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curious excerpt wondering what it meant

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Nightshade Hmm...idk...I guessed that it meant that someone named Leroy went on a quest, was fighting some sort of monster, and his sword broke (or the monster broke it) and he was killed...but I've never really thought about it that much.

Danielle Since it's in 1999, my guess is the author just made it up. Just like Percy isn't in greek mythology.

Kairi Well, I'm now on the fourth book and I just thought about it. The new district dude at Half Blood Hill's dog's name is O'Leroy. I just made that connection, but maybe its nothing.

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Aria i luv that book

Danielle Doesn't Everybody? I've never heard of someone who hasn't!

But back to the topic!

I don't think it's anything, the dog being named O'Leroy. But you might be right.

Does anyone know if Rick Riordan is going to write another anytime soon in the series? (I know one just came out, but like, is the series continuing?)

Brigid ✩ actually the dog's name is Mrs. O'LEARY, so i don't think it's connected ...

and yes, danielle. there is going to be one more book in the series: i've been told that it is called The Last Olympian and that it comes out in May '09

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Aria rely its coming out in may of '09? i cant wait!!!!!!

Brigid ✩ yeah ... i think May 5th

Laura From what I've heard that will be the last book of the series. It was designed as a set of 5.

Danielle well its cool theres gonna be another, but bummer only one more.

Brigid ✩ yep; it's the last one. although rick riordan has said that he might write more books about other half-bloods. personally, i think that would be cool and all but it wouldn't be the same as reading about percy. :(

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