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message 1: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina Passing Strange (Generation Dead, #3) by Daniel Waters

So,i really want to buy this as an ebook.
I haven't bought ebooks before, but this isn't going to come out in my country for... well ever.
So,could someone be so nice to give me a link and explain how does all of this work?
Mostly there is no shipping to this nevernevnever land in which I live, so I need a pay by card and download kind of deal.

message 2: by Brenna (new)

Brenna Lyons (BrennaLyons) | 177 comments I've checked all the major distribution channels, and it is not available in ebook yet. But it released in June in hard bound, so it may be coming in ebook over the next three months. When it does, you will likely have a choice of places to purchase it.


message 3: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina Tnx!

message 4: by Dinjolina (new)

Dinjolina But isn there a Kindle version?Maybe I'm wrong.

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