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message 1: by Steph, Serious series addict (last edited Jun 08, 2012 09:40PM) (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments Are you new to challenges? Not new, but have a question? Here we'll post everything you need to know to enjoy them to the fullest. Don't be afraid to ask questions which aren't addressed here! :)

So, what's a reading challenge?
They are lists created by wicked minds to lure you into choosing books to read which fit into certain criteria listed by the (enabler) creator. Each challenge will have 'to-from' dates or a general duration (ie: 1 year) with open dates.

Members who wish to join in the challenge will sign-up, post a list of books to be read and return to edit their list as they read the books with a read date and 1-5 star rating. Sometimes you're asked to post a short review as well.

Members are welcome to join in any or all open challenges.
You can join one or more challenges at a time. It's completely up to you.

Members are also welcome to create their own challenge.
Have a great idea for a challenge, but that's about it? Not sure how to format it? We can help you with that! Post your challenge ideas here . We'll tweak it for you and post it for you. Have it all planned out? Create a thread in the appropriate challenge folder based on the length of your challenge and share it with the group.

Cross-challenge reads always allowed!
Sometimes a book will fit into more than one challenge. Go for it! Add it to as many as you can. Sometimes that can be a challenge in and of itself -- how many challenges can you get one book into?

How should I post my updates?
Creators of each challenge will typically state in the guidelines whether you should re-post or edit your initial list.

Bit off a little more than you can ... read?
If you joined more challenges than you can finish or are unable to read all the books you have selected for a challenge, No worries! Everyone will cheer you as you complete a challenge, but no one will jeer you if you cannot. There's no pressure (although you might see friendly cheerleading now and again for motivation). The challenges are purely for your enjoyment.

Re-reads, non-PNR/UF books and multi-formats allowed?
All of these are typically addressed in the guidelines for each challenge. Sometimes a limited number of them are allowed. If unsure or not specified, feel free to ask.

A Visual How-To : Edit text (bold, italics, underline, strikeout), add direct links to books (Magic Slays) and authors (Ilona Andrews) on Goodreads, any web address (Goodreads), book covers Magic Slays (Kate Daniels, #5) by Ilona Andrews and miscellaneous images buried in a book

Want to add ★s to you ratings?
Just cut and paste these for a quick add! :)


message 2: by Laura Lulu (new)

Laura Lulu (lauralulu) | 1603 comments Awesome. Have I told you lately how much you rock? ;)

message 3: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments Nope! LOL! :D Thanks, L³!!

message 4: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 697 comments very helpful, thank you!

message 5: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments You're welcome. Don't hesitate to ask questions, we're all happy to help. :)

message 6: by Nici (new)

Nici (queennici102) | 697 comments how do you keep track of all your challenges?

message 7: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments Great question, Nici! There are several ways you might find helpful.

You can create a thread/post here in our "Member Lists" folder. You can post whatever you'd like. Check out the other member's lists for some ideas.

HINT: If you right click on the date/time to the right of each of your posts, you can "copy link location" and include that link in your posts. That way you can go directly to your post when updating, etc.

Some people track them in a notebook or spreadsheet. It's really depends on what works for you.

There are links to all of our challenges here that might help as well.

Let me know if I can help in anyway. :)

message 8: by Sandra, Kindle Operator Licence Required (new)

Sandra | 24181 comments Also this year Judithe's "Challenge Challenge" was quite helpful. Hopefully she'll have something similar up for next year.

message 9: by Judithe, Soap Operas never end.... (new)

Judithe | 6439 comments And the 2011 version is here! What are your challenges for this year? Join the madness as we track them and tempt one another with more fun challenges from SOS and all over GR! Stop by Challenge Addicts' R Us!

Do I sound like a used car salesman yet???

message 10: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments LOL! No reason everyone shouldn't jump to join that one. Fun way to see what everyone's into and keep track of your own. :)

message 11: by Sam (new)

Sam | 1052 comments Quick question about challenges. If a challenge started in January, but I join the challenge in May, can any books that I have read from January-May count or does the challenge have to start when you sign up? Specifically I'm talking about challenges that are listed as running from Jan 2016-Dec 2016.

message 12: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments Hi Sam, great question. If the challenge rules / duration specifically says 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2016, yes, you can use any books you've read from 1 Jan - date of sign-up that fit the categories. Some of our challenges run for a year - for those you can have start/finish date at anytime for 12 months. Hope that makes sense.

message 13: by Sam (new)

Sam | 1052 comments Steph wrote: "Hi Sam, great question. If the challenge rules / duration specifically says 1 Jan 2016 - 31 Dec 2016, yes, you can use any books you've read from 1 Jan - date of sign-up that fit the categories. So..."

Yup, makes perfect sense and was the answer I was hoping for. Thanks, Steph.

message 14: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments Welcome! :)

message 15: by Art (aka Whistler Reads) (last edited Dec 23, 2016 02:05AM) (new)

Art (aka Whistler Reads) (art-whistlerreads) | 874 comments Steph :)...sorry to be off topic, but..........
Steph, how do you add the Road Tripper to your heading? I am sure the method must be hidden in my personal profile somewhere, but I can't figure it out on my own...

message 16: by Steph, Serious series addict (new)

Steph (angel4492) | 29495 comments Hi Art. Actually, those headings within the groups are available for mods only, sorry.

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