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Trollworth McTrollin | 1 comments If you have not read the book please do not read on.

What are peoples thoughts on Corelli? He's incredibly mysterious and his whole existence is in question throughout the book. Was he real? Was he in David's imagination?

I haven't read the book since UK release but when I spoke to my friend to about him I came up with a theory that he was David's muse. It seemed whenever Corelli turned up he would be inspired.


message 2: by Alethea (new)

Alethea A (frootjoos) | 29 comments Mod
Hiya! Sorry, been at school so not responding to a lot of GR group stuff.

I always thought Corelli was a devil/demon, if you believe in that kind of thing. I use the term loosely, not like *The* Devil... sort of like an entity that feeds of getting people to do bad things. The temptation he offers is the creative energy to make something that will get him the material gains he wishes (money, love, power) but the downside is that the more you accept from him, the more power he has to make your life hell.

I think by the end I thought about him as more of a Loki/Trickster type of character. I haven't read the book in years; I think I will re-read it in 2011.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex | 4 comments I have been waiting untill the end of rhe book to see what's with this mysterious character.....but I realised that he had some supranatural powers because he was kind of imortal(???) and then at the end he made David imortal and then that thing with Cristina...I think Zafon gave him some powers or something...

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Badger | 88 comments Hello Alex. You're talking about 'The Angel's Game.' I too wondered about the mysterious character the first time I read the book. I thought the supernatural elements would turn out to be real as they did in 'The Shadow of the Wind.' I was kind of disappointed that the character turned out to be the devil or an angel or whatever. Like it was 'deus ex machina,' or something like that. But the 2nd time I read the book I enjoyed it much more knowing that. And, yes, he is the devil or an angel or both. That's the way I saw it anyway. Maybe we'll find out more in the 4th book.

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Emily (emz711) | 15 comments So whay are your thoughts after reading the 4th?

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Badger | 88 comments After reading the 4th book. I thought, "Wait a minute! Maybe I got the whole thing wrong." Maybe Corelli was just a figment of David's imagination and he was completely insane. But then I read The Angel's Game again and it didn't seem so. So, what happens with this fascinating series is that it goes 'round and 'round and changes each time you read a new part.

What do you think, Emily?

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Emily (emz711) | 15 comments I think I'm going to have to read the books again!

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Badger | 88 comments Me too.


message 9: by Indru (last edited Apr 10, 2019 03:39AM) (new)

Indru | 4 comments To get you deeper into the Andreas Corelli mystery, he appears in chapter 7 of ”The Watcher in The Shadows”, aka ”Las Luces de Septiembre” (The Lights of September), the 3rd book in the ”Mist” (Niebla) series. It was written before the Cemetery of Forgotten Books series, but if you read it after that it's that much creepier in regards to Corelli and it deepens his mystery. Don't read the spoiler below unless you want to avoid reading the whole "Mist" series and you're really eager to find out.

(view spoiler)

To conclude, Corelli was definitely NOT just a figment of David's imagination, and not David's muse either, but something different altogether. His relationship was not with David, but with talented people in general, apparently. I still hope we'll see more of him in future books, and maybe find an explanation in regards to what he is exactly.

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Badger | 88 comments Indru,
Thanks for the connection. I read one of the Mist books but didn't care for it that much. I know they are YA novels and that's fine. But maybe I need to read them. I never imagined there was any connection between the Mist books and the Cemetery of Forgotten Books books. CRZ is the gift that keeps on giving!

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Badger | 88 comments I read the spoiler section. Thanks again for posting.

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Indru | 4 comments You're welcome!

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Lauren (lauren_park) | 2 comments Whoa... Thanks for sharing this excerpt, Indru! I skimmed in case I read the Mist series one day, but I'm delighted to know this. I didn't believe for a second that Corelli was entirely imaginary.

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Christina (littlelizard) | 1 comments I’ve just recently read the whole series again in order so I got a good view over the whole story and Corelli shadow that goes through all books.
I totally agree with you guys in terms of Corelli being the dark devil like muse and sort of inspiration for Martin. When Martin was in prison and Valls forced him to write I could definitely see some similarities between Valls and Corelli. Both forced Martin against his will to write for them. But agains this theory is the fact that the patron helped Martin to escape when he was supposed to get executed after he was no longer use to Valls. I could also see some similarities between Martin and Mataix both getting laboured to write first something they disagreed with and was out of their genre as romanciers and secondly both wrote for terrible people supporting the Franco Regime; in Mataix case Ubach.
Maybe Corelli could also sum up the pressure and force to write stories Martin did not want to write. Ever since he’s been writing his series of The city of the Doomed (I hope this is the write translation since I’ve been reading the books in German. But I’m pretty sure you know what I mean) he was basically slaved. Maybe this inability to express himself is Corelli. We all know his self destructive side that is clearly part of Corelli. What do I you guys think? :)

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