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How are you connected with the truly amazing characters of these books?

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message 1: by Joshua (new)

Joshua | 18 comments These books are what taught me how to read for pleasure instead of homework. I used to hate reading, with my dyslexia it was one of (if not the most) frustrating thing in my life…reading. Then one day when I was about 14 my Father introduced me to “The Crystal Shard”. It took me a good month to get into it before I couldn’t put the books down until I caught up to Salvatore.

message 2: by Kataury (new)

Kataury A good question. I was recommended Salvatore by my sister, and he was as it urns out the first fantasy author that I read. He's kind of what introduced me to the many fantasy tales out there.

message 3: by Joshua (new)

Joshua | 18 comments Cool :)

message 4: by Brandon (new)

Brandon Bolt | 2 comments my dad introduced me to Salvatore. Ever since then the only books i have read are the Legend of Drizzt books. Salvatore is a great author, he makes me feel like im in the book, in the adventure. By far Salvatore is my favorite author!

message 5: by Stephen light (new)

Stephen light | 62 comments My cousin introduced me to Salvatore when I was about 8-9. Started with the crystal shard and at the time i hadnt been much of a reader. But I have since then been following Salvatore in all his books for 7 years. So Very glad to have started his books all those years ago.... He is without a doubt my favorite author! I am so very deeply connected to his characters now! Always will be

message 6: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (hardcorecrow) | 4 comments An old friend lend me the hunter Blades Triology and fell in love instantly. Had to go back and read the whole series from the begining and I must say that R. A. Salvatore is my first fantasy novel author I read. I tried to read others but no one has match his work yet. Got close with a German author Markus Heitz (think that's how you spell it) but he tells a good series about dwarves.

message 7: by Kevin (last edited Dec 20, 2010 12:18PM) (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 4 comments These characters that he creates are more like family to me. I feel like I know where they are coming from, more than any other characters out there in fantasy. I feel there triumphs, their sadness and beyond. I share a bond with them. It goes beyond black and white of good vs evil. The good are not always good, and all the evil has some good in them somewhere. I hope he writes more.

message 8: by Kevin (last edited Dec 20, 2010 12:24PM) (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 4 comments These books were introduced to me by a friend of my when he was reading the Dark Elf Trilogy about 4 years ago, not knowing how good they were. Then I found a copy of the Crystal Shard in a used bookstore, in May, bought it and through nothing of it. Try to read the book over the summer, thought it was boring. Then one day had nothing to do for a hour, really sat down and read the book. It was amazing, went out to pick up the Icewind Dale Trilogy, but found both the box sets of the Icewind Dale and Dark Elf after they went out of print at a local Borders. It became the first box set I bought at full price, loved them, bought the rest full price box sets also, now out of print. It was money will spend. These characters will always be with more in my heart.

message 9: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (hardcorecrow) | 4 comments Yeah, I know what you mean Kevin. When I was reading the books I had to go to the next book. It felt like I could feel what they were feeling and the choices they made affected me as well.

message 10: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 4 comments Just, wondering Crowder, did you start the right way with the Crystal Shard and the Icewind Dale Trilogy or the Dark Elf Trilogy, just for linear plot? The Crystal Shard for me just changed my mind in way fantasy is written, especially with how it does not follow the Campbell.

message 11: by Kevin (new)

Kevin (hardcorecrow) | 4 comments No I didn't. I read the hunter blades trilogy first and feel in love with it. I went back and read the trilogy when he is wondering through and eventually comes out from the underdark. Then I read the books in order from there and loved everyone. The Crystal Shard, looking back on it now does show a lot of things hinting about the crystal being a problem in the near future and I liked that fact.

message 12: by Kevin (last edited Dec 22, 2010 04:20PM) (new)

Kevin Xu (kxu65) | 4 comments The whole point I was trying to get across with the Crystal Shard, being the first book that Salavtore wrote, makes Drizzt's action a little different, especially not known where he came from, why he is on the surface. I guess like he said that a lot of people got into Drizzt because Lord of the Rings was out, both had to do with orcs, and it was first time Tood Lockwood had came out with his aaction packed cover that had to attract a lot more fans. The first two trilogies has always been top ten on SFBC everytime I vist.

message 13: by Alexander (new)

Alexander Draganov (darthsparhawk) A friend of mine gave me the books! Later, I bought them all!

message 14: by Eliza (new)

Eliza (thelizardqueen) | 42 comments A friend of mine who knows my tastes in reading suggested them. He had the whole collection so I was able to read them in order :) I was hooked with Book 1! Now I've started my own collection on my Nook :)

message 15: by Ros (new)

Ros (akanas33) | 5 comments How am I connected, Or how was I introduced to the series?

I actually read a little sinopsis about homeland in a fantasy forum. And I just knew I had to buy it. It happens to me once in a while, something in me tells me it's more than a good book, but something that'll change me. So I became obsesed with buying it, I saved up my money, and started the search! Around here this books are hard to get. The Icewind trilogy is actually imposible to get unless you order it online. They aren't really know around here, so most libraries dont know what you're talking about.

Finally, I found the book in what would later become my favorite book store. And it was a hard choice cause there were also another books I wanted in there and my money wasn't enough to buy all of them. But I knew there was something in this book, so, though hard, I picked that one up. Never regret it xDD

As soon as I finished Homeland I fell in love and became an expert on how getting Salvatore's books in my city. xDDD. I knew exactly when the shippings came with the new books. No one was taking those from me!!! Ò.Ó!

As for How Am I related... I am related through my own emotional development. I am certain when I say, weren't it had been for Drizzt and Entreri at some points of my existance, I probably wouldn't had had anything else to hold on to. Drizzt reflexions held me hard at times of doubt, asking questions I asked, defying ideas I was against of. But I also Owe a lot to Entreri. A lot. Weren't it had been for Entreri, for his example (yes, I know, he was the antagonist back then, but I also felt him as an example. An example of life. Yes I know, he's a Killer. Who cares?) i wouldn't had had the guts and the strenght to fight back at very, very, very difficult times. I always felt him, got him, understood him, and he was really the character who made me feel I was not alone, and that even if things got harder, I would always, on earth, have a choice.

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