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I hate "Party"

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Servius  Heiner I know I have been crying wolf a lot lately but come on! This time it is real.

Jackie "the Librarian" There's been a lot of infiltration the last couple of days, I've noticed, too. And Steve is at Comic Con...
Time to bring out the nonsequiturs, again.

Servius  Heiner When the cat is away the mice will play. This is why He should have re-instated his lieutenants before he departed. Damn it Mumbles!

(That’s not offensive to Steve is it? I mean, he doesn't have a medical reason for his mumblings?)

Jackie "the Librarian" No, I think Mumbles is fair. It's actually kind of affectionate, I think.
If he doesn't like it, he can speak up.

Servius  Heiner But would I understand him?

Jackie "the Librarian" Hahahahahahahaha!!! That's funny, Nick!

Servius  Heiner YEY! I'm funny again. WOOT!

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Servius  Heiner The massive sock puppet invasion... little wee bastards are everywhere. But the one this evening is "party"

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Erin i haven't had the pleasure of meeting party... he sounds pretty uhhh hmmmm entertaining =^.^=

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