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The Sixth Seal
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. sci fi -1960's end of world, everyone dust if above ground and all that's left is hair [s]

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Louise | 20 comments Hi!

1960's end of world, eveyone dust if above ground and all that's left is a pile of their hair.

Main characters are a woman and her son with her son's friend (Henry??). They live in the countryside (Norfolk?)and the firned has come to visit. Henry insists that they go out to the undergournd room that they have for some reason. In the morning everyone above ground is dead, turned to dust with piles of hair. There is also a priest who was potholing. They all set about surviving. I remember a memorable scene were they go to 10 downing street and it's full of the Cabinet Everyone's scared until they reaslise that it's the figures from Madame Tusards. They end up with a crew submarine living with them - russian or german I think? Henry ends up being a bossy leader (in the mold of Terry Pratchetts Vetanari) and the big spoiler at the end is that it was Henry's parents who had caused the catastrophe and they had left Henry to die.

I'm pretty sure it was written in about 1964 - 67 as there's a refence to the beatles number one and I recall that it would have been current at the time. It was written by a woman, quite famous, and I remeber being surprised that she'd written it as I thought she was different type of author.

I listened to it as an audio book in about 2000. Any help muchly appriciated!!

Louise | 20 comments Bump

Louise | 20 comments Anna wrote: "YA?"

Nope, it was from the mum's point of view - a lot of the book was about how she was freaked by Henry (name?).

Louise | 20 comments Solved by the lovely folks at Apocolypse whenever

It's The Sixth Seal by Mary Wesley

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