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i hate my stupid head

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message 1: by Tracy (new)

Tracy so, i know i've ranted before here and there about my head problems (lots of headaches, unexplained vertigo, etc). well, this summer it's getting bad. like, i had to leave work early one day last week becuase i couldn't sit up straight, i've had to get rides here and there becuase i've been too dizzy to drive and i've been popping my little dizzy pills and advil nearly nonstop, just to be able to function in any position other than flat on my back. it's the suck. so the suck in fact, i finally decided to go around my GP's back (i'm about 60% sure she thinks i'm making it up) and look up an ear nose and throat specialist myself (because my best guess is, it's my sinuses. anything else seems to be either completely psychosomatic or really scary). and now they aren't answering their phone during business hours!

message 2: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) Kitten Tracy, this is really scary! I'm proud of you for looking into it. Lots of people would just bury theri head in the sand which never works. I'll be thinking about you!!!!!!

Jackie "the Librarian" I second what Sarah and Amanda have said, and I want to add - be persistent. Don't let the doctors brush off your complaints. They are real, and something needs to be done about them.
Keep asking and keep requesting treatment until they figure it out.

Servius  Heiner Have you requested an MRI yet? Dizzy spells can be a sign of all types of things.

message 5: by Tracy (new)

Tracy i've requested an MRI, but since my GP thinks i'm making it up, she hasn't thought it neccessary. instead, she just suggested that i should stop eating anything with sugar in it (my mother was hypoglycemic, so i guess it was sort of a legitimate suggestion). which mind you, is very nearly impossible anyway, but i tried it for a month. and concluded that 1) a life without sugar is a life not worth living, and 2) sugar has diddly squat to do with my headaches and vertigo. she hasn't made any brilliant suggestions since then, but now at least she's done a few (inconclusive) blood tests. and she keeps refilling my prescription, so that's good at least.

however, i finally got an appointment with the ear nose throat guy! so hopefully he'll be able to find something and finally fix me! or at the very least, send me to somebody who can.

Servius  Heiner I would keep pushing for a MRI. They can be a bit spendy, But it is the best tool to find unknown things.

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