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Charles  Grizzle (crgrizzle) | 7 comments Mod
Sometimes understanding the historical perspective of a book, the mindset of the author, the social setting in which the book was written, or any of a number of factors can help in getting the most out of a book when we read it. This folder is a place to post comments that would be useful to know before beginning to read the book. Sometimes knowing what to look for in a book before you read it allows you to get more out of it. Of course, it is us to each of us to, as we read, decide for ourselves whether or not the advance info we have gotten on a book is truthful and helpful, or unwarranted bias.

A new Topic will be opened for each chapter in Rules for Radicals. Please put comments that you want to make while reading a given chapter in the appropriate Topic.

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Charles  Grizzle (crgrizzle) | 7 comments Mod
Here is the edition that I bought. Since this is such a destructive book, I would suggest that you check one out of a library or borrow one if you can (even though I didn't). I hate to think of any more money being made by the people who publish this book.

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