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Christen (GoldiloxReads) | 78 comments Hi guys! I have a question - how many of you read multiple books at a time? I see that some members list more than one book as "Currently Reading". I have so many books that I'm excited to read...I'm thinking about doing this and I wanted to see if anyone else does it...???

message 2: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany | 17 comments I do it all the time-I usually have one to read when i go out (waiting at the doctors, etc) and one to read when at home. This usually works for the most part. Every once in a while, I will end up reading books with similar names and I might get a little confused. ;P

message 3: by Trish (new)

Trish | 2 comments I do it quite frequently. I have not done it while reading lover mine b/c I am super involved with it.

message 4: by Mariya (new)

Mariya (cr6zym0nkeyiz) someimes I do that.

Lori {Romancing the Dark Side} (romancingthedarkside) | 24 comments I do it a lot! The most I've juggled is four books but that can be a little confusing, after a while everything melds into one weird story..LOL When I'm invested in a specific series I like to read those back to back and try to not read any other books in between. If you get used to it it's not so bad..I'd start with two.

message 6: by Jaclyn (new)

Jaclyn (pnrbookworm) I don't think I can read just one book at a time, actually. My mind is constantly changing its mood, so I try to keep up by reading a couple (2, 3, 4...) books at a time. That way, if I'm bored with a passage in one of the books, rather than giving up completely, I try something else for a while and come back to it later. Of course, it helps that I have a pretty good memory for the storylines. There are times I stay away from one of the books for a few weeks - I'm lucky enough that I can just pick it up where I left off and not have to reread the first half to remember what happened.

message 7: by Lisa M (new)

Lisa M (lamessegee) | 462 comments I only do it when the books are very different, and then I read the one that I'm in the mood for. I don't do it very often, though, because once I really get into a book I want to keep going with it.

message 8: by [deleted user] (new)

I do it often, but I'm not really reading them at the same time. It's more if I get in the mood to read something else, I'll take a break from one to read the other. Then I'll go back and finish the first one when I'm in the mood for that one again, etc. But I'm always more focused on one! For me it works real good. :)

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) I usually have two up at a time as well. Often, I'll read something during the day that's more appropriate to read around the family, then pull out the steamier stuff at night after everyone is in bed.

message 10: by Deyara (new)

Deyara I'm terrible, I do it all the time. Sometimes I just want a change, sometimes its more practical, like when I am reading a big heavy hardcover and am going someplace where a small book is easier to carry/conceal :)

Sometimes I leave the book I am reading in one room and then when I get back to it I find that somehow I have picked up some other book on my travels through the house and started that one as well! I don't mind though, I don't seem to have any trouble keeping them straight, and they will all get read one day!

message 11: by Terri (new)

Terri (terrilovescrows) | 29 comments I always have multiple going at once - so I can switch from one to the other depending on my mood. They are usually different genres.

message 12: by Jlyates (new)

Jlyates | 37 comments I am doing so for the first time and the two that I am reading now are classics, so I don't feel that I have to finish them, unlike the paranormal romances I enjoy.

With "modern" day books (non-classics) I could not switch from one to another, I have to read it from start to finish before I can read another book.

message 13: by Tory (new)

Tory | 33 comments I normaly read 2 to 3 books at a time :D

message 14: by Leighann (new)

Leighann (zhelenstilo) I usually have two, sometimes three, books going at a time. Most of the time I have one in English that goes really fast, and one in Japanese that goes really slow. Sometimes, if I feel like it, I'll add in a third one, in English.

message 15: by ☺~Tina~☺ (new)

☺~Tina~☺ (tina007) | 14 comments Rarely do I ever read just one book at a time. My high so far is I had 4 books going at one time. One audiobook on my laptop while I worked, one on my ipod while I drive around, one on my Kindle and one book from the library. My husband said how can you possibly read 4 books at one time and keep the straight, seemed easy to me. I read by moods also.

message 16: by Angela (new)

Angela (angieerickson) | 164 comments I always have an audiobook, e-book, and paperback going at once.

message 17: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca (bexsi) Angie 'Mind Malfunction' wrote: "I always have an audiobook, e-book, and paperback going at once."

Me too

message 18: by M. (new)

M. (mikasambale) | 11 comments Not often, but I've done it before. It really depends how invested I am in a book. If the story is interesting enough, I have to finish it before I started reading a new book.

message 19: by A.R. (new)

A.R. Moler | 29 comments I often read 2-3 at a time. Although I will admit that they often are on wildly different topics. (These days I probably spend more time writing than reading though- sigh)

message 20: by Ally (last edited Feb 03, 2011 09:19AM) (new)

Ally (allythomas) This is my first time to do it, but it's working out well. I'm listening to these books as audio books ( and I'm finding that I can listen while I'm walking the dog, doing errands in the car, house work, etc. And that way I'm making it through more at a time. And I did realize that I'm reading the first book in 3 series at once! Good heavens! :P

Here's my list:
Covet by J.R. Ward
Witchling by Yasmine Galenorn
Dead until Dark by Charlaine Harris (just finished)

message 21: by Kerstin (new)

Kerstin I'm reading a couple of books at the same time every now and then. Usually that means that one is at home and the other in my bag for reading on the go.
Mostly I do prefer to just stick to one book though.

Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) (bmreviewsohmy) I do this all the time. I usually carry one in my purse, have one on my desk, and one on the nightstand. As long as they are different types of books I never get them confused. Though if one starts to get really good it usually takes over and I will read it before the

message 23: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lmmmml) I also do this all the time. Usually 2-3 books at a time. Generally, my rule of thumb is one "hard" book equals 2"easy" turn my brain off books. Might not make sense, but it works for me! Sort of! LOL

message 24: by [deleted user] (new)

I'm doing this for the first time. 1 book is for a group discussion, so I can read it slowly, the other is my continuous read.

message 25: by Jlyates (new)

Jlyates | 37 comments Jessica wrote: "I'm not sure how anyone can do it. . . . or I'd never be able to keep anything straight. I've seen postin..."

There is a thread on this same topic at Amazon. And my remark is similar to yours. With so many different series having the same type of being (such as vampire) doing different things it is hard enough to keep them straight.
C. Feehan's Carpathian's can read their mates mind, L. Sand's Argeneau's can't. Feehan's vamps can fly and assume any shape. Ward's can teleport, but only themselves. Some can communicate telepathically within their own species others can not.
Shifters, if you die you remain in whatever shape you are in, another you return to human form. You are born into the shifter pack, pride or whatever, you are turned, but only males survive.
It gets confusing and how can a person keep more than one book straight?

Stormi (BMReviewsohmy) (bmreviewsohmy) If I am reading more than one book they usually are extremely different..say one paranormal book, one fun kid book, maybe a action book, etc. I never read the same genre at the same time that would be to difficult like you just listed above. :) Like right now I am reading Vampire Academy, Bloodfever, and Delirium..they are basicly different..a YA vamp, a adult paranormal about fae, and Delirium is dystopian.

message 27: by Angelika (new)

Angelika | 104 comments Unfortunately, I do this all the time as well. I usually have one in my bag for work breaks and one at home. If a book starts getting slow and I can't get past a certain point, I'll pick up another one, then eventually go back to the first to see if I can get into it again.

message 28: by Barbara (new)

Barbara Elsborg Like Stormi, I need the books to be different genres. I have maybe 2-3 on the go at one time. One for the bike at the gym!! But of these books, there will be one that I'm really concentrating on - the one I'd be more likely to pick up than the others.

message 29: by Gelibeany (new)

Gelibeany (maxxibear) | 3 comments i do this a lot too especially if i get bored of the book im currently reading i change genre's and eventually return to the first book if i feel like it

message 30: by Susan (new)

Susan | 16 comments I do read more than one book at a time sometimes but not all of the time. I do get confused if the worlds are similar though so I try to keep the books different so I keep everything straight.

message 31: by Kilgallen (new)

Kilgallen | 24 comments Normally I only read one book at a time. The exception has become when I am reading one for a group read and trying to stay on track with reading chapters at the same time as the rest of the group. Then I will often need a second book to be reading in the meantime.

message 32: by Spooky (new)

Spooky (spooky09) I usually read more than one book at a time but lately I haven't had time to do it. I usually keep one in my bedroom, one in my living room and one in my purse so I'm never without a book.

message 33: by Amy (new)

Amy I read more than one book at a time, most of the time it's different genres so it keeps my interest. I also listen to audiobooks while I'm driving, I'm in the car @ 10 hours a day and it way better then listening to repeat music :)

message 34: by April (new)

April I don't usually read more than one at a time, but keep a couple on hand at all times. I like to start the next book as soon as I finish one.

If I do have more than one going, I too read different genres.

message 35: by Lena (new)

Lena | 51 comments Angie (Mind Malfunction) wrote: "I always have an audiobook, e-book, and paperback going at once."

I'm like that too. Maybe worse! I have 6 books on my currently reading right now! One of them is too big to fit in my purse, one of them is audiobook, two are YA books I started on my lunch break at work but they have to stay there...I love that I can 'mark' the page on Goodreads so the next time I get the book I remember where I was.

message 36: by Janelle (new)

Janelle | 3 comments I always have at least 2 books going at once. An audiobook for when I am at work and cant read and an E-book when I'm at home.

message 37: by Laurie (new)

Laurie (bookescapereviews) | 5 comments I'm thinking about doing that because my moods change from time to time and having 2 different story lines going at once seems like it wouldn't be too difficult to do.

message 38: by Tiffany (new)

Tiffany (tiffanyrh) I usually have 3 - 4 on the go at once. Sometimes it gets confusing.

message 39: by Meg (new)

Meg (meggymoo) I'm the worst at reading multiple books at once. I think the more stories I fall in love with, the more books I pick up from the library at once. Depending on what mood I'm in, or if I'm having trouble getting into a book I'll switch to another and come back to it or another book altogether. I find myself an indecisive person so I try to limit myself to 3-4 at a time, but generally its 2 or 3.

message 40: by Amanda (new)

Amanda Cowley (mandymoo8) Since I got my Kindle, I'm always getting distracted by the free book samples. Obviously I need to have a quick browse to see if I want to buy one or not, and that's how I find myself with several books on the go at once!

Still, at least I never get to the stage where I've got nothing to read..

message 41: by Beatrix (new)

Beatrix (trixy72) | 17 comments Yes. Recently, I read at the same time more often. Paper, usually on the bus while traveling. At home most of the e-book. Now, at the same time I read a Karin Slaughter is a Nora Roberts and Nicole Jordan book.

message 42: by Jade aka MrsTosh (new)

Jade aka MrsTosh (mrstosh) yeah I am guilty of this, especially if I am getting bored with what I am reading. I hate putting a book down if I haven't finished it! Also sometimes I like to read a short ebook whilst Im having lunch at work...I struggling holding a book and a sandwich at the same time :)

message 43: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (cynthiaeaton) | 49 comments Here lately I have been reading two books at a time. I used to only read one book at a time because I didn't think I could concentrate on more than one. I felt that I would get confused and wouldn't get the most out of the book. However, I have found myself reading two at a time lately. I make sure the books are of different genres and that makes it easy for me to separate the two books.

message 44: by Lola (new)

Lola (lolasreviews) I always read only one book at a time. Because if I start more then one, then always one of the books get priority and I read that one before the other. So it I don't see the point in reading more than one book. I do read a manga and a book at the same time. but still then mostly I finish one before going further in the other.

message 45: by Shannon (new)

Shannon Dermott (shannondermott) | 284 comments In the past, I've always read only one. But like many others, I've been reading two book and writing. But thinking about it now, if I try to remember the book I put on hold for the other, my memory is choppy about that book. I think I may try going back to only one book unless I'm ready to give up on the former book.

message 46: by Katya (last edited Aug 28, 2011 03:29AM) (new)

Katya | 87 comments To me it is like food. What ever I am in the mood for....What happens is that I get distracted or bored by one book by something else I want to read, so to combat this I read more than one book at once...usually no more than 3 or 4.

message 47: by Jen (new)

Jen Wylie I usually have a few books on the go :)
Sometimes I put the next book I want to read in my Currently reading I don't forget :)

message 48: by Brooke Smith (new)

Brooke Smith | 4 comments I usually put them as currently reading because I read books so fast I don't update as much as I should on here. That way when I get back on to update they are ready for my review.

message 49: by Juiwanna (new)

Juiwanna (JK777) | 17 comments I usually listen to one book in my car (long drive to work)one by my bedside and one in my purse. Ive never had more than 4 going at once !

Shera (Book Whispers) (sherabookwhispers) | 2569 comments Lately I've started to read two books at the same time, more because the ARC start to creep up on me.

Now that I have an ereader I'm sure I'll have a hardcopy and ebook going at all times!

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