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Can't wait

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Micheal Shea Man I can't wait until this book comes out!

Cristian Marrero This book is already out. I'm waiting on the completion of volume 5.
Also this has a much, much better ending than part 3!
Enjoy it. It was worth it to me.

Vicki G I hated the ending. Sorry, but it happened too suddenly and appeared to go off the deep-end. It just seemed like one minute she's kissing all over him and the next SECOND she's killing him AND not caring that she does.
I'm not reading the next one, b/c that makes no sense to me. Kissing all over someone one second and killing them the next just gets on my nerves. I no longer care about any of the characters.
So there's no point in finishing the series, especially at those prices.
That's just my opinion. I don't expect everyone else to have it, they never watched someone be killed in real life. But an opinion isn't a god-given fact, as most people seem to ACT like it is, the way they get all upset if your opinion isn't exactly like theirs.

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