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message 1: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) I've been reading more and more each year for the past few years, but it just dawned on me that I'm a book nerd. I just got really exited because it's about a week until two new books are released that I'm dying to read. I'm all giddy with anticipation. :D

When was it that you realized you were a book nerd?

[and being a nerd is NOT a bad thing]

message 2: by Kelli (new)

Kelli (incababy32) | 5 comments I've turned into an addict - I get anxious as I am reading the last book out in a series because I don't know what I am going to read after I am finished. If I don't read every night I feel like I can't go to sleep. I pull out my phone so I can read my kindle app even on elevators. It's RIDICULOUS!

message 3: by Julie (new)

Julie | 4 comments A long time ago back in school; even then I would read in between classes, during classes, after school, on the bus...lol and things really haven't changed since then I still read bout everyday...And nothing wrong with being excited about upcoming books :)

message 4: by Carrie (Care) (new)

Carrie (Care) (care76) | 109 comments I have been a book nerd for many years. a bit obsessive at times too, lol. I guess it started when I read The Wheel of Time series about 15 years ago. Those were the first books I would be dying to read and take time off just to read them. I do get really excited for all kinds of other series, but this one is still at the top of my list.

message 5: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (lkksu) | 6 comments I have always loved books and always wanted books around me. However, I know I became a true book nerd when I started a "books" calendar and listed the dates of my favorite authors new releases, so I could be sure to get the new books ASAP.

message 6: by Bill (new)

Bill (reedye) | 46 comments Lynn, That is totally normal behaviour!!!

message 7: by Alexis (new)

Alexis (alexisfromoregon) | 9 comments yea I've always been a book nerd, I have tons of paper books in my room and bought a nook and then a nook color just so I could always have books with me, if I need to look up something, reread, finished a book and needed a new... oh and since I live out in a 'no where good books store close place' I could get them Instantly!

message 8: by Miranda (new)

Miranda (miranda_fall) I'm such a book nerd. I realized it last year but I have been for a while. I get really into the books I'm reading. Sometimes when I start reading one in the morning, it's all I can think about all day until I pick it up again in the evening. They also make it into my dreams sometimes, and sometimes I cry when I finish one that I really liked. I get a little obsessed with certain books... And I go through books like candy. I read a LOT. And sometimes what I think would make me most happy would be to just curl up on my couch under a blanket with a cup of cocoa and a good book. I've also started writing some of my own books... partly just to see how I would handle the obstacles of novel-writing and to address some of the things that other authors do that I hate or that I would do differently.

message 9: by Shiloh (new)

Shiloh (mementomordi) Miranda, I completely agree.

Also, I realized I was a book nerd when I brought a different Lemony Snicket book to camp everyday about 4 years ago. If I had the entire series I would have gone through it in 13 (maybe 14) days. I only had up to 10, but I went out and got the next books as soon as they came out.

Also, I guess this should have alerted me earlier, but in middle school (and to some extent elementary school) when I was outside waiting for my dad to pick me up I would read by the light of the light right outside school, and would continue reading in the car until it was literally so dark that I couldn't see. Now I have the kindle app on my Iphone, so that's not a problem :)

And when I bring 500-800 page books to school and everybody gawks at me I realize I'm a book nerd because 500 pages is a normal sized book for me.

message 10: by Miranda (new)

Miranda (miranda_fall) Ditto exactly to everything in your last 2 paragrahs, Kaitlin.

message 11: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) Everyone realized they were book nerds so much earlier than me. I must have been in denial. :D

*Suzy (ereaderuser)* (suzyereaderuser) You are not alone JK. Although my family would say they knew I was along time ago!

message 13: by Tenoko1 (new)

Tenoko1 I always was, really. Even before I learned to read, I would sit around with a book and pretend I could. I would make up the stories, 'reading' outloud. lol We actually have a picture of me at age four curled up with a book pretending to read. My first book I actually read (and still have) was "Good Morning, Muffin Mouse".

message 14: by Kathyjacks (new)

Kathyjacks It's so funny reading all of your responses because they all remind me of myself. I have always loved reading even in school but I have noticed that when I am down or stressed over something going on in my life I dive into books because it's a nice escape. I previously had spent a lot of free time watching tv, and getting on the internet but now all I do 99% of my free time is read. I love it! I can relate so much more to descriptions in books than watching it play out on a screen . The more I read the less I like television. I think you can truly get inside a characters head in a book but when i watch it on tv or a movie sometimes I have a hard time figuring out why they are doing things.

message 15: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 45 comments When my books outnumbered my shoes 5 to 1. I used to be a shoe/purse nut. And when I started planning day trips around book stores/thrift stores.

message 16: by Yodamom (new)

Yodamom Way back when, in Highschool, I used to ditch school so I could go to the library and read. Now I always have a book I am reading, always.

message 17: by Lynn (new)

Lynn (lkksu) | 6 comments Sherri wrote: "Ye gods, I cannot remember when i didn't cart a book around with me. I got in trouble in 3rd grade because I would take a book into the bathroom so I could read instead of doing class work. In 5t..."
Sherri, I so can relate to your comment. I to read books while working as a temp during my breaks in college, and sometimes as a bank teller when the branch was slow. Also, I remember getting in to many sticky situations with teachers regarding pleasure reading.

message 18: by Galla (new)

Galla | 32 comments I realized it early, too. The first sign was probably when I took it upon myself to start teaching my little brother how to read when he was 3. I was 5. LOL

message 19: by Becca (new)

Becca (goblinfan) | 215 comments When I was in high school, and my dad freaked out when he found out I was reading in school between classes. I would read until the teacher actually started to teach, and during lunch of course. And since moving in with my parents :( I've considered several times, getting rid of my bed which is too small for me anyway and replacing it with a futon couch. Then I could put at least 3 more book cases in here.
When I was younger I would get so INTO the book I was reading at the time, that I would completely tune out the outside world. I sat through the bell at the end of the school day several times, and the teacher had to tell me it was time to go. And the only words that would get through the Book Haze when I was reading at home were: books (or the name of book stores), pizza, and if repeated a few times, my name.
During junior high, I used to skip eating or only use half of my lunch money to eat, then pocket the rest for books. After a couple of weeks, I'd have enough money to buy at least one book.

message 20: by Ladiibbug (new)

Ladiibbug Fun thread! LOL @ "reading inappropriately" ;-)

Here's a New York Times essay on reading - check out paragraph #3 describing the health hazards attributed to reading in centuries past ;-)


message 21: by Tiphaine (new)

Tiphaine | 60 comments Lynn wrote: "I have always loved books and always wanted books around me. However, I know I became a true book nerd when I started a "books" calendar and listed the dates of my favorite authors new releases, so..."

Lynn, this is such a good idea, I'm going to start a "book calendar" for my self!

message 22: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) You just go up a level in your book nerdiness - to librarian level. :D

I'd make a calender for releases, but... it doesn't seem like books ever release when they're supposed to. Lots of push backs and all.

message 23: by Mary C (last edited Feb 27, 2011 04:30PM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) | 45 comments if you sign up for fictfact.com and log in the series you are reading it'll tell you when new books are being released. Of course this is only for series books. But nowadays it seems like every book is part of a series.

I like to play with my books. I don't think I could ever switch to an ereader. I like to hold them and look at them and rearrange them. I have not graduated to spreadsheets and whatnot.

message 24: by Mary (new)

Mary Abshire (maryabshire) I see nothing wrong with being a book nerd. Reading is exercise for the mind. Scary to imagine life without books.

message 25: by Heather (new)

Heather Book Savvy Babe (booksavvybabe) | 11 comments the way I see it, being a book nerd is much better than being a couch potato, watching TV all the time….at least reading is actively using your mind….well, that’s my defense anyway…….

message 26: by Jamie (JK) (new)

Jamie (JK) (eimajtl) What if you're a couch potato who watched documentaries and other such educational programming? ;)

I don't mind being a book nerd at all. =]

message 27: by Tiphaine (last edited Mar 12, 2011 01:04PM) (new)

Tiphaine | 60 comments I've known I'm a book nerd for a while now but I've always felt a bit alone because even if people around me read, they don't read as much as I do. They also don't understand that sometimes I'd rather read than talk to people. So I'm very thankful for Goodreads because I now know I'm not that weird!
On the other hand, I think I'm a bigger book nerd since I discovered Goodreads.

message 28: by Becca (new)

Becca (goblinfan) | 215 comments I've always preferred reading over talking to people.

Shera (Book Whispers) (sherabookwhispers) | 204 comments Everyone in school considered me a book nerd before I did, I was pretty much the only student caught reading book outside of what the classes demanded of us. I don't think I really became one until my freshman year in HS. That's when I started breaking out of what my library could provide for me.

Tiphaine: I hear you! My friends read, but not near as close to me. They're too busy catching husbands.

Becca: I think we all feel like that at some piont. ^_-

message 30: by Tasula (new)

Tasula | 150 comments Divorce rate is 50%, you're better off with a book than a husband.

message 31: by Carolina (new)

Carolina (carodepena) Tasula wrote: "Divorce rate is 50%, you're better off with a book than a husband."

Amen girl! XD

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) Shera (Book Whispers) wrote: "My friends read, but not near as close to me. They're too busy catching husbands..."

Lmao, I love you Shera. You just made me think of a Victorian novel with this comment.

Shera (Book Whispers) (sherabookwhispers) | 204 comments Tasula: I think you're right!! ^_-

Sherri: Those kind of men are rare. Too many guys I go out with think reading, pertains to Playboy. Um. No.

Stacia: You're right!! Now it gets me thinking to when I become a spinster. Though, I think that's a ways off. You don't become a spinster until what 27-28?

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) I thought it was around 23 for that time period?

message 35: by Harlequin Books (new)

Harlequin Books (harlequinbooks) | 23 comments I think 25 was the dreaded spinster age but I may be wrong. We're luckier nowadays. According to a huest on the Tyra Banks show, women in their 40's still have a 40% chance of getting married. You can't be considered a spinster if you still have a 40% chance, can you?

I was a book nerd ever since I learned how to read. The by middle school, the school library became useless. LOL I had to beg my mom to take me to a "real" library. People were shocked if I showed up to a function without a book tucked in my purse or already out in my hands.

message 36: by carol. (new)

carol. Loving this thread and all the comments. Reminds me of many things I experienced as well. I think realized other people thought I was a book nerd when my grandma told someone, "she's around here somewhere, reading a book." I've known it I was a book nerd for a long time--you'd have to drag me to go clothes shopping, but a book store is no problem!
It's great to be around fellow book nerds.

message 37: by Heather (new)

Heather Book Savvy Babe (booksavvybabe) | 11 comments Every now and then my hubby will be with me when I need to exchange books at the library (he waits in the car, for some reason, the allure of the library is lost on him)…I tell him “give me 5 minutes”…30 minutes later, he’s calling me, asking when I’m gonna be done….

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