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Ashley I'm lucking for a book...but I can't remember the name of it...hence why I'm here.
So the books about a kid/teenager whose dad is a drug dealer. His dad gets killed for diluting the crack and he ends up living with his long lost mother. His mom is running for office? Whatever...but his mom has a husband who is a cop and he gets the kid into becoming a temporary drug dealer with the lie that if he does this he can help is mom win the elections. So he gets caught dealing and thrown in jail and instead of bailing him out like he promised the cop/mom's new man tricked him and lets him basically rot in jail.. While in jail he earns the nick name 'duck', at first because he always runs from a fight. Then later on he's called 'duck' because hes such a loose cannon when he fights that people always yell duck to the opponent...I wont say more 'cuz I don't wanna spoil the ending. Please help me find this book!! TT.TT

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Dawn | 221 comments Jude

Pretty sure, it sounds just like it

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Angel (darlingangeline) I remember that book! I put it on display when I worked in the library :3!! The cover was always so striking to me.

YAYAYAYAY ASH!!! You found it! We... Should pay off our library debts and go check it out.

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Lisa Vegan (lisavegan) | 1382 comments Waiting to hear confirmation from Ashley.

Ashley yes that is the book. thank you soo much! n.n

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