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message 1: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) Hi IR/Multicultural authors,

I've created a group on She Writes specifically for us. If you're on that site, please join up. If you are not, check out She Writes because it's a great place for women writers!

Best Wishes!

message 2: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Williams | 128 comments Cool! I'll check it out and join!

message 3: by Stephanie (new)

Stephanie Williams | 128 comments I'm having trouble signing up. It keeps saying incorrect password. :(

message 4: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) You can't sign up to She Writes? Please keep trying Stephanie, I don't know. Maybe the site was having problems. Are you already a member of She Writes? You have to be a member of the site first then you can join the group. Let me know!

Best Wishes!

message 5: by Trenice (new)

Trenice I have been waiting for 20 mins to receive the e-mail confirmation. What should I do?

message 6: by Stacy-Deanne (new)

Stacy-Deanne Stacy-Deanne (wwwgoodreadscomstacydeanne) I don't know if She Writes is having problems or what. It's supposed to be just like the other Ning groups. You have to be approved first I believe, if I remember. Maybe that's what's taking so long. It's been a while since I joined but it might be you have to wait for approval status.

Best Wishes!

message 7: by [deleted user] (new)

It has taken me a full day to get the approval email back. I had forgotten to check until I got the email back.

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