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message 1: by RandomAnthony (new)

RandomAnthony | 14536 comments an article with that topic on the Huffington Post today...


What do you think?

(I used grad school to avoid my life for many years...God, I miss that.)

message 2: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca White (rebecca_white) | 1028 comments As a buddhist myself, I have to point out that chosing not to act is no less "life" than going out there and keeping busy all the time. It's all life. Sitting here commenting on Goodreads in between doing Facebook games instead of getting a sub job today doesn't mean I'm not living. So I think the guy makes a false dichotomy anyway. Which somebody who's been meditating 40 years ought to know!

message 3: by Blanca (new)

Blanca (blancadaver) | 48 comments i just want to be happy in my own world.

message 4: by Rebecca (new)

Rebecca White (rebecca_white) | 1028 comments If we're talking about avoiding dealing with things that need to be dealt with, being too busy is just as effective a way of not dealing than not "doing anything."

message 5: by Jim (new)

Jim | 6485 comments Life Happens

message 6: by Phoenix (new)

Phoenix (phoenixapb) | 1619 comments I don't see how anyone can avoid living their lives, if you're alive you're living it no matter how you go about doing it.

message 7: by Ken (new)

Ken (playjerist) | 721 comments I'm not even speaking to mine.

message 8: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 4034 comments Ken wrote: "I'm not even speaking to mine."


message 9: by smetchie (new)

smetchie | 4034 comments I'm hiding behind the couch and not returning calls.

Jackie "the Librarian" | 8993 comments Some days, I don't have the energy to be as engaged as other days. And that's okay. I do the basics, and hold off on the rest. And I go home to my quiet apartment and am very happy to be in for the evening watching episodes of Bones.

Other days, I want to get things DONE, and those are days I answer the tough questions in my email, and make those phone calls.

You do stuff when you're ready to do it.

message 11: by Lobstergirl, el principe (new)

Lobstergirl | 24357 comments Mod
I don't take advice from someone whose website is lessonsinthekeyoflife.com.

I mean, Arianna will give a column to anybody. Literally anybody. Does your dog have a column? Why not? Sounds like he's avoiding his life.

message 12: by Heidi (new)

Heidi (heidihooo) | 10825 comments BunWat wrote: "That man's prose makes my head hurt. Ugh.

One of the more refreshing aspects to the comments was the range of thoughtful comments engaged on both sides of the agreement spectrum.

The agreeme..."


message 13: by Carol (new)

Carol | 1679 comments I'm not wasting my life, according to my rules. I don't understand what he's going on about in the article, thank you bunwat for helping to explain. I love a quote from The Peabody Sisters: Three Women Who Ignited American Romanticism which, huh, I thought I had reviewed on here. Something like "there is more than one way to live a beautiful life"

Stacia (the 2010 club) (stacia_r) Are you avoiding your life?


message 15: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Hyatt-James (sandyhyatt-james) I think many people avoid living their lives because they're in the pursuit of happiness. Somewhere along the line, we get in into our heads that unless we're always having a wonderful time, we aren't happy, so our lives are being wasted. That, of course, can just make us more miserable.
I believe that happiness comes from within ourselves: taking delight in the smallest of things, and not from forces outside, such as wealth or status. William Blake once said that we all have the ability to make a heaven out of a hell, or a hell out of a heaven. He was spot on.

message 16: by Kristi (new)

Kristi (kristicasey) Sandy wrote: "I think many people avoid living their lives because they're in the pursuit of happiness. Somewhere along the line, we get in into our heads that unless we're always having a wonderful time, we ar..."


message 17: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) You can't escape/avoid your life. It follows you wherever you go. Invariably.

I find that my life sometimes just happens to me, while other times I am more in charge of making it happen. The older I get, though, the more often I try to step back, pause, and drink in what/who is around me at any given moment. That's because I'm more and more aware that the whole thing is so fleeting.

Blink of an eye fleeting. Zip. Gone.

message 18: by Lobstergirl, el principe (new)

Lobstergirl | 24357 comments Mod
Petra X wrote: "I never thought of it that way, but in a hamlet in a rainforest, in a house that cannot be seen from anywhere, with no listed phone and 5K miles from home might be seen as avoiding my life."

My brain saw "hammock" instead of hamlet at first, making you seem even more like you were avoiding life...or, maybe just enjoying a life of leisure.

message 19: by Félix (new)

Félix (habitseven) Leave to an Earl.

message 20: by Jan (new)

Jan | 241 comments What is, is. Don't fight it.

message 21: by Meels (new)

Meels (amelia) I love hammocks! In my dream house I have just added one in my study...that way no mildew or spiders. :)

Oh, and, life is just what it is. Sometimes it's fast and sometimes it's slow. But, it's all mine and I live every part of it. I may not be jumping out of airplanes or bungying off of bridges...but I live and I learn and I love, that's enough for me.

message 22: by Sandy (new)

Sandy Hyatt-James (sandyhyatt-james) I Couldn't have put it better than that, Amelia.

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