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Why Didn't Anyone Tell Me Jesse Helms Died?

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message 1: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) I was in the garden all weekend (so we were pretty much unplugged) and I missed work Monday due to food poisoning.

I didn't find out until today when I picked up the NYT!

message 2: by Mama'sGurl115 (new)

Mama'sGurl115 seriously!!!?? i sry (about food poisoning and Jesse Helms). hope u feel better :)

message 3: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Don't be sorry about Jesse Helms but thanks, I am fully recovered from the gastrointestinal distress.

message 4: by Mama'sGurl115 (new)

Mama'sGurl115 GLAD to hear it!!!

message 5: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Newbie gardener.

My pale skin means limited sun exposure so I have to be careful, my partner does most of the direct sun labor and I stick to the shady areas.

I love it though, I am so incredibly gratified when something I put in the earth flourishes.

Like the snapdragons my mom gave me to transplant! They were shocky at first but are now blooming gloriously!

Sorry to get gushy.

message 6: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) I'm putting in hostas, they like shade.

Power drill!

Hmmm...I need to comnbine power tools with planting, it sounds amazing.

message 7: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) More transplants from my mom.

Her partner is a plant geneticist (pea & lentil are her area of expertise) who loves all things horticulture so I benefit from her knowledge.

Their yard is AWESOME.

message 8: by Tesse (last edited Jul 08, 2008 10:07PM) (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Just thought about the original intent of this post.

I am glad that Jesse Helms no longer walks the face of this earth and was disappointed I missed out on four days of enjoying his not being here.

message 9: by Carlie (new)

Carlie I hate people with green thumbs

message 10: by Carlie (new)

Carlie cause I have a brown one

message 11: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) No comment, it's way to easy.

message 12: by Carlie (new)

Carlie stuff your green thumb where the sun don't shine Tesse

message 13: by Tesse (last edited Jul 08, 2008 10:32PM) (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Hmmm...about what I expected.

(from Carlie)

message 14: by Carlie (new)

Carlie I don't like racist people and can't help but cheer when they finally croak. I'm terrible. I'm sorry.

message 15: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) If I hear one more fucking word about that racist cracker, I'm gonna murder someone.

Good fucking riddance. I'm sick of hearing every hour on the hour here about his funeral services and flags flying at half-staff.

message 16: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) I haven't heard all that stuff Gus. Is it all over the news?

message 17: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) Here in Charlotte, it's HUGE news, because Wingate University, which has the Jesse Helms Center for International Studies (seriously!) is nearby. His death was front-page news all weekend.

message 18: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) I'm kinda pissed I missed the hype.
Can you tell I haven't had the TV on all weekend? And I don't get the paper? When can we get rif of Dole? She's just his bullshit replacement.

message 19: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) I love how Libby Dole's been non-existent for that past 5 1/2 years, yet now she's got her pancake-batter face plastered all over the tube.

Oh, right...she's up for re-election.

Vote the cunt out. She's done dick for this state.

message 20: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) *blink*

Jesse Helms Center for International Studies?!!!

"All Latins are volatile people. Hence, I was not surprised at the
volatile reaction."

Jesse Helms

message 21: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) Trust me, Wingate University is no college of higher learning. I mean, if Jesse Helms is their most famous alum, that should tell you something.

message 22: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Ick.

Sorry you've had to have so much mourning for Jesse Helms crammed down your throat. Here at WSU I keep having to remind people of who he was.

I LOVE using the past tense when referring to that homophobic, racist, elitist ass hat.

message 23: by Carlie (new)

Carlie Hey. In your original post you mentioned food poisoning? Was it ala tomatoes? Cause you could join a class action if that is so.

message 24: by B. (new)

B. (briant) The afterlife is, in my opinion, different for everyone, depending upon the life one has lived and the reward or punishment one deserves. My best guess for ol' Jesse is he ends up in heaven... a heaven populated exclusively by joyful, gay Black Panthers.

message 25: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) My hope for the afterlife (if there is one) is that we all realize our mistakes and cry and feel guilty and then get forgiven (like at the end of Dogma when Alanis forgave Ben Affleck for being a bastard). And then we choose whether or not we want to get reincarnated.

message 26: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) Nice horns, B. Me likey!

message 27: by B. (new)

B. (briant) I keep telling the guys and gals at Afterlife, Inc. that I just wanna stay, hang out, maybe neck with Anais Nin some more but, no, they keep on reincarnating me, man. This time I got horns, at least. ( the tail is a bit of a nuisance but handy as well... prehensile, don't you know, and the ladies love it... okay, I lied about the tail, but, still...)

message 28: by Carlie (last edited Jul 10, 2008 04:54PM) (new)

Carlie hmmm......I wonder why my comment got deleted.

Does the person who deleted it think people with AIDS don't go to heaven?

message 29: by Tracy (new)

Tracy it would be sort of neat to be plastinated. although, i also used to think it would be really really cool to be mummified, like, the old school egyptian brain-out-through-the-nose-organs-in-jars sort of way. although now i think i prefer cremation. unless i die in suspicious circumstances, because what if they need to exhume me and re-examine the body? (although i think if i can avoid marrying a guy named peterson, i might be ok)

wow, so much to think about. kind of glad i'll be dead when it comes time to make that decision.

message 30: by Amanda (new)

Amanda (randymandy) Kitten Tracy--Pete Peterson asked for your number and I gave it to him! SHIT! I wasn't thinking. If he calls, tell him you're washing your hair.

message 31: by Carlie (new)

Carlie is plastinated like plasticated?

message 32: by Tracy (new)

Tracy well amanda, if i mysteriously go missing, you'll know to give mr. pete peterson a call.

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