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message 1: by Vic (last edited Mar 14, 2011 03:20PM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Love Nalini Singh's Guild Hunter series and am looking forward to book 3 to come out at end of this month! Justine Eyre reads these books and I think she does a pretty good job.

I sent an email to Nalini's assistant to ask about the audio rights for the Psy/Changling series and she said that Nalini was looking to sell the rights and get that series in audio as well. I'd be very stoked if that happened!

message 2: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Her books are great. I couldn't remember if I'd requested the Psy series from Audible or not so I went ahead and sent them an email. Maybe if they get enough requests, they'll ask the recording companies for it and one of them will pick up the rights.

message 3: by Diane (new)

Diane Mason | 129 comments Nalini just put out word on Facebook that Tantor will be releasing her Psy/Changling books in audio. She doesn't have the dates yet.

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Diane wrote: "Nalini just put out word on Facebook that Tantor will be releasing her Psy/Changling books in audio. She doesn't have the dates yet."

That is such good news. Krissie (Anne Stuart) said in her SOA interview that Tantor moved really fast once the deal was made - something like 2-3 months I believe. Here's what she said

"Tantor works very quickly, BTW. We made the deal in November, I think, and was told the first would probably be out in January. Much faster than publishing."

message 5: by Vic (last edited Mar 09, 2011 06:20PM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments EXCELLENT! I had actually requested Psy/Changling series from Tantor directly from their site and then re-iterated it on twitter when Guild Hunter 3 came out. I think when I twittered it their response was they were hearing a lot of the same so VERY happy they were able to close a deal. Now I PRAY they get decent narrator because I LOVE this series and I'll be crushed if they get someone I can't listen to!

*Vic doing snoopy happy dance around rec room*

P.S. I THINK this has already been released (not sure how many) in German.

message 6: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Yay! I tweeted at Tantor about it, too, awhile back.

message 7: by Vic (last edited Mar 09, 2011 08:36PM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Sent tweet to NS and Tantor on my excitement and expressed desire to know narrator(s)/schedule. If they actually respond, I'll pass along what they have to say! *excited giggle*

And if they do Hawke's book FIRST when it actually is RELEASED and have a good narrator... OMG! I'm SOOOO all over that!!!

OK, will work on calming my 40 year old self down.... :)

message 8: by Brenda (last edited Mar 09, 2011 08:31PM) (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Fabulous news! I'm another that sooooo loves the Psy/Changeling series!!

As excited as I am, I'll be sticking to some head bobbing until I hear who the narrator is.

Maybe a group rain dance type deal, to the audio powers that be, for a good narrator ... I could get into that! :))

Who would you choose if you could?? I'm thinking/wishing Renee Raudman, unless we could get Phil and Natalie. ;) How do you make little praying hands??

message 9: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Vic wrote: "And if they do Hawke's book FIRST when it actually is RELEASED and have a good narrator... OMG! I'm SOOOO all over that!!!"

Check it out!:

message 10: by Brenda (last edited Mar 09, 2011 09:28PM) (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Well gripes, whole body chills! And without even knowing the narrator ... come on powers that be, bring us somebody tried and true for Hawke!

Where's Vic? I think she fainted, somebody find the smelling salts ....

message 11: by Vic (last edited Mar 09, 2011 09:33PM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments OMG!! I was posting the GR librarian thread here on this group. *happy snoopy STOMP*

Still need to do group prayer on GOOD narrator!

message 12: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Slave to Sensation is one of the best paranormals I've ever read. I'm going to be choosy in audio because for me some of the books in the series *coughthelastthreecough* have been duds. I LOVE the psy characters, but the changelings aren't fascinating enough to carry a book. Go ahead and throw stinky fruit at me. I can take it. :)

message 13: by Vic (last edited Mar 11, 2011 01:38PM) (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Diana - no stinky fruit here - promise. I disagree on last 3 books because I really enjoyed Play of Passion and LOVE the changlings.

I remember reading Slave to Sensation and being overwhelmed (in a good way) and awestruck by this world that Nalini had created. To me, I'd never read anything quite like it and this idea of 3 identifiable races living on earth, interconnected and yet totally separate was very intriguing. I LOVE the psy political plotting arc that runs through the series and am really anxious to see how it all explodes in Kiss of Snow.

I thought books 7 and 8 were meh and was kept interested in the overall arc as I mentioned.

My favorites that I could read over and over are Slave to Sensation #1, Caressed By Ice #3, Mine to Possess #4, Branded by Fire # 6, Play of Passion #9. Love Brenna and her family.

We would BE Psy if we all felt the same thing about the books we read. :)

message 14: by Brenda (last edited Mar 11, 2011 10:44AM) (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments I ended up loving Slave to Sensation but it took me three tries to get past the world building and into the characters and the love. So, for any doubters, keep going!

Branded By Fire had just been released when I read Slave to Sensation and I plowed through the first 6 books in the series in under a week.

The Changelings are my favorites, they carry the series for me. Here's hoping Hawke and Sienna's book can come into Lucas - Sascha territory for me ... I have high hopes for the book and especially for the narrator.

message 15: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Tantor just tweeted about this thread!

TantorAudio Tantor Audio
Found out abt @NaliniSingh audio thread on GoodReads Wow! Didn't know there were so many fans of her AND audio! (2/2)

Yea us!

message 16: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Also from Tantor - another tweet:

TantorAudio Tantor Audio
Closer to our narrator selection for @NaliniSingh's Psy/Changeling. Need to finalize few things. Hang tight! (1/2)

message 17: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Wow - cool on tweet link and hoping they make right choice. Maybe if it's a bad choice and we immediately protest they'll reconsider! :)

message 18: by Brenda (last edited Mar 11, 2011 02:32PM) (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Definitely Yea Us!

It has to be a good thing for Tantor to realize how important the narrator is going to be with this series.

Who would you wish it to be?

message 19: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Lea, do you think you could see if somebody at Tantor would do an interview for the AAR column about how they do narrator selection? I'd love to know how they go about picking a narrator.

message 20: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Great idea MaryK. I do have an interview in hand with a representative from Audible as well as one from Harlequin that will partly cover this but since I know we always want more specifics, I'll check into this along with Kaetrin's suggestion of something along these lines. I need a contact at Tantor but I'll start looking.

message 21: by Diane (new)

Diane Mason | 129 comments I second MaryK's suggestgion. I too, would love to know how publishers go about selecting narrators.:)

message 22: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Already talked with Jen at Tantor. Great column in the works for sure!

message 23: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Sounds absolutely great!

message 24: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Excellent! I saw the twitter exchange today and was going to alert you but you were already on it.

Are they starting with newest or oldest book?I'm quivering for Slave to Sensation!

message 25: by MaryK (last edited Mar 11, 2011 08:26PM) (new)

MaryK | 168 comments They're starting with Kiss of Snow. It's already listed on their site!

I hope they jump back to Slave to Sensation after that.

message 26: by Kelli (last edited Mar 14, 2011 09:05AM) (new)

Kelli (oddiophile) Woot! Tantor tweeted "OK @NaliniSingh fans! We have a book schedule & narrator! Kiss of Snow 1st, followed by Slave to Sensation, then rest. Read by Angela Dawe"

"CORRECTION! We're starting with Slave to Sensation 1st! @NaliniSingh & fans :) Fans of Keri Arthur's Riley Jenson series will "know" Dawe."

Excellent narrator choice, in my opinion.

message 27: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Yay!

message 28: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments I listened to several samples of Angela Dawe's narration on Audible, and they sound good. Looks like we have a winner!

They also said: "Kiss of Snow will be released simultaneously with the print, in May."

message 29: by Brenda (last edited Mar 14, 2011 10:58AM) (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Woo Hoo!

Angela Dawe has been awesome with the books I've heard her do, we scored!

If they are starting with Slave to Sensation (Psy-Changeling #1) by Nalini Singh then that means it will be out before May 31st if Kiss of Snow (Psy-Changeling, #10) by Nalini Singh is to have a simultaneous release with the hard cover. YEA!

message 30: by Cassandra (new)

Cassandra | 106 comments (work hat on: I work for Tantor)
We hope to have: Slave to Sensation (4/25), Visions of Heat (5/9), and Caressed by Ice (5/23) all out before the simultaneous release of Kiss of Snow.

message 31: by MaryK (new)

MaryK | 168 comments Awesome! I've been wanting to listen to this series for a while.

message 32: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Fantastic! Since I have only read Slave to Sensation in print, I plan to experience the entire series in audio.

message 33: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Oh wow ... Double Awesome!

Already four to look forward to, and coming so fast, amazing!

message 34: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments I'm so deliriously happy that I'm speechless!

message 35: by Diana (new)

Diana (dianadcmd) Yay! Angela is a good choice. I'm really happy about this!

message 36: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments I actually got a really nice e-mail from Nalini's assistant informing me that Tantor had picked up the audio rights and the release dates. This was because I'd e-mailed a while ago about the audiobooks for Psy/Changling. I thought it was very nice for her to have done that. I've added all the audiobooks that are currently listed on Tantor into Good Reads db now.

message 37: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments That was very nice of her, you can imagine the number of e-mails they must get.

Thanks for adding the audio editions, I've added them to my TBL.

message 38: by Lea's Audiobooks (last edited Mar 22, 2011 12:07PM) (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) We have questions from a listener over at the Speaking of Audiobooks column about Angela Dawe. The poster made this comment,

"I hope there’ll be some more replies to my question, besides your’s and Brenda’s."

I know many listeners over at SOA who aren't members of our Goodreads group often wonder where we (those of us who usually comment the most at SOA) have gone. Would you please think about taking a look at her post and letting her know your thoughts about Angela Dawe?

I would be ever so grateful!

message 39: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Vic - thanks ever so much for responding at SOA!!

Hope a few others can join in as well.

message 40: by Diane (new)

Diane Mason | 129 comments I haven't listened to anything she narrates, yet. :(

message 41: by Brenda (last edited Apr 26, 2011 09:58AM) (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Not happy to have had StS on audio bumped another week but at least it's coming.

In the mean time I ran across this Psy/Changeling series Character Guide and found it amazing, talk about A LOT of work.


If you haven't read the series yet there are spoilers in this Guide.

If you have read the series the brush up before starting Kiss of Snow or being able to refer to it for a memory jog while listening to the books as they are released is unbeatable!

I'm a details person but this is unreal! And she's done the same for the Guild Hunter series along with Feehans Ghostwalker and Drake Sister series.

message 42: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Wow. Just my sort of thing! Can't wait to take a look when I return home later today.

message 43: by Vic (new)

Vic (vicaet) | 494 comments Audible tweeted that StS audio will be available early next week.

message 44: by Brenda (new)

Brenda Audiobooks Only | 631 comments Awesome! Sounds like they're on a same day release schedule for 5/4.

Angela Dawe has to be sweating bullets with all the hype, and then the delays.

This whole series, with so many great characters? I think she's going to need a care package ... soothing tea and throat lozenges, to say the least. :)

message 45: by Lea's Audiobooks (new)

Lea's Audiobooks Hensley (leahensleysaudiobooks) Since the Group Listen of Slave to Sensation has officially started, we're asking that you save your comments until the end of May when we hold our official discussion. It will take time for some to receive their book through the mail and then spend the time listening. We don't want to provide spoilers for those who have yet to start listening.

See our Group Listen in our Goodreads group:

See the Speaking of Audiobooks official start at:
Actually the last three columns talk about the Group Listen.

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