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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma L (oemmao) hiya! originally from galway, living in wexford :)

message 2: by Dem (new)

Dem Hi Vicki, Irish, but not from Cork.

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma L (oemmao) me too, i started off just thinking it was ok, now i log on every day, its brill! :)

message 4: by Dem (new)

Dem I am hooked as well and find I am logging in every day and checking books and reviews and I love to see who is online and what they are reading.

message 5: by Dem (new)

Dem Good for you enjoy your time off, I like historical fiction but anything goes really am in a book club with 12 others so this months read is the Kitchen House which I have already read but as its really good will read again.

message 6: by Keith (new)

Keith Kelly (nedkelly) I new to the group but i'm hoping to use it more. I'm Irish but I'm from the real capital!! :P

message 7: by Aoife (new)

Aoife (aoifbuscus) | 4 comments I'm not technically from Cork, but my dad's from Cork city :P I visit him every weekend though :)

message 8: by Keith (last edited Feb 11, 2011 01:09PM) (new)

Keith Kelly (nedkelly) Hey Vicki!

Yeah loving the Emperor series so far. Its a period and place that I always enjoy reading about, or watching films about. I don't know whether the Ghenghis Khan series will be my thing though. What d'ya think?

Have you read any Bernard Cornwell?

Oh and hi Faster! Yup i see where your coming from, I can see myself spending more time on this than actually reading!!!

message 9: by Keith (last edited Feb 12, 2011 02:59AM) (new)

Keith Kelly (nedkelly) Well if you like Igguldon, i'd imagine that you'd like cornwell. Do you remember the Sharpe series on tv staring Sean Bean? That was based on his series of books by the same name.

Personally i'd start with his warlord series. Its an Arthurian legend set in a realistic historical setting (no magic or dragons). It starts with The Winter King, then Enemy of God and finishes with Excalibur.

Cornwell and Iggulden have huge respect for eachother so I think you might enjoy his books!

message 10: by Keith (last edited Feb 15, 2011 12:54PM) (new)

Keith Kelly (nedkelly) Haven't read those yet Vicki. Just checked them out...they look interesting. From Cork eh? Sure he has to be good so! haha!

message 11: by Sarah (last edited Feb 16, 2011 05:18AM) (new)

Sarah Caffrey | 45 comments Hi has anyone read or heard of a book called HUSH HUSH?? Just finished reading the Magican again and Hush Hush was recomended just seen if anyone has any opinions on it.
Welcome to the NEW recruits I'm Irish and from Dublin "the real capital" ha ha

message 12: by Keith (new)

Keith Kelly (nedkelly) Hi Sarah, nice to meet ya! Haven't read HUSH HUSH, but I'm a big fan of all fantasy books! At the moment i'm reading A Clash of Kings whicj is part of the Fire and Ice series by fantasy series I've ever read!!George R.R. Martin is the author. Theres a TV show of it coming to Sky Atlantic in April...looks great!

message 13: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Caffrey | 45 comments R.E.Feist is probably my all time favourite when it comes to fantasy but to be honest if it has magic dwarves and elves I'm pretty much a fan!! I will read pretty much anything if its recommended. Cool I will check out Sky for that show mind you I find after reading a book the films or TV shows never do them justice except for the Lord of the Rings trilogy I would take the movie over the book anyday. I know that's blasphemy to some but did not like the books at all!! LOL :)

message 14: by Keith (new)

Keith Kelly (nedkelly) Usually I'd agree Sarah, but I have a good feeling about this one. It's being made by HBO, who are the best producers of TV dramas in the world in my opinion. (Sopranos, The West Wing and The wire etc.) Also the cast is awesome...sean bean (also in LoTR) is one of the stars.)

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Caffrey | 45 comments Yeah I will watch it when its on il need to keep an eye out for when it starts. I watched Pillars of the Earth recently and I really liked that I was told the book is pretty good also.

message 16: by Dem (new)

Dem Oh! I loved the book pillars of the earth, fantastic read, is the series still on TV?

message 17: by Sarah (new)

Sarah Caffrey | 45 comments Hey No don't think its still on but the show was pretty good, I heard the book was great but it jumped around alot (bit like pulp fiction ha ha) so you need to keep up with whats going on with each character as the story jumps between them all frequently other then that heard its a great read!!

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