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message 1: by Jennefer (last edited Aug 26, 2010 05:27PM) (new)

Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
I am thinking for our second monthly read we will cycle through theme/setting/author so each quarter we do one of each... I am not going to commit to that, but with that in mind this month we are going to do a read by setting...

This month: Pirate Ship! Arg! ;)
In our beloved genre of bodice rippers, in their broad and adventurous epic scope, a voyage by ship is a pretty common plot development and contact with a pirate ship of some kind (with the pirate possibly being either the hero or a secondary character) is just bound to happen!

To participate: Pick any book with some part of the book taking place on a pirate ship! It does not have to be a major part of the book and the pirate does not have to be the hero. Any small encounter with a pirate ship counts! Again any genre is welcome, but I suspect these will mostly be historical romance novels, but hey, if you find a sky pirate in a futuristic novel, go for it! As you read or when you are done drop by here to discus how the pirate ship setting impacted your book! The setting can be a small or large part of the book you choose to read. It's up to you!

Discussion questions: In the book you read did the setting have a large or small impact on the overall book? How did the characters come to find themselves in this setting? How did the author introduce and describe the setting? How did the characters react to the setting? Was the pirate ship a place of whimsical adventure or more of a dangerous threat? Did you find the situation believable? Was the setting a necessary part of the book or do you think it could have done without?

message 2: by Amanda (last edited Aug 26, 2010 05:37PM) (new)

Amanda | 107 comments How fun! Well, I can't promise to fit this in this month, but I'm going to try. If I do get in on the setting read, I'm going for The Pirate and the Pagan

"Wild as a pagan goddess, Lady Summer galloped her stallion along the Cornish coast. She had dabbled in the smuggler's game to save her family estate, but a wealthy marriage would better serve her purpose now. Lord Ruark Helford seemed the answer to her reckless prayers. But as his hot, hungry kisses drew her toward deception and irresistible acts of love, she had to hesitate. Would this arrogant, handsome lord be her ticket to heaven--or hell?"

It doesn't exactly say much about a pirate ship in that description, but there's gotta be something of that setting in there based on the name! :)

It's on my bookshelf right now. I'll pick it up this month if I have time!

message 3: by Carolyn F. (new)

Carolyn F. | 54 comments I'll have to check my bookshelf.

message 4: by Karla (last edited Aug 27, 2010 05:22AM) (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
Not sure if I'll be getting to this one since I'm reading a chunkster now, but if I can....

Captive Passions by Fern Michaels
Captive Passions (Captive, #1) by Fern Michaels
Sirena Córdez: Proud, beautiful, once humiliated by a band of ruthless pirates who used her brutally at will, she escapes and commands an elusive vessel as the Sea Siren to satisfy her hunger for sweet revenge.

Regan van der Rhys: The impassioned sun-gilded master of the Dutch East Indies whose lusty tastes are stifled by his marriage to the seemingly demure Sirena.

Blazing desire engulfs the sultry vixen and the masterful sun-god as they clash on land as man and wife and on the seas as enemies. In an epic of endless vengeance and love, Sirena meets her lusty match in Regan - the only man who can truly possess her!

message 5: by Noelle (new)

Noelle | 120 comments I'm in on this one. I'm going to read The Captain's Doxy by Lafayette Hammett .

Degraded by Lust......
Homeless, friendless, and pursed by the law for stabbing a lecherous noblemanin defense of her honor, lovely Katy Coswell was abducted aboard the pirate ship Hawk, were she was forced to share the bed of cruel and relentless James Bartlett, captain of the buccaneers.

....Exalted by Passion
At first overcome by shame and revulsion at the lusty captain's amorous advances, Katy soon found herself responding with equal ardor,as his caresses aroused her to a frenzy of desire. Now her only fear was that Jamie would never return her love!

It will probably take me a few days to read it, it's 478 pages, but it should be a fun read. =)

message 6: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
Noelle, that one is on my "to get" list, so I'll definitely be interested in what you have to say about it!

message 7: by Noelle (new)

Noelle | 120 comments I hope it's good. I got the rec off of a thread over at Amazon and the ladies were saying how they didn't like it because the H was so bad. That usually means I'll like

message 8: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
Same here! :D

Them: OMG, it was SOOOOOOOOOO awful!
Me *ears perked*: Ooooooooh, really? Do tell!

message 9: by Noelle (new)

Noelle | 120 comments Karla wrote: "Same here! :D

Them: OMG, it was SOOOOOOOOOO awful!
Me *ears perked*: Ooooooooh, really? Do tell!"

LOL same here!

message 10: by Stephanie (last edited Aug 27, 2010 03:01PM) (new)

Stephanie (creeker) | 133 comments I'm goin with My Lady Vixen by Connie Mason

The Lady
Possessed of an innocent, ethereal beauty, Alexa Ashley knew nothing of the burning hatred Adam Foxworthy felt for her family. Abducted by his men, held prisoner aboard a notorious privateering ship, she succumbed to Adam's masterful seduction-only to learn she had been nothing but a pawn in his game of revenge.

The Vixen
Driven by despair, Alexa made a new name for herself as the bodly seductive mistress of a rival ship, and dared to challenge her lover at his own game.... Stroke by stroke, kiss by kiss, she would teach Adam just how sweet revenge could be!

message 11: by Noelle (new)

Noelle | 120 comments Creeker wrote: "I'm goin with My Lady Vixen by Connie Mason

The Lady
Possessed of an innocent, ehtereal beauty, Alexa Ashley knew nothing of the burning hatred Adam Foxworthy felt for her family. Abducted b..."

Ohh, that one sounds good too Creeker. I had to check my tbr to see if I had it but no such luck. I do have her book Pirate by Mason, Connie . Maybe I'll read a couple of pirate

message 12: by Adrienne (last edited Aug 27, 2010 02:50PM) (new)

Adrienne I'm going with Frenchman's Creek by Daphne du Maurier

Plot Bored with the frivolous life of the royal court, the captivating Lady Dona St. Columb retires to her country estate, leaving her dull husband behind in town. In countryside seclusion, she encounters the dashing French pirate who is responsible for sacking the Cornish coast.

I've read this so many times but it's just too good not to read again (and again and again)

message 13: by SmittenKitten (new)

SmittenKitten | 189 comments Yay, pirates!... I think I'll go with Pirate Royale by Cordia Byers

Royale Carrington refused to be the ward of King Charles and be married as he saw fit. So she took to the high seas as captain of her own pirate ship -- vowing to avenge her father's death at the hands of Spanish conquistadores.

But everything changed the night Royale was kidnapped and brought to El Diablo, the mysterious pirate feared by men and adored by women. For El Diablo awakened all of her desires, and in one night of reckless lovemaking, Royale fell hopelessly in love...

message 14: by Riccarla Roman (new)

Riccarla Roman | 19 comments I'm going to read "Love's Pirate" by Mary Daheim.
"Ecstasies of Desire...
Beautiful Dallas Cameron, left penniless by her father's death, was desperate. When she discovered that Iain Fraser, favorite of the Queen, was making his fortune as a pirate, she proposed a bargain: her silence for his security.

Dallas never dreamed that their arrangement would unleash all the passion of his pirate's blood...or that her gentle innocence would surrender so willingly to desire.

Torments of Love...
But duty to the Queen took Iain away from his bride, and they suffered the agonies and jealousies of lonely seperation. Iain could find happiness with no other woman. And Dallas could not still the longings that raged in her soul. For out of their bargain had come the marriage of two hearts that yearned passionately to be one forever."

Apparently this takes place during the time of Mary Stewart (Mary, Queen of Scots) and Elizabeth I of England. I hadn't realized that Dallas, Glennie,and Terrill were Scottish names.


message 15: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (creeker) | 133 comments Pirate  by Connie Mason Hmm this one sounds good to Noelle, I'll have to check see if I got it too. I got alot of Masons books but she's mostly a hit or miss for me.

message 16: by Joeera (last edited Sep 13, 2010 04:28PM) (new)

Joeera  | 107 comments I'm going with Velvet Chains by Constance O'Banyon


The notorious pirate "The Raven", despised anything britsh-and that included ravishing Lady Season Chatsworth. Theblack grabed captin had kidnapped the english beauty as ransom for an american patriot.But the longer the redcoats stalled negotiations,the more time Raven spent with his prisoner...and the closer he came to tumbling her to his bed! soon all thoughts of freedom for the colonies fled his mind and the only cause he now embraced was possessing his sumptuous captive!.

Emeraled eyed Season Chatsworth had defied her father's plan for her future; she certainly wasn't about to obey a stranger's commands! Escape was all the spirited young woman could think of-until she gazed into her handsome abdouctor's eyes and lost her will to resist.His searing touch and devouring kiss kept her by his side with more force than manacles of steel.Then the moment came when Season no longer rebelled against the cruel fate that linked her to the Raven;now she was forever bound to him by passion's Velvet Chains

Started reading it today (s Sept 13 )

message 17: by Tara (last edited Sep 19, 2010 06:20AM) (new)

Tara | 21 comments I'm going to read Crimson Rapture by Jennifer Horsman:

Never had Christina seen a man as handsome as the notorious pirate Justin Phillips. His lean, masculine frame radiated a shocking strength; his piercing blue eyes left her feeling helpless and weak. Somewhere deep inside her, the innocent beauty felt a yearning for an unknown ecstasy, and thirsted for adventures that were forbidden even in her dreams. But, as his lips gently grazed her flesh and his hands thoroughly ravished her senses, Christina resolved that after he had his way with her, she would flee under the cover of night and forever escape his ardent demands! He forced her response...There was nothing like a challenge to make the blood flow faster in Justin Phillip's veins. So, when the dashing pirate saw the timid wench shrink from his gaze, he decided that he'd take her with-or without-her consent. He coaxed desire from her pouting lips; he awakened passion with his expert touch. The experienced rake knew that Christina would try to run away from pleasure, but once he'd had her..he knew that he could never let her go. If it meant capturing her with kisses, and enslaving her with his caress, he would do it, and turn the seeds of her hidden desire into the full bloom of Crimson Rapture..

I loved this book. I would definitely recommend!

message 18: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
I haven't finished it yet, but wanted to pop in and say that if you want a pure bodice ripper with a serial cheater hero and an alpha female, plot twists you can see a mile off (tho I'm not minding that!) and high seas derring-do, Captive Passions is a great read!

message 19: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
It actually started to get serious around pg. 350 and then volcanos started exploding, so the OTTness got ramped right up again! :D I HAVE to finish it today.

Sandi *~The Pirate Wench~* (thepiratewench) | 839 comments Mod
They are all good! one of my favorites by Rebecca Brandewyne Desire in Disguise and any one who loves pirates/love-story/adventure...Ive listed quite a few over at the "pirate group"

message 21: by Jennefer (new)

Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
Jeanine ♥ Cheshire Catt ♠ wrote: "My Gemini shiny quarter kicked in and I'm reading CP with Karla too (although I'm way behind her!). Definitely a BR - lets just say 1st chapter pirate rape-fest...."

I have one of these... Captive Secrets I think... I might have to check it out sometime soon :) Sounds awesome.

For my pirate book I was planning on reading
Pirate in My Arms by Danelle Harmon , I'm going to try to zoom through A Gentle Feuding and get to my pirate book ASAP!

message 22: by Mary C (last edited Sep 23, 2010 09:15AM) (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) I didn't sign up for this but I did read a pirate book. I read Across a Moonlit Sea (Dante Pirates, #1) by Marsha Canham . I liked it a lot. Pirates aren't my usual read but I did enjoy the book.

I'm not seeing the bookcove that well-don't know if it's my computer or not (I'm at work). But that's Across a Moonlit Sea by Marsha Canham

message 23: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
I finished Captive Passions yesterday. Hooboy, what a fun cheese read! Don't take it a bit seriously. I liked it a bit better than Savage Surrender, though both are glorious OMG OTT WTF BRs.

My review here.

message 24: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 4 comments Oh, I wish I'd joined a month ago! I would have been all over this topic, LOL!

message 25: by Jennefer (new)

Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
You are more than welcome to read and comment a little late :) I still have not started my Pirate book yet, I am hoping I will finish up A Gentle Feuding tonight and I can start mine tomorrow... but I probably won't finish before the month is over

message 26: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie (creeker) | 133 comments Opps I forgot about this but I read Lady Vixen. OMG I can't even remember it I guess that means it was bad. LOL

message 27: by SmittenKitten (last edited Sep 30, 2010 09:57PM) (new)

SmittenKitten | 189 comments I ended up reading several pirate themed romances this month.

Pirate Royale - loved it!, highly recommended

Embrace and Conquer - excellent, great writing, sexy hero, the "pirate" part is the 2nd half of the book

My Lady Vixen - the 1st half was really good, but the 2nd half was not; and the book as a whole was very unbelievable; but it did have a few bodice-ripper elements

Dara's Desire - average, but cute; the heroine was a little annoying because she was so determined to marry the hero just because they slept together, but then the whole situation was just became sort of campy-funny

message 28: by Jennefer (new)

Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
I started my pirate book this week Pirate in My Arms on page 60 or so.... OMG! This guy is the absolute opposite of what a pirate hero should be! If I wanted to read about a well mannered nice guy with a strong sense of honor who picks flowers for the girl and asks her family if he can court her I would be reading... I don't know, not a pirate book!!!

Not even a forced seduction in this one, she kisses him (because she is too naive and sweet to think it will have any effect on him, just trying to get his attention to make another man jealous) and then just goes along with his gently removing her cloths and worshiping her body. What??? No fighting him off, no slaps in the face, no screaming 'I hate you' or 'you are the last man I would ever lie with!' or some such nonsense! When he realizes she was a virgin, he immediately feels the need to offer to marry her!!! When she refuses because she just knows her family would not approve he then proceeds to follow her around like a lost puppy dog trying to win her heart!

I am giving this maybe another 40 pages or so, and if this does not start getting good I am moving on to Devil's Embrace to try and scrub all the sweetness and politeness from my mind!

message 29: by Karla (new)

Karla | 1668 comments Mod
Ugh, Jennefer! Ugh! No! No no no! Where's the piratey rapine? Pirates should NOT be spokesmen for FTD and Whitman's!

message 30: by Mary C (new)

Mary C (marymaryalwayscontrary) There was no forced seduction in Across a Moonlit Sea either. But it was nice in that the heroine is a ship's navigator and an experienced woman.

message 31: by Jennefer (new)

Jennefer (jenneferpracticex3) | 444 comments Mod
Well the hero has left for a sea voyage and we are lead to believe he is being involved in less honorable endeavors. The heroine has been labeled a witch who is clearly breeding devil spawn, stoned and abused and forced to live alone as a hermit by her puritan community. So I think I am going to stick it out and see where this goes!

In the beginning it just was not what I was expecting. I have been known to pick up a nice regency with the whole drawingroom to ballroom to bedroom rutine. I don't mind 'nice' heros. Just was not what I was expecting from this so I was starting to get pissed.

But it's looking up so I'm going to stay the course!

message 32: by Amanda (last edited Oct 02, 2010 08:13PM) (new)

Amanda | 107 comments That's so funny when "the hero has left for a sea voyage and we are lead to believe he is being involved in less honorable endeavors, and the heroine has been labeled a witch who is clearly breeding devil spawn, stoned and abused and forced to live alone as a hermit by her puritan community" means that things are looking up. Hehe :)

I totally know what you mean though Jennefer! That is starting to sound WAY more entertaining now! Can't wait to hear how it is as you get further into it.

message 33: by Lisa (new)

Lisa | 4 comments My favorite pirate themed book is The Windflower by Tom and Sharon Curtis (writing as Laura London). Well-written, interesting characters, despite having a piracy theme, there isn't a cliche in the entire novel!

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