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Claire Dislike this book.

Natalie Are you kidding me?! I loved this book! why did you "dislike" it?!

Clayton Yuen One hardly ever comes across a new concept in books these days, but Carl Hiaasen mending a very cool theme about pollution . . . in Florida . . . for kids to read . . . with a happy ending . . . good stuff!

Claire Not my kind of book.

Natalie why is your kinda book then?

Maria B. Quagliana r u insane (ppl who dont like it) this is litterally the best book ever! WELL 2ND BEST! the goddess test is the best book eva!

Jaredzhang what's goddess test? can u tell me about it? and flush is totally awesome

Maria B. Quagliana well u can look it up on goodreads, cuz i cant really explain it well. but i swear to god the goddess test is the best book ive eever read!

Valerie I liked this book a lot (flush). It was witty, hilarious, cool, unique and plain funny. Definitely a brand new take on saving the environment... but I love it!!!

Maria B. Quagliana i totz agree with you.

Tracy Without a doubt one of my top 5 favorite books. Hiaason also wrote Hoot(became a movie) and Scat. Flush without a doubt, for me, was the best of the 3.

Maria B. Quagliana tyeah. its hilarious: for a long period of time flush and scart were my fave 2 books, but hoot was the worst bookk. now, flush and scat got bumped down one, but hoot was horrible, and will never be anyhting but lasat.

Tracy I did not care much for Hoot either. The only reason I didn't put it down is because I wanted to say I read all 3 of those books.

Tracy I haven't read it, but the Goddess Test is a 5.2 reading level worth 12 points, if anyone does the Accelerated Reader program at their school.

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