our hands. It just seems so futuristic, like something out of a movie when I was a kid. You can walk around with a computer that sits on your lap or an ipad that lets you walk around with one on your hand! I am simply amazed when I think how far we have come from the first computer to atari games to what we have now.

I would love for every member of my family to have a nook but they are a bit too pricey for that right now.

message 13: by Linda (new)

Linda Boyd (lboyd5900attnet) | 359 comments You are so right Kenna, it is amazing how far technology has grown.

message 14: by [deleted user] (new)

Not sure where to post this question. If I have a book on my Nook, can I get it to my laptop computer also so that someone else could be reading on it while I am using the Nook?

message 15: by Tiennie (new)

Tiennie | 15 comments Pat - you absolutely can read your nook book while someone else reads the same book on a diff nook/iPhone/iTouch/iPad/computer, etc. Just be careful about syncing b/c then the last page read will be synced and it will mess with the person who is behind in reading. :)

message 16: by [deleted user] (new)

Got the app installed and husband is reading on his laptop! Love it!

message 17: by James (new)

James Allen (James_Allen) I have a Nook but and am wanting a Nook Color badly. This thread has convince me to get one :)

I am also thinking of getting another Nook to take places and not have to worry about it being damaged. The Nook Wi-Fi is on sale every so often for $79 on the B&N Ebay store.

message 18: by Tiennie (new)

Tiennie | 15 comments Pat wrote: "Got the app installed and husband is reading on his laptop! Love it!"

message 19: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Bout (nancybout) | 84 comments I have app oN reg nook,I bought the iPad.....Soooo it's not insane if I bought the nook color??lol....great to know lol
I also have the app on my android phone,it is very amazing how things changed wow wow n wow!!!!I adore being able to read whatever I want when I want(time allotted lol).I have three kids.....4,9,13 lol

message 20: by Nancy (new)

Nancy Bout (nancybout) | 84 comments I love reading outside,how is the nook color with that???I love regular nook for that,sunlight reading.I say one of each rocks,one for indoors n one for outdoors,night reading a light or LCD backlit is awesome:)

Stacia (the 2010 club) (Stacia_R) If you own both, i'd say stick with Nook classic to read outdoors.

I also own both versions of Nook. I read all of my document books on the original (which is the majority), and use the color for BN books, magazines, and light web surfing.

message 22: by Rita (new)

Rita | 32 comments I just bought the NookColor (I already have the regular Nook 3G) and I will probably use them the you do @Stacia. My daughter is a big reader and I wanted the color for children's books, magazines, Pandora, YouTube and email checking.

It was way cheaper than an iPad and I wouldn't store music or videos' on one. that and I have an iPhone and two itouches (kids) so I couldn't justify an iPad.

Sorry, seems I ramble.

message 23: by Maritza (new)

Maritza | 50 comments I LOVE MY NOOKCOLOR!!!! oops don't mean to yell hee hee I had the original nook and when i bought the color one...I gave the original one to my niece. I now regret it because she isnt using it!! I might as well have kept it ugh. maybe i should ask for it back huh? :)

message 24: by Stewie's Mom (new)

Stewie's Mom (StewiesMom) | 10 comments Maritza wrote: "I LOVE MY NOOKCOLOR!!!! oops don't mean to yell hee hee I had the original nook and when i bought the color one...I gave the original one to my niece. I now regret it because she isnt using it!..."

Yes, you should ask for it back! If she is not using it, you can use it as a back-up reader. I have my original Nook and my NookColor. I was planning to sell the older Nook after I got the NookColor, but I found out that I can't read the books I purchased from Fictionwise for use on my original Nook. B&N apparently didn't include all the formats for the Nook when they released the NookColor and they don't plan on adding them. Bottom line - I have at least 25 books that I cannot read unless I keep the original Nook (or read them on my computer).

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