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Whisper the Winged Unicorn
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Pegasus unicorn with rainbow mane & tail [s]

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message 1: by Dancekmrl (new)

Dancekmrl | 3 comments I was digging through some stuff in the basement and found some old stickers. One set is from a book, but I can't remember the name. It shows a pegasus unicorn (unicorn with wings) that has rainbow mane and tail. I think I there were several stories, but the books were real thin and only a few pages. Like something that you would read to a pre-schooler. Just for refernce I was born in 1979, so I think these books were around in the 1980's.

message 2: by Hilary (new)

Hilary (renfrew) | 49 comments Jewel the Unicorn by Rebecca Thornburgh?
The Land of Unicorns by Nancy Carpenter?

message 3: by Kate (new)

Kate (katespofford) | 260 comments Was it anything to do with My Little Ponies? I remember there were My Little Ponies that had rainbow hair, and they had unicorns and pegasi versions. I know they have books that are squarish and not many pages. Mid-80s were about the time they came out.

message 4: by Dancekmrl (new)

Dancekmrl | 3 comments Renfrew - Nope, not either of those.

And it's not a my little pony or Rainbow Bright's horse. I don't remember a cartoon of it, just books.

message 5: by stormhawk (new)

stormhawk | 184 comments Can you post a link to a picture of the sticker, that might help?

message 6: by Monique (new)

Monique (moniqueurbanisedgeek) rainbow brite?

message 7: by Monique (new)

Monique (moniqueurbanisedgeek) oh, nevermind

message 8: by M— (last edited Dec 22, 2010 03:29PM) (new)

M— | 379 comments I think you are thinking of the Whisper the Winged Unicorn series, which published in the 80s, were slim illustrated books of about 25 pages, and included a sheet or two of stickers with each book.

ETA: This page shows a selection of coverart from the series. Maybe the covers will ring a bell?

message 9: by Dancekmrl (new)

Dancekmrl | 3 comments Oh, yes. That's it. Thank you so much.

message 10: by M— (new)

M— | 379 comments Happy to help!

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