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The Book Whisperer (aka Boof) Go on - be honest. How many book have you bought that are still sat on your shelves at home?

And out of those, how many do you not remember buying?

And finally, how many duplicates do you have?

(I am refraining from putting my shocking totals in just yet until I know that there are more like me.........)

message 2: by Kirsty (new)

Kirsty (kirstybooks) | 618 comments I have 37 unread (i created a shelf on here called 'own but not read yet' so that I could track them!

I do remember them all, and I didn't get any duplicates, so I guess it's not too bad lol

message 3: by Sheryl (last edited Jul 26, 2008 05:13AM) (new)

Sheryl (Shashee71) | 659 comments Ugh! You just had to ask!!

Well, I too have book-shelved on GR...

already own to read - and have 29!


borrow-ed/ing - 16!

and yet, I continue to grab a handful every time I go to a Goodwill or a used book store! I just can't resist! I also, continue to ask my friends if I can borrow books when they finish. It's a sickness, I tell ya!!

I do remember buying or borrowing all of them, though. ;o)

Oh... and no duplicates, thanks to GR, I can organize my collection very easily.
Boof, you must fess up!!

message 4: by Lorena (new)

Lorena (LorenaLilian) Shoot you had to ask ... Ok, I have 49 books at home screaming to be read, that doesn't include the many books my daughter has read and recommended to me from her library that I do pick up from time to time. And I have picked up duplicates in the past many times, ie if I find a good harcover when I before had a paperback, sometimes I plain forget and buy the same book twice, but I don't keep the seconnd copy I pass them on to my baby sister.

Tim (Mole) The Gunslinger (Mole) | 103 comments well its hard to say but my guess would be just as many as ive read considering if i have the chance to purchase books at a decent price i pounce my wife thinks im crazy! and even better than cheap is free i cant pass up a free book and if isnt my style ill just pass it on to some one that will like it so at least a hundred!probably more but i always have something to read!!!lol

message 6: by Donna (new)

Donna (DonnaT) | 5 comments I don't have a count right now but I am sure the number will embarrass me - I would guess at least 20 or 25. This weekend I'm planning to go through my shelves and get some books together to lend to friends, so that will pare down the ratio of what I've read to the books that are waiting for me.

The used book store is the worst for me - it's so hard to pass up the opportunity to grab something appealing for a couple dollars even if it's not high on my list.

message 7: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca Oh gosh, I have at least 70. In my defense, I go to the library book sales on the final day and fill a bag for $5....also, everyone I know seems to give me the books they've read. It is also tough to pass up 10 cent books at tag sales.

message 8: by Sera (last edited Jul 26, 2008 07:43AM) (new)

Sera Aww, I'm disappointed in y'all. I thought that many of you had more TBR sitting on your shelves than that - lol! Although I haven't officially counted mine, I know that I have at least over 60 on my shelves. I bought more than 20 in the last two months that I haven't read yet in addition to what's been sitting there. Some of the books I've had for years - guess I better get cracking, eh?

message 9: by Siobian (new)

Siobian As much as I hate to admit it, my unread book number totals somewhere close to 80 or 90. I just can't pass up books, especially if they are being given away or are on sale. Also, everyone I know just gives me gift cards to bookstores for every occasion now and instead of taking a $20 card and getting one or two books at full price I go to the bargain table and get 4 or five. I admit, I have a problem. Thank God everyone else in this group seems to as well! :)

message 10: by Sera (new)

Sera It appears, Siobian, that this book group serves as a support group for book addicts as well :)

message 11: by Siobian (new)

Siobian Haha, I does appear so Sera. I'm just glad I'm not the only one with so many unread books.

message 12: by Charity (new)

Charity (charityross) This is really sad...I have over 170 unread at the moment.

That may sound extremely high, so I should explain. I worked at a used bookstore for several years (HPB) and we got INSANE employee discounts on books (most of my purchases were $1 or less) and I began to build my library. At one point, my house contained over 1,500 books! Gradually, I've read and/or thinned them out, so I'm now down to 170ish unread.

I remember buying or receiving them all. No problems there. I keep a record of what I buy, when and where...and what I receive as gifts, when and from whom.

I do possess multiple copies of some books for various reasons. Some are Joyce Carol Oates books that I picked up at yard sales because I couldn't remember if I owned copies already (the woman writes soooo many books and the titles sound very similar). Some are cheap copies of favorites that I picked up for loaning out to friends/family so that I won't be devastated when I don't see the books again. Most duplicates I own are special edition copies....first editions & collector editions.

message 13: by Charity (new)

Charity (charityross) Awesome Ken! I'll be done in no time. :-D

Goes back to one of my favorite quotes:

"In a good bookroom you feel in some mysterious way that you are absorbing the wisdom contained in all the books through your skin, without even opening them."
-Mark Twain

message 14: by Jen (new)

Jen | 278 comments Great quote!

This is actually a timely post for me. I knew I had several books that I hadn't read but I had never counted. This past week, I started a bookshelf for the books I owned by haven't read and began to catalogue. I am up to 105 which does not include the books that I have in storage. I thought I was somewhere around 50 when I started. I had no idea it was this bad. Thank you, Charity, for making me feel better! I only wish I could say that most of mine were $1.00.

message 15: by Charity (new)

Charity (charityross) No problem, Jen. I'm glad my addiction makes yours pale in comparison. :-) If I bought as much as I'd like, we would have a maze of books throughout our house. I really have to pull back because I am so weak when it comes to books ("Where is human nature so weak as in the bookstore?" — Henry Ward Beecher).

message 16: by Bluedaizy (new)

Bluedaizy | 136 comments I can only guess about how many I have that haven't been read and I would bet it would be between 100 and 200 books. I do collect first editions as a hobby and some don't exactly appeal to me, but if it's a new author and the price is right, I'll snap it up. I only feel guilty about 10 of the books I have that I haven't read. But I know I'll get to them eventually. And of course that does not stop me from buying/finding/recieving more.

I did purchase a program called Book Collectors in which I've been entering all my book information, but it got to be too much to enter when and how much and where I purchased/received the book, that I just focused on cataloging them. I still use that program, too. It has some interesting reporting functions. And helps me locate where I put my books.

Despite these tools, I probably have about 30 books with duplicates. I keep hoping to get an iPhone or something to carry with me when I go out, so I'll have some sort of inventory list. But that won't stop my mom from buying the same book for me over and over and over. I have 5 copies of Scott Turow's Presumed Innocent and a lot of duplicate biographies.

I'm trying to catagorize my books like Kirsty, but have too much fun "talking" here to actually work on my books.

message 17: by Tisha (new)

Tisha i currently have 27 unread books on my shelves that i have bought. None are duplicates though!!

I have finally decided to TRY not to buy more until I put a minor dent in the ones i have. I generally buy 3 for every one i finish. I cant resist when there is a good sale!

message 18: by Chloe (last edited Jul 26, 2008 09:03AM) (new)

Chloe (lolosrun) | 1129 comments Okay, I was ruing this thread but a quick count through my shelves revealed that I only have 133 books sitting there waiting to be read. That is not half as bad as I thought it would be. 133 is at least a number that I can reach while at the same time convince myself that I can still purchase new books.

I only have a couple duplicates, but they're of books that I love to lend out but don't want to lose my personal copies of. I have a hardcover, a trade paperback and a mass market paperback copy of Ender's Game because I keep giving away the mass market. I have doubles of Stranger in a Strange Land, Nine Stories and Catcher in the Rye.

message 19: by Bluedaizy (new)

Bluedaizy | 136 comments You all are making me face my addiction. I really have never thought about the books I have that haven't been read. Now I'm going to have to get busy finding out which ones they are! And I'll probably get the shakes withdrawing from purchasing/borrowing/receiving books. OMG! the depression is setting in...I think I need a book fix. I'm going to have to log off of here...sighs....

message 20: by Kristie (new)

Kristie (spedkristie) I have about 35 only because I just inherited a bag of books from a friend....

about 6 I bought....

message 21: by Marsha (new)

Marsha Having a fantastic library system saves me from this being worse than it is- or maybe it exacerbates the situation because I have to read the library books first. I think of my shelved books as those I can read "anytime I want."

I'm not sure I want to count- because my library compulsion is stronger than the bookstore draw.

Susanna - Censored by GoodReads (SusannaG) | 1736 comments I have no idea how big my pile of unread books is. I probably don't count that high, actually.

Besides, my mother and her books are in residence.

Did I mention she's a retired English professor?

I haven't read HALF her collection of classic lit yet!

I may have a few duplicates - but considering we had 23 copies of Leaves of Grass around the house when I was growing up, I'm sure it's nothing in comparison!

message 23: by Bluedaizy (new)

Bluedaizy | 136 comments I wouldn't mind doing that!

message 24: by Meghann (new)

Meghann | 49 comments Right now, I have 32 unread books. This number isn't as high as I thought it would be. I love to buy books. Especially at the used bookstore.

There is one book that I'm not sure if I bought it or someone lent it to me. I've asked my friends that I usually borrow books from, but they say no. So I'm going to assume I bought it.

Only once have I picked up a duplicate and it was on accident. I didn't realize until months later that I already had the book.

message 25: by Bluedaizy (new)

Bluedaizy | 136 comments Why, sir, both, of course! And the wine is just a plus! :)

message 26: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments Oh good lord, I'm going to have to check now....

message 27: by Sherry (new)

Sherry I have 126 books to be read yet with 7 books on order.Not so bad that it doesn't feel unmanageable.
I feel as though I'm building something special though,a personal library,full of the things I would like to read when I would like to read them.I absolutely hate passing on a book that I had found intriguing,only to change my mind and want to go buy it and find that I have forgotten the title and the author.

message 28: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments I think around 45, the majority of those being classics or from my new book-buying frenzy.

message 29: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments Well, I have a shelve of classics that I have not read but I keep for just in case my kids or neices need for school. (I really do not read the classics any more, please don't kick me out of the group...) Then I have my library bag that is full!!! Then I have my thrift store goodies. Then my friend Susan (who just signed up to gr this morning) gave me a bag full. So, I'd say I have around 45 tbr books laying ariund my house. I better log off and start

message 30: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments lol. Good god I need to start reading the classics! I think I'll start Little Women in September and then hopefully finish those books and go on to Austen. I'm praying. I think I'll need to see Becoming Jane again to motivate me.

message 31: by Macy (new)

Macy | 155 comments I really have no idea how many I own that I haven't read. We just moved a couple months ago and currently have fewer bookshelves than our last house so many of my books are still in boxes (and boxes and boxes and boxes...). Like other people have mentioned, I am a HUGE fan of library book sales and will buy books simply because they might someday be an interesting read. This most often happens with non-fiction. I'm on an enforced (by the man who tries to be patient with how many books I have) plan to not buy any more books until we figure out the shelving problem. I know it makes sense, but when has that ever stopped me? So now I'm off to the library to get some more books to read rather than tackle the stack of un-reads at home!

message 32: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments I'm going to try to lay off the book buying until September. A whole MONTH! But, my birthday is coming up, so it's kind of a convenient goal.

message 33: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments And that's a smart choice Macy, I hope your goal can survive!

message 34: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments HAHA My birthday is in September too. And guess what? My husband said he would give me gift cert. from any book store I want. Better not let him see those 45 books just sitting there...

message 35: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments Haha! Actually, my birthday is in August, so the month that I have "will power" is the one where I'm going to get a ton of books!

message 36: by Ann from S.C. (new)

Ann from S.C. | 1395 comments Ok, so you heard it here first... not one new book will enter my house in the month of August...NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

message 37: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments Wow!!!!! Well, new books will enter, just not books I'll buy!

message 38: by Lorena (new)

Lorena (LorenaLilian) I was so sad about having so many books I have not read at home but guess what cheered me up ... I got an Amazon package ... Emma Twilight is here! Yeah! I also got a Horacio Quiroga book and a set of 5 books on the Spiderwick Chronicles for Gabi ... I'm so happy!

message 39: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments Wow! Good luck!

message 40: by Sera (new)

Sera Yay, Lorena! I just got my copy of Twilight, too, from Amazon - happy reading :)

message 41: by Stacie (new)

Stacie And that is exactly why I LOVE good old Walt!

I am not even going to venture to guess how many books I have on my shelves waiting to be read. It has to be in the 100s...I am a sucker for the $3 a bag on the last day of the library sale. It is amazing how someone that did so poorly in geometry is able to fit so many books into a grocery bag!

I keep thinking that I might "take a break" from my not-buying-books-until-I-lose-weight thing for the book sale. It makes me start to shake to think of missing it!

message 42: by Meghann (new)

Meghann | 49 comments I just posted a couple hours ago and I need to add two more to my unread list. I am now up to 34. I love finding cheap books, and I can't resist buying some when I find them.

message 43: by Cynthia (new)

Cynthia (PandoraPhoebesMom) | 1826 comments When in August is your B-Day...mine is the 11th. I have approximately 27 unread books half purchase half library...the benefit of being a librarian is I can keep the books as long as no one has a hold on it and I don't have to pay fines if they are late.

message 44: by Emma (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments Well isn't that funny, mine is on August 12!

message 45: by Suzanne (new)

Suzanne | 158 comments about 24. Mom gave me some of those. I got some at a book fundraiser & some I bought elsewhere.

message 46: by Mandy (new)

Mandy I have about 120, possibly a smidge more, no duplicates and I'm pretty sure I remember buying them all. I will be making an order shortly to buy some more so that will increase. My golly goodness, I need more time to read!!

message 47: by Lori, Super Mod (new)

Lori (TNBBC) | 9474 comments Mod
Emma, My oldest sons bday is Aug 12th! Thats cool.

I have 22 unread books sitting on my bookshelf. This is a huge number for me, considering that I used to have the same buying restrictions as Lorena.. No more than three books purchased at a time, and I only allowed myself to buy three more when the last one I had was being read.

Yeah... not since Ive gotten hooked on here.
Even still, so many of you have it sooo much worse than me :)
Over 100 UNREAD books in your houses? How the heck do you sleep at nite knowing you have so many books to read????????????????????????

message 48: by Emma (last edited Jul 26, 2008 05:25PM) (new)

Emma  Blue (litlover) | 2396 comments Haha, so true! It makes me think I should ditch GR and just read. Key word: SHOULD.

message 49: by Mandy (new)

Mandy It's soooooo hard, Lori. I hate to admit but sometimes I dream about picking out my next book - ha ha. It's really hard to choose what I'm going to read next, in fact sometimes it's just downright crazy and I have to ask for advice. Surprisingly - I want more books!!!

message 50: by Mandy (new)

Mandy Oh, yes, Emma, GR takes up a good portion of my reading time but I just can't stay away from you guys

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