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Arch  | 6601 comments Mod
First off, I want to say that all races are beautiful. No race is better than the next race. With that said, I want to state that I am a black woman, for everyone that didn't know this. I'm attractive to white men. They are my preference.

Some people don't believe that a person should have a "race" preference, but there's nothing wrong with a person having a race preference. Just because a person's race preference is different from the race that they are, it doesn't mean they hate their race or any other race that's not their preference. I also want to note that everyone that doesn't step out of their race have a preference too and that's their own race.

I've always clicked with white guys, ever since I was young. We have always felt comfortable around each other. It's always been easy for me to talk to them. They weren't guys with a color, they were just a guy. In other words, I don't want to be with a white guy, because he's white. It's because he's human and a guy, who so happens to be white.

I have to say that I would click faster with a man than I would with a woman. That's why I believe that a woman's best friend should be a man. Don't get me wrong, there's nothing wrong if her best friend is a female.

When I was younger, I was interested in this Asian guy and he was interested in me, but was afraid to go there with me, because a black guy was liking me and he didn't want to get into it with the black guy. Me and the Asian guy enjoyed each other company as long as the black guy wasn't around. I didn't like the black guy and no, it wasn't because he was black. He just felt that we should be together, because his friend was my cousin's boyfriend.

I had a lot of black guys like me. Till this day, black guys hit on me. Of course, I put them down easy. I put any guy that I'm not interested in down easy and that goes for white men as well.

There has to be a strong connection between me and the white guy. Friendly talk is different than you can have my heart.

message 2: by Davina (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments I'm also white and while I find myself being attracted to all race of men as long as they're pleasing to my eyes and or possess a trait or traits that I admire, I think its safe to say that my preference is for black men though the man I'm currently married to is white.

I've always been attracted to black men, but I went ahead and married a white guy because he was in the right place at the right time! LOL What I mean by that is: 1) He kinda was my first love -- I had a lot of "firsts" with him considering we were high school sweethearts, 2) I fell pregnant at a fairly young age and he was the daddy, and I wanted to be married to father of my kid, 3) He gave me what I needed emotionally at the time when I needed it, 4) now that many years have passed he's proven himself to be a great father and he remains good to me.

But for sure should we ever part ways the next guy for me will definitely be black. It's not because I don't find white men attractive, I do, but there's just something about black men that suck me in. I just love their vibe, their essence. They're very earthy and real. There's a certain unapologetic manliness about them that I find very appealing. It's a quality I feel is quite quickly dying out amongst white men. Black men also make me feel very feminine. The ones I've crossed paths with were always perfect gentlemen.

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Arch  | 6601 comments Mod

In every race, you will find people that walks in the same shoes. I can't pin point as to what I like about white men. I do find them friendly, and there are a lot of men for all races that are friendly.

There's nothing truly special about a white man that makes me attractive to him or prefer him over other race of men. The magnet is just strong, when it comes down to me and white men.

When it comes down to what I'm looking for and that's realness. I'm a family woman too and I have things that I would want the man to walk in the shoes as well.

Let me just say, my preference is unique. :)

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Arch  | 6601 comments Mod

I'm sorry you feel that I have taken the topic to a different level. Heavy. I didn't do such a thing. I have explained why I prefer white men. I'm not going to go further than what I have already said.

I'm going to step out of this discussion, because you are seeing something that's not there and I'm not down for that. Have a great thread with others. I'm done.

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Arch  | 6601 comments Mod

I have just gone to your profile to send you a private message, but I found out that you have removed me from your friend's list. I guess you didn't like what I have said in message 7 and it's all good like a chicken bone. True friendship isn't wiped away by difference of opinion.

Anyway, I wasn't lecturing you or lecutring period about race. You just didn't like my answers. If you would have taken time to really read what I have said, you wouldn't have jumped to the conclusion that I was coming down on your head about race. I was speaking strictly about myself and explaining why I prefer white men.

I don't have time for childish games with people. I respect everyone, but I will not allow people to come at me stupid. I'm truly not the one to play with.

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Arch  | 6601 comments Mod

My comment about you removing me from your friend's list and my comment about me not being someone to play with is not juvenile. And for the record, I don't threaten people.

Your action was juvenile. You hurry up and remove me from your friend's list, so that I couldn't send you a private message. You came on here and accuse me of doing something that I haven't done. Of course, I would gone to you in private and question why you have said what you have said, but since you've blocked me from doing so, I have came on here and said what I had to say.

When people have beef with me, I like to take things in private.

Send Danielle a message and tell her about my post.

I'm going to put you on ignore, so I don't have to see you.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
This is my response to these issues: Don't take stuff personal that wasn't meant to be taken personal. I don't think that Arch was trying to confront or lecture you, Dutch. Dutch, each person is going to have their own way of answering this question. Arch answered the question according to her viewpoint. If that isn't what you wanted, I'm not sure how she can change her opinions to fit your needs. If a person tries to contact you off-group with an issue, and the messages are blocked that makes it hard to keep things off the group although the rules clearly that this is expected. In this case, I don't feel that either party was disrespectful here. What I am seeing is a difference of opinion. It's my hope that we can all get past differences of opinion. I won't be deleting any posts on here because at this point, I don't feel it's necessary.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
I have deleted Message 14 because it addresses a private conflict between members that should not be aired on this group. Additionally, this post had personal criticisms against another member, which are not allowed. It is one thing to disagree with the comments that a member makes, but another to make accusations against their conduct. If you have private conflicts with members, keep them off the group. If you have personal issues with another member, I am asking you to ignore their posts completely if you cannot keep your posts on this group civil and above personal attacks.

Just a general request here: If you have your profile set not to accept messages from people who are not on your friend's list, I ask you to modify this setting so that the moderator can contact you regarding group issues.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
This is also a warning for this thread to get back on topic and the personal issue to cease, or this thread will be closed by a moderator who is uninvolved in this situation.

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 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
Dutch, my post in message 14 was constructed to address any prior posts, and my post stands. A simple difference in opinion has become a flame war and that is exactly what we won't have on this group. I don't see any point persisting in keeping this issue going, when I have asked to let it go. I am closing this thread because there is a breakdown in communication here that I see, not because you have directed me to close it.

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