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What did you do with your paper books?

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message 1: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I have loads of paper books that I have yet to read but want to and so I was wondering, when you got your Kindle did you rebuy all your paper books in Kindle version, or did you just go for different ones?

What did you do with the paper books you still have?

message 2: by Anita (new)

Anita | 11 comments I have kept many of my paperback books, especially the ones I haven't read yet. I don't see any need to re-buy them on Kindle, especially as many of them actually cost more on Kindle than what I paid for them as paperbacks. When I finish them, often I either donate them to the library or trade them online or with friends. In fact, that's one of the limitations I've experienced with Kindle books - not as easy to trade & share! Although I like my Kindle a lot, it has not, and likely will not ever completely replace all paper books for me.

message 3: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (wckdktty) I was a little overzealous about this topic. I found free PDF's of my old paperback books and converted them to work on my Kindle. Mainly because it takes a lot less computer space then it takes shelf space. I only kept what I could not find on Kindle or one's that were autographed.

I then traded them for cash and put that cash on an amazon gift card so I could buy some new stuff.

message 4: by Shirley (new)

Shirley (dwyatt1) | 84 comments I donated mines to the Good Will store and sold some of the back to Amazon. I have some PDF books on my Kindle but I had a hard time getting the font the right size. Help!!

message 5: by Shannon (new)

Shannon (wckdktty) Shirley wrote: "I donated mines to the Good Will store and sold some of the back to Amazon. I have some PDF books on my Kindle but I had a hard time getting the font the right size. Help!!"

I convert mine with a free program called Calibre. Any books that friends lend I can convert to MOBI which Kindle Reads.

Awesomevegan (AKA JenReads) (awesomevegan) | 109 comments I still have many paper books and doubt I will ever stop buying paper books but it has slowed my buying down quite a bit. I would love to have to room for a large library to display my nice books but the Kindle has helped with the lack of space. I buy most books in Kindle except for certain authors I collect and cookbooks or bargain books/thrift store finds.

message 7: by Tish (new)

Tish (paradiseisalibrary) | 30 comments So far I've kept all of my paper books. Three book shelves full. I might get rid of some of them once I start to move out and sort through them but until I have them all on Kindle I'll likely keep them

message 8: by Betsy (last edited Feb 22, 2011 01:31PM) (new)

Betsy I'm with Anita. I have thousands of paper books. Many not read yet. Most new books I buy on Kindle, and books that I've read but plan to reread I mostly replace with Kindle. As for the DTBs, I will likely keep most hardbacks. Gradually I'm going through paperbacks. Some I will keep, depending on space available, but most I will donate to Goodwill or the Friends of the Library sale.

message 9: by Patricia (new)

Patricia (pg4003) | 243 comments I still have a lot of hardback books, but I haven't read a DTB since I got my Kindle over a year ago, and I doubt I ever will again. I just love the look of books on a shelf, in a cabinet, anywhere, so I've kept some for that. Also have all of Stephen King's books in hardback form. Even with this, I have given away a LOT of books. I usually give them to others who love to read.

message 10: by IUHoosier (new)

IUHoosier | 93 comments I've replaced several with Kindle versions as I find them - I only keep the hardbacks that I've collected from my favorite authors. I don't buy any DTBs. In fact, I think its been over three years now since I've read a DTB....

I've gotten rid of 1,513 books so far. I still have nine bookcases full, but most are only a single layer per shelf, instead of three and four deep. I gave most of them away to our local Friends of the Library. A lot of people talk about going back and forth between their ereader and DTBs, but I prefer the Kindle only. DTBs are uncomfortable for me to hold at this point.

message 11: by Christine (new)

Christine (chrisarrow) I still buy paper books. I tend to use my kindle for either classic books, authors I'm not sure. I still prefer paper.

message 12: by Angie (new)

Angie I only have a couple of shelves of books I've read (mostly hardbacks that would be difficult to replace). I've given away books as I read them for years. This means that most of the books I have at home are paperbacks that I plan to read. Since getting my K3 six months ago, I much prefer to read on it, but can't feel justified in purchasing all these books over again for my Kindle. It usually comes down to how many pages the book is. For small books (under 400 pages) I usually force myself to read the paperback I already own. For books over 500 pages I usually buy the Kindle version. For the books that fall inbetween 400 & 500 pages I look to see if it is priced well in the Kindle version. It's hard to turn down a replacement version if it's less than $6.

message 13: by Michelle (new)

Michelle | 6 comments I still have (and buy) DTBs, I just love actually holding a book and the Kindle just can't replicate that. I do find it easier to let go of books that I had planned on acquiring the complete series of, etc. but some books I still can't part with and some authors I'll still only read in DTB form.

message 14: by Anita (new)

Anita I have many "books" unread,and more arrive all the time, I receive many ARCs and win other books from goodreads or blogs. I have been mixing it up, one here, one there as I go. I read faster on the Kindle.

message 15: by Theresa (new)

Theresa | 9 comments I still have tons of books, both hardback & paperback. Since getting my Kindle I find myself reading one ebook and one regular book at all times. I give all my books away to other readers or donate them to places like the Goodwill. Still LOTS of regular books to read. As much as I LOVE my Kindle I sometimes miss the covers of a book.

message 16: by Gill (new)

Gill (lockwdg) | 49 comments I also still have shelves of paper books and still buy them too. I tend to have a kindle book and a paperbook on the go all the time. I don't think my kindle will ever be a substitute for paper books but it gives me another option when buying. I also find it easier to read the kindle whilst out and about and generally keep the paper books for reading at home.

message 17: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Thank you everyone who is has replied, it has certainly made for interesting reading. I have a number of paper books that I really do want to read, but I feel I may get them in Kindle version if I haven't managed to read them by the time I get my Kindle! Thank you again!

message 18: by Weenie (new)

Weenie | 55 comments This year, I'm on a mission to whittle down the TBR books on my shelves. Each time I read a book on my Kindle, the next two books I read MUST be from my's not been easy but I've managed it so far! The only books I'm planning on rebuying are George RR Martin's Song of Ice and Fire books and that's because various members of the family have made off with the books so I no longer have them at home.
Some books I keep after I've read them as I may want to read them again - others I give away to charity or the bookshare/swap we have at work.

message 19: by Sharon (new)

Sharon Weenie, what a great idea, I really do like that! At least that way you get through both Kindle and paper copy books!

Taken on board! Thanks!

message 20: by Weenie (new)

Weenie | 55 comments Hehe, glad I've helped!

message 21: by Joel (new)

Joel (joelarnold) | 31 comments I've kept most of my paper books. Although I love my Kindle, I also love to be surrounded by books. So, while I haven't bought any new paper books, I don't feel like getting rid of them any time soon.

message 22: by Sandy (last edited Feb 23, 2011 01:22PM) (new)

Sandy | 29 comments If I had a paper copy of a book that I could get for free on my Kindle then I either gave the paper copy to a friend or donated it to my library's book sale. Otherwise I don't see any reason to spend money buying a book I already have.

message 23: by Luna (new)

Luna Martin (fusedshadow) | 9 comments When I first got my Kindle, if I wasn't interested enough to read a book again I gave it away. I kept a few old paperbacks, usually classics, because I live in Florida and have had to do without electricity for a long time and might need them in an emergency. Reference books I keep because it's easier to look up information. But now I always try to buy a Kindle version first, though a lot of old books aren't digitized yet or the formatting is poor.

message 24: by C.a. (new)

C.a. Freeburn | 14 comments I've donated the hardbacks and paperbacks that I'm sure I won't read as my tastes have changed over the last few years. The other books I plan to read or if I can get a great deal on the Kindle version (or it becomes free) then I donate or swap that title.

message 25: by Elena (new)

Elena I send them to the troops

message 26: by Sharon (new)

Sharon So last night I lay in bed trying to read a paper book, with the light attached to the cover, and you know what I was not enjoying it! So the book went in the drawer and I bought the Kindle version online there and then and continued to read it! Guess I have answered my own question, I shall be buying the Kindle versions as I get round to reading them. So off to sell my paperbacks now! LOL!

Awesomevegan (AKA JenReads) (awesomevegan) | 109 comments Elena wrote: "I send them to the troops"

That is a wonderful idea.

message 28: by AH (new)

AH | 4 comments I still have all mine and haven't replaced any yet. I'm considering replacing some that I've never yet read though...for whatever reason I find it easier and faster to read a digital book than a paper one, and I'm just not as interested in reading the paper versions of these books. We shall see.

LOVE the idea of

message 29: by Kathy (new)

Kathy (tinkykat) I mostly read on my Kindle but when it's a book i really love or plan to re-read I get a "real" copy from . I posted all my old ones I didn't want and hang on to the credits so when things come on my wish list I always have credits waiting! If anyone joins friend me- TinkyKat :)

message 30: by Loren (new)

Loren | 40 comments Gave alot away to charity or the local library. Don't get me wrong I didn't do away with all of them but whereas my room had 500 books I'm probably down to 150 maybe (had four huge bookshelves in my room, five shelves each full, now two bookshelves are full, the rest are half filled or filled with other materials besides books for pleasure). Primarily I read on my kindle but I have bought maybe a dozen new paper books in the past two years since getting my kindle, books not available on kindle, that I'm going to read.

message 31: by Amber (new)

Amber (bluebleeder) | 12 comments I kept many of my books when I got my Kindle...but many of the classics I owned could be downloaded for free. I'm a teacher, so I downloaded the Kindle versions and took the books to school to use in my classroom library. I also have a box that I will be giving to the school library. Anything that the librarian doesn't think will be used is taken to a local used book store and traded for books the library needs.

message 32: by Sheila (new)

Sheila I have to admit, the repeated mention of DTBs in this thread had me stumped. I could not figure out what that stood for! So finally I went back and searched the archives for this group, and found a postI from 2009 where someone posted it with the description...dead tree books. LOL
I love it! I may be a little slow, but now I finally get the joke!

As to what I do with my books, I am using my kindle for new books, and books that I don't have a paper copy of. If I own a paper copy, (or DTB copy) of a book, I will probably keep it to read. After reading my books, then I donate most of them, unless it is something I really want to keep for the long term. But my kindle has not cleared out my bookshelf much. In fact I have more books than ever to read now. It is just nice to have probably 70 waiting to be read now on the kindle, with no added clutter. :o)

message 33: by DarkStar (new)

DarkStar (darkstarpl) I am going to keep the DTBs that I enjoyed reading, some of the others I may give away (friends, family, library) or sell. I try to buy new books in ebook format, but I will still buy paper if there's no ebook available, although those get low priority on my reading list.

message 34: by Dee (new)

Dee | 13 comments OK you guys, this topic is CRYING OUT for this book recommendation:
The Book The Book by M. Clifford by M. Clifford.

message 35: by JoLene (new)

JoLene (trvl2mtns) I have lots of DTB laying around my house as TBRs. In general, once I read a book, I give it away to either my SIL or a friend. If it's a book I particularly love, I will ask for it back. Last year (pre-Kindle), I went through and donated to the library a ton of books that were no longer as appealing. I will still keep some books.

For really large books (700+ pages), I might end up buying on the Kindle despite having a DTB ccopy, due to the ease of reading. Also, I have tried to read some of my husbands old books, but they make me sneeze so I sometimes end up getting them on the Kindle as well. I also still frequent the library so I don't think be all electronic for quite a while.

message 36: by Sheila (new)

Sheila Deanne wrote: "OK you guys, this topic is CRYING OUT for this book recommendation:
The Book The Book by M. Clifford by M. Clifford."

Deanne, I've had that book on my wishlist for quite awhile. Have you read it? It does look like a facinating story, but from the description, I think this is a book I would want in a DTB version! :o)

message 37: by Traci (new)

Traci (highxflyer) | 33 comments I still have some paperback books that I need to read. They are books in a series though so I have to purchase the second book and read it before I can read the rest. I will NOT purchase those in Kindle form. I will read them in paperback form. No use in wasting money. Then I'll keep the paperback versions when I'm finished.

message 38: by Barb (new)

Barb (dewbie) | 2 comments The books I read in a series, I keep and add to them as the series grow. The books I have read, I'd first give them to friends and the rest I sold them at half price books. Sold enough books to pay for my kindle. I couldn't believe it. I have more space in my house. I'm also more careful on what I buy since I've gotten my kindle. Must admit though .. since I have my kindle, it feels weird holding a book and turning the pages.

message 39: by Deb (new)

Deb Wakolee | 13 comments HI All !! I work in a psych hospital where some our patients are there over a month. We are trying to start up a "library" where they can pick a book to read...and we are looking for donations if anyone wants to get rid of their "real" books let me know! Thanks! Deb

message 40: by Amber (new)

Amber (bluebleeder) | 12 comments Barb wrote: "The books I read in a series, I keep and add to them as the series grow. The books I have read, I'd first give them to friends and the rest I sold them at half price books. Sold enough books to p..."

I thought I'd never really get used to the feel of a Kindle rather than a DTB...but it happened faster than I realized. I reread something last fall after having read only on my Kindle for a few months and I kept finding myself trying to scroll down to look up words!

message 41: by Sharon (new)

Sharon I have decided to list some on Amazon to see if I can sell any!

If not then they shall be taken to the charity shop! I have also listed some in my profile on here!

I have tried a few times this week to read a DTB and keep going back to my iTouch so kinda confirms, Kindle here I come!

message 42: by ABC (new)

ABC (mary6543) | 14 comments I've always been giving my books away. That is the reason we got a kindle. Limited space for books.

message 43: by Alastair (new)

Alastair (alastair_hm) | 1 comments I'm working my way through my paper book backlog I had when I bought my Kindle.
After reading I've been sending them to the charity shop.

message 44: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 542 comments I have a LOT of paper books from many years of collecting. I'm very attached to them, especially the hard to find and out of print ones. They are either in storage tubs or piled up against the wall (because I don't have bookshelves, which is odd considering the number of books I have, but I've not enough wall space!

When I do have a paper book that I'm not wanting any longer, I usually leave it on the table in the mailroom at my apt, or donate it to my work (a hospital) if the content is within what we consider appropriate. The last time I moved I donated 10 large boxes to a thrift store that supports homelessness prevention programs. Now that I have the K3, I should do another culling ...

message 45: by Ann (new)

Ann | 83 comments I work in an Orthopedic rehab hospital, I have no problem finding homes for my dead tree books. I still read DTBooks now and then, especially when someone lends me a copy, and I don't have to buy the kindle version. However, I have gotten so spoiled with my K3, that I found myself grumbling under my breath because I had to dig in my purse to find my glasses!

message 46: by Grace (new)

Grace Elliot (httpwwwgoodreadscomgraceelliot) | 34 comments Reading my way through the TBR DTB's then...out they go. Any keepers I will buy for Kindle!

message 47: by Tracy T. (new)

Tracy T. I kept them. I have quite a few series I'm collecting in paperback and I'm not going to get rid of them and buy them again. I have no problem reading DTBs or swapping them even though I prefer reading on my K3.

message 48: by Elysse (new)

Elysse (readyforthemorgue) I'm keeping my paperbacks. I'm just buying new books on my Kindle. Some books I'm gonna get in ink and paper but some I'll get e-book edition.

message 49: by Kelly (new)

Kelly (kellymacd77) | 2 comments I gave away all the paperbacks I had already read to charity shops. However, I work in a bookshop where I get a staff discount so sometimes it's cheaper for me to buy the paperback version than the kindle. Unfortunately I recently moved into a lovely house which actually has no room for bookshelves so I may have to put cost aside and Just buy everything on Kindle from now on as I have nowhere to put them otherwise!!

message 50: by Ann (new)

Ann | 83 comments Kelly wrote: "I gave away all the paperbacks I had already read to charity shops. However, I work in a bookshop where I get a staff discount so sometimes it's cheaper for me to buy the paperback version than th..."

Storage of DTB's was a big major reason I so eagerly awaited the release of the kindle. When I was a child, my favorite aunt was a fan of those Harlequin Romance novels. She was a member of there frequent readers club, and she would read sometimes two novels a week...and she became emotionally attached to her books, and refused to lend them out, or give them away. So some of my most vivid childhood memories, were of stacks of books piled everywhere. It would get to the point where my uncle would threaten to stop giving her money for new book until she purged some of the old ones. I will keep DTB's until my shelves are full, then I purge.

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