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Feeling Nostalgic? The archives > Does how you eat differ on weekends vs. weekdays?

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message 1: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments Does how you eat differ on weekends vs. weekdays? I was thinking of this today because I often have to scarf food, for example, at lunch during the week. And if I get home later I don't have want to put a ton of time into cooking. Does anyone here do that "make a ton of things on weekends, then put them in the fridge for the week" thing? What do you think?

message 2: by Dan (new)

Dan (akagunslinger) I put a lot more effort into meal prep on the weekends and usually only eat twice a day instead of three times. During the week, especially during the winter, I usually throw something in the slow cooker on Monday or Tuesday morning and eat it a couple days in a row.

message 3: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments The biggest difference for me is that on weekends we never know when we will eat, depends on what we are doing that day, where as the week is more scheduled. We also have a tendency to make bigger and better meals on the weekends.

message 4: by Sally, la reina (new)

Sally (mrsnolte) | 17346 comments Mod
Weekends consist of big huge breakfasts eaten late and then nibbled on throughout the day.

Weekday food is the opposite, cereal, little things until dinner, soup or casseroles or such in the evening.

message 5: by Aynge (new)

Aynge (ayngemac) | 1202 comments I usually don't eat breakfast on the weekends, because I sleep in.

message 6: by Lobstergirl, el principe (new)

Lobstergirl | 24357 comments Mod
I'm slightly more likely to eat restaurant food on weekends. Otherwise, there's not a big difference.

message 7: by Michael (new)

Michael I don't do any weekend cooking for the week. I eat more during the week because I nibble a lot at work and then I come home and eat dinner. On weekends I don't do that and most times eat a better restaurant meal(s).

message 8: by Kristina (new)

Kristina | 136 comments When we're working daywork, I prepare a meal almost every night. It's usually something out of one of my healthy cookbooks. When we work nighwork, lunch is often something easy to make and not necessarily healthy. Dinner at work is something I can scrounge up to bring or just get Chik-fil-a. On weekends, we will go out once or twice, but I often cook and try to keep it healthy. Baking chocolate chip cookies at 10pm last night just so I could play with the new Kitchen Aid mixer was not healthy. But it was really good.

message 9: by Lori (new)

Lori Weekends are for ordering in most of the time, or frozen food. Weekdays I cook. I try to cook enough to last at least 2 days, but my family consists of 3 pigs, it never happens. I feel like I'm washing pots and pans just to reuse them and so the cycle sucks.

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