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Beth (bethjustbeth) | 48 comments Okay...here's one for you...if I don't immediately remember the name of it after I post this. :)

I thought the name was "Little Lost Witch," but no...I remember she lost her broom, or fell off her broom, and couldn't get home again, so she was hiding with a family, and trying to pretend to be a "regular" child...with varying degrees of success. I know she was very cross, in the beginning, and that her name was Felina...pronounced "Fay-lee-na"...because her eyes were green, like a cat's.

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Beth (bethjustbeth) | 48 comments Bingo! That's it! Guess we're even, now. :) Thanks!

Her Royal Orangeness (onlyorangery) Beth wrote: "Bingo! That's it! Guess we're even, now. :) Thanks!"

lol :)

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