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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((This flock is the second group that will be starting out at the School. If you don't know what's going on, please make a character first and then post in this topic to let us know you would like to be in this flock. In other words, don't randomly join the flock if you're not on the list! As soon as this flock is full, we will make another topic for a flock like it so that no one flock will get too crowded and confusing. Anddd... I think that's it. Have fun!))

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((okey dokey! thanks!))

Nick was sitting in the corner of the room waiting for the whitecoats.

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Azalea (ruee) (um was this the group you made for my flock?)

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod

message 5: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (the one that starts in the school.)

message 6: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((That's the one.))

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Azalea (ruee) (thanks.)

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Azalea (ruee) (are you going to be in it?)

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((Nope, too busy as it is. ;P))

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Azalea (ruee) (why don't you get someone to help you? i'll do it.)

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Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod

message 12: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (well what are you so busy with on this? I could help you.)

message 13: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((Haha, nothing you could help me with. Homework, tests, a big trip next week, roleplay posts, the usual. ;D))

message 14: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (i could help with roleplay posts.)

message 15: by Swiftfire, is Timon (new)

Swiftfire | 7738 comments Mod
((... No thanks, haha!

I must go now. Have fun with this roleplay!))

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Azalea (ruee) (thanks and come on!!!!! I want to help and it would be nice to roleplay with you.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) Three whitecoats walked in.

message 18: by Azalea (last edited Mar 01, 2011 03:29PM) (new)

Azalea (ruee) (fine.)
2 lab coats walked in.
Rosie crouched down and scotted back as far as she could. "Come here little girl. It's all right. I won't hurt you." 'Yeah right!' I said in a thought that I sent him. Rosie saw one of them heading toward her sister. She did what she had to do. The scientest at her cage opened the door. Probally the worst move he had ever made in his life. Rosie kick ed him so hard he slammed into the wall that was 13 ft away from her cage. She burst out and punched the guy who was trying to control a scriming Mary.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) Nick heard crashes and bangs in the room next to him.

message 20: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) ( I thought you were the one in the cage! I'll edit it.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((oh no! sorry. Ya hes in the room beside them.))

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Azalea (ruee) (well I edited it. you have to excape now.)
Rosie was running all over the plac trying to figure out how to get out of here. There was no glass ceiling and the doors needed a password and she had trie and tried and tried.

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MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) Nxick ran into her room "Follow me!" He ran down the hallway.

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Azalea (ruee) (I'm still in the room.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((oh let me edit lol))

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Azalea (ruee) (it's all right. our first time here and we both messed up.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((lol!))

((ok! i edited it!))

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Azalea (ruee) (You can't get into the room didn't you red my thing? You need the password.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((oh! sorry!))

Nick stopped at the door.

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Azalea (ruee) Rosie stopped pacing. She could hear someone's thoughts. It wasn't a white coat. It was a child.(How old is Nick?)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((18))

Nick looked at the keypad in confusion.

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Azalea (ruee) (poo.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((how old is rosie?))

message 34: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (16)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((he could be 17 if you want))

message 36: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (I was hopeing he was younger.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((like 16?))

message 38: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (I don't know just younger.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((He can be 16. :) ill change that))

message 40: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) (Thanks.)

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) ((no prob!))

Nick entered random numbers but it kept declining. "Dang it" he muttered.

message 42: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) "Who is it!?" She started to freak out.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) "Its me!" He said punching in more numbers angrily.

message 44: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) "Who's me!? We know no me!" She was freaking out even more.

MCR Lover!!!!!!!!!!! (narutosno1fan) "Shut up im trying to think!"

message 46: by Azalea (last edited Mar 01, 2011 09:16PM) (new)

Azalea (ruee) "Here we go again." Mary said under her breath. "Did you just tell me to shut up?! Oh my god! He just told me to shut up! Whoever you are out there when I get out of here I'm going to kick your !" Rosie said shouting. "And just to tell you! why don't you shut up?! i'm talking about your thoughts !"
(She is very mean when she's mad.)

message 47: by Perro (last edited Mar 02, 2011 03:37PM) (new)

Perro Just then they could hear screaming down the hall. Another bird-kid flew up from the hall and scanned the situation. "Erasers. Four of them. 8 white coats. We gotta move like now!" She saw a boy trying to punch in numbers angrily.
"Here lemme try," Miki leaned forward and put her hand on the control pad. She looked to be concentrating. "I got it!" she yelled. She unfolded out her small tawny, freckly wings and flew up a few feet. Then she kicked the keypad completely off the wall. The door hissed open. She showed a bright grin at the closest of the kids which happened to be Nick. He raised and eyebrow amused while Rosie glared at him. Just then 2 Erasers came around the corner. Miki screamed and pushed everyone through. They ran but Miki stayed back remembering she had dropped her bracelet. Her one PRIZE POSSESION. An Eraser grabbed her by the wings as she lashed out to grab it. She screamed.
"It's my 15th birthday next week. You should let me go. Please. And hand me that bracelet. Thank you. Now kill your 'friends'!" Miki took her bracelet and spread her wings and caught up with the others. She flew between Nick and Rosie and nervously look at them. "Hi I'm Miki but the white-coats called me Zala. Please call me that if you want. I know I'm a little kid, younger than you guys but please can I come with you guys? I fly fast and hard! I am only 14 but I'll be 15 soon! Sorry if I am a chatter box. Mr. Cal said that I was just the cutest thing. I hate that white-coat. He was gonna KILL me! I am kinda scared to be alone again. Anyway I am sure I am getting annoying," Miki said trying to ease the panicky senses she had. She lowered herself to fly directly under Nick so that he and Rosie could have more space. She smiled a dazzling smile and her purple-sliver flecked eyes sparkled. ((Sorry if I wrote a lot or made someone do what they didn't want to! I am just filling in cause I just got here!))

message 48: by Perro (new)

Perro ((Yeah. She said you all needed more ppl so she posted me here. You can check.)) Miki saw that and started laughing and flew and hit the ground- hard. "Ow!" she yelled as a white-coat rounded the corner and stabbed her with a syringe filled with that-passy-outty-stuff. Miki fainted like a dead weight.

message 49: by Simply (new)

Simply (ninjaofthekeyboard) 4 whitecoats slammed Sting up against a wall. she struggled and eventualy kick them all back, she bared her fangs and bit one of them amd pulled back, the whitecoat yelled and started twitchin'. she took the oppertunity and yanked the door open and raced down the hall and unfurled her wings, 6 erasers cam at her and she took one punch and sent them all flying ((super strengh RULES)). She looked around her and tried to locate where she was.

message 50: by Azalea (new)

Azalea (ruee) "Look there's another girl down there!" She turned toward the girl."Hey you! over here! I know the way out!"

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