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The 37th Parallel...
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Popeye, Vol. 1: I...
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Feb 22, 2020 08:37AM

Book cover for Summer of Night (Seasons of Horror, #1)
Few events in a human being’s life—at least a male human being’s life—are as free, as exuberant, as infinitely expansive and filled with potential as the first day of summer when one is an eleven-year-old boy. The summer lies ahead like a ...more
Doug and 12 other people liked this
Interested to see what you think of this one. I’ve got my own reservations about this particular novel by Simmons
Dan Schwent
Dan Schwent
I like it so far but it's overwritten as hell.
Ryder Author Resources
Ryder Author Resources
Sometimes he overwrites, sometimes he underwrites ... He's the most inconsistent writer, but when he's good he's SO good!
Hugh Howey
“I hated Sundays as a kid. From the moment I woke up, I could feel Monday looming, could feel another school week all piled up and ready to smother me. How was I supposed to enjoy a day of freedom while drowning in dread like that? It was impossible. A pit would form in my chest and gut - this indescribably emptiness that I knew should be filled with fun, but instead left me casting about for something to do.
Knowing I should be having fun was a huge part of the problem. knowing that this was a rare day off, a welcome reprieve, and here I was miserable and fighting against it. Maybe this was why Fridays at school were better than Sundays not in school. I was happier doing what I hated, knowing a Saturday was coming, than I was on a perfectly free Sunday with a Monday right around the corner.”
Hugh Howey, Visitor

Nic Pizzolatto
“I remember a buddy of mine once telling me that every woman you loved was a mother and sister you didn't have, at once, and that what you were always really looking for was the female part of yourself, your female animal or something. This guy could get away with saying something like that because he was a junkie and read books.”
Nic Pizzolatto, Galveston

Andy Weir
“I'm calling it the Watney Triangle because after what I've been through, shit on Mars should be named after me.”
Andy Weir, The Martian

Nic Pizzolatto
“You’re here because it’s somewhere. Dogs pant in the streets. Beer won’t stay cold. The last new song you liked came out a long, long time ago, and the radio never plays it anymore.”
Nic Pizzolatto, Galveston

Dan Simmons
“that winter was colder’n a crib full of witch’s tits,”
Dan Simmons, Summer of Night

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Shelf name explanations and other Dan facts (Select)
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Description: I have a few shelves with odd names that people have asked me about.
Dantastic Book Awards - 2016 (Humor)
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Description: Every year, I painstakingly comb through the list of books I've read and issue them awards. Unlike most book awards, this isn't a popularity contest.
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