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What are the best books? What makes them great?

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message 1: by Terry (new)

Terry | 10 comments Mod
What books have you read that you've enjoyed. No, not enjoyed: LOVED. What titles have made you laugh out loud, shed a tear (or at least get a lump in your throat), want to change yourself or the world? What book has altered the way you see yourself, your people, your country, your world? Elaborate.

message 2: by Terry (last edited Sep 15, 2010 11:19AM) (new)

Terry | 10 comments Mod
There are so many good books, I barely know where to begin. My all time favorite book at that moment is The Road. It isn't the sort of book to which most high school students would connect: it moves at a deathly creep, focusing on the relationship between a father and his son. Still, their relationship was powerful to watch ebb and flow.

When I was a junior, I loved fantasy and science fiction. I read Stranger in a Strange Land when I was sixteen, and was blown away by this story of an alien come to Earth. I'd read other books by the author that were mere adventure stories, but this one had profound implications, making me question truth and the nature of reality. Another book I enjoyed at the same time was Cry, the Beloved Country. This tale of South Africa was in some ways more alien than "Stranger's" Martian. By reading this, I began to believe, to understand that the world was far, far larger and more interesting than I knew, and it feed my desire to see more of it.

message 3: by Alex (new)

Alex Salazar | 4 comments I believe that the best book are either comedy or horror or suspensefull type books, which is why i am reading I love You, Beth Cooper

message 4: by Lacy (new)

Lacy | 6 comments I just recently read a really amazing book Handle with Care. I really like this author and the way she writes. Getting to know each characters point of view is interesting. I like seeing each character's thoughts on the situations. I had a strong connection with the characters and this book was really sad. I usually don't cry from a book, but this book made me cry.

message 5: by Yolanda (new)

Yolanda Galvan | 1 comments The best books to me are non-fictional. They're the best because I like to be able to relate to actual events that happend to people i can also relate to.

message 6: by Ariana (new)

Ariana | 10 comments Though I am not a real "reader" i do like to read books that interest me. I very rarely find books that "seriously" catch my attention but, when I do its awesome. My favorite book I read was So B. It. The whole story about the little girl trying to find her past was very interesting and made me want to keep reading it. I do recommend this, because it gives an insight to different struggles and a different life as well.

message 7: by Drew (new)

Drew Dennis | 3 comments Im not a fan of reading but there is a book that caught my eye and i really like it. The book Night Hoops was really good and exciting to read. I would recomend it to others. It is a type of book that you will not want to put down because it keeps you guessing.

message 8: by Kayla (new)

Kayla (Kayzey) | 2 comments The series that I'm reallt into right now is The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset. This series keeps me glued into the book. Books like that i could read forever.

message 9: by Laceyy(: (last edited Sep 15, 2010 10:07AM) (new)

Laceyy(: Stultz (layceecaroline) | 3 comments I have so many favorite books, It use to never be this way though. The first book that I actually came to love was Crank Before highschool, i hated reading! Once i was introduced to Crank and the other books by Ellen Hopkins it truly did open my eyes. I love this book for the pure fact of how real it feels. Reading the pages i felt as though i could connect with the character... I have had plenty of friends & family go threw with drug abuse. I always tend to be the friend all of my friends turn to in situations like this. So in a way i just kind of felt close to christina(:

message 10: by Joel (last edited Sep 15, 2010 10:08AM) (new)

Joel Christian | 3 comments I like books that are non-fictional and kind of horror-ish at the same time. That's why I'm reading Crocodile Tears and it's pretty good so far. Although the book is so predictable. The story is the same as the previous books which is sad. He meets someone rich and he's evil and all of the sudden he's trying to save the world. Again.

message 11: by Anthony (new)

Anthony Silva (silva-ness) | 5 comments I think the best kind of books are comedys, and sport books. I think this because I love laughing when I am reading a book, and I just like readying about sports.

message 12: by Tom (new)

Tom (Tominater) | 5 comments I fell that the best books are the once that draw you into them. A book that pops out on the shelf, and doesnt let you down when you open it up. My favorite books so fare are a toss up between the alex ride adventure and the The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset. i would definatly recomend them if you want entertainment.

message 13: by Victor (new)

Victor torres | 6 comments A book i had enjoyed was Street Pharm.Its about a typical teenager but actually a hustler within! It has love, drama, and some intense issues!

message 14: by Christian (last edited Sep 15, 2010 10:20AM) (new)

Christian | 3 comments I personaly hate the process of reading, I feel when I sit down and read a book. I wasted 2+ hours I could have spent doing something productive. But none the less reading is a beter form of entertainment because what people read is not handicapped by limmited vocabulary or the usual cliches that t.v. or movies force upon me. One of my favorite books wasOf Mice and Men It was a very deep meaninfull book to me and in general I love John steinbook. This book was a very quick read so I got through it in a day. I for one have never worked on a farm, ran from the law, or had a semi retarded friend so I can't directaly realate to the book. But I do own a dog, and he likes to cuddle against things untill he practically suffocates it. So in a way I kinda know what it is like to have a retarded child. My dogs name is cat and he likes it when I read to him. One of his favorite books is One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish when I get to the part about the third fish or the part about the purple baby fish he gets so happy. When he is this happy I get him a snack he enjoys fruit roll ups while he is enjoying his fruity snack I rub his tummy. But some times it makes him sick so he throws up lol. When this happens I can't bear to make eye contact any more so I walk away and I don't talk to him for the rest of the day. I think he dosen't like it but I don't care.

message 15: by Sarah (new)

Sarah H | 2 comments I like a lot of books but my favorite book right now is Such a Pretty Girl i like this book because it makes me sad reading it and it is a fast book to read. Some other books i liked reading areCrank Glass and all the Ellen Hopkins series. I liked those books because they are stuff that really happend and they go by really fast when you read them.

message 16: by Colten (new)

Colten Biggs | 3 comments I dont ever really read books. So i dont know about what makes a good book, but recently I am reading The Endgame. Hopefully i will find out what a good book is.

message 17: by Cody (new)

Cody Johnson | 5 comments The best books are what your into, like to hear about peoples rumors? Then there are books for that. Like to watch action movies? Books for that too. But for me, I have alot of diffrent tastes in book. One of my favorites would have to be this, Zach's Lie To me, it's one of those books that make you think about real life, sense the actions in the book actually do happen in the real world.

message 18: by Cami (new)

Cami Torres | 2 comments Omgeezy! I love to read. The types of books I enjoy to read are murder-mystery books. My All time favorite book would have to be Thr3e. The author of this book, Ted Dekker, is my favorite author of all time. This book is about religion and murder. My 2nd favorite book is Thriller by James Patterson. This has minni stories that have great twists at the end.

message 19: by Adilene (new)

Adilene Chavez | 2 comments Im not really a fan of reading. Recently I read this book called Fade to Black. I have a different perspective on how to see people.

message 20: by Andrew (new)

Andrew Yorks | 3 comments I recently came across a book that could become my favorite. The book is called Cold Fire and so far its keeping on the edge of my seat and the suspense is killing me.

message 21: by Janca (new)

Janca (yancha) | 5 comments I like The Hunger Games because there is a lot of action, there is killing, and throughout the series the districts rebell against the capital. The Hunger Games Trilogy Boxset. another good trilogy is The Civil War Trilogy: Gods and Generals / The Killer Angels / The Last Full Measure it is the true story of the American civil war and the generals who fought in it. i love these books because it is about the civil war and the 20th Maine.

message 22: by Jose (new)

Jose | 4 comments I strongly feel that fictional books are the best books known to man.Even though they are not real or have some or maybe alot of nonsense that does not have any meaning, almost all fictional books have a great veriety of imagination. Imagination makes good books. Imagination is what makes the world go round.

message 23: by Beau (new)

Beau Tittensor | 7 comments I like books that have action, mystery, or is sports related. Painting the Black This book is about baseball. It is about a kid in high school that is an amazing pitcher and has a shot to go to college.

message 24: by Jordan (new)

Jordan Taylor (Jordy420) | 1 comments i don't like books at all! So i would have to say there isn't a best book in my opinion!

message 25: by Alejandro (new)

Alejandro | 5 comments Horror where theres alot of blood and guts. Yup my kind of books. Sorry but theres never happy endings in real life.

message 26: by Ramon (new)

Ramon Jovani | 2 comments I don't really read much outside of school, but the book Catching Fire has me hooked! I like books like this and I can't wait to start reading again.

message 27: by Edgar (new)

Edgar | 2 comments Im really not the type of person who likes to read but, recently ive been reading Son of the Mob and i like the fact that the main character is refusing to do anything wtih the family business.

message 28: by Ezequiel (new)

Ezequiel | 2 comments my favorite book so far is Always Running: La Vida Loca: Gang Days in L.A.,because it made look into another whole world.

message 29: by Yaya (last edited Sep 15, 2010 10:29AM) (new)

Yaya | 5 comments I'd have to say my favorite book at the moment would be Perfect Chemistry by Simone Elkeles. This was a book I could partly relate to and I felt myself in.Which now brings me to the next question... What makes them great? I feel what makes a great book is it being able to really interest you, you can't just read a book to read it. You have to feel it and realate to in like I related to Perfect Chemistry. Like Mr.Debarger said a book should be like a mirror you see yourself in, a window that allows you to see something you've never seen or both.

message 30: by Liyah (new)

Liyah T.  (liyahtbabii) | 5 comments I think that the best books are the books that leave you in suspense and the ones that keep you captivated and pulls you in to make you want to read more and more of the book. I also think that a good book should have a good plot/conflict or some type of action involved in the book i think that's what really keeps readers interested.

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