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Don't Be Careful With That Axe Eugene

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message 1: by Carlie (new)

Carlie thats funny...I've never had to try to be black and I say hubby all the time. I love my hubby. my chubby hubby.

message 2: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) I hate having a hobby.

This thread sucks.

message 3: by Carlie (new)

Carlie Hey're a moderator.......don't you think you should do something about this troll?

message 4: by Dave (last edited Jun 18, 2008 11:38AM) (new)

Dave Russell Yeah, I wanna see if he comes back too. I'm fascinated.

message 5: by Carlie (new)

Carlie Actually, calling something gay is one of those newfangled teen terms. So this troll may not be a gay-basher but just a littlest hater. But I can see from its other statements where you would get that from though. And I do hate censorship but I'm getting a real icky uncomfortable feeling about where this is headed if it returns.

message 6: by Dave (new)

Dave Russell Well, using gay in the non-literal, but pejorative sense could still be considered gay-bashing, couldn't it?

message 7: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) I have no problem uninviting him for the "trying to be black line" which I am pretty pissed about.

Unless people are opposed I'm going to kill this post.

message 8: by Carlie (new)

Carlie But he uses the uber-teen word "like" in his profile.

message 9: by Gus (new)

Gus Sanchez (gussanchez) I think Eugene's a cracker. Something tells me his previous thread about work - "I work with a bunch of monkeys" - smacks of hating black people.

I say kill this thread and block his stupid ass.

message 10: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) I'm with Gus.

message 11: by Carlie (new)

Carlie I hope you're wrong

message 12: by Tesse (last edited Jun 18, 2008 11:31PM) (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) Done and done.

I actually did it before I got the votes in!

Gotta go with Dave on the interpretation of usage of the word gay.

Contemporary teen-speak or not gay is not a synonym for stupid or even worse "lame".

Drop it from the vernacular people, it's about fucking time.

message 13: by Lori (new)

Lori (tnbbc) hey. Eugene just joined one of my groups. So far he has been mild. but man oh man, did he piss you guys off. I also think I know him..... I think he works as a union associate where I supervise and he THINKS he is going for police officer but there is no way in hell he is ever going to become one....

He IS a troll. Good for you for booting his ass. I am keeping a close eye on him in my site, but just knowing who he is makes my skin crawl.... hes a creep. How long was he on your site for?

message 14: by Tesse (new)

Tesse (hooksinmyhead) I guess he was on for a bit and stayed quiet then he created three posts in a row that were racist.

After I booted him he made several attempts to get back in under various names but they were easy to track and delete.

I am hesitant to boot people but I want members of varying races, religions, sexualities and ethnicities to feel welcome here and with the kind of crap he was posting I did not see that as possible.

Good luck.

message 15: by Lori (new)

Lori (tnbbc) yeah. he trys to be a bit of a punk, but at work, people can usually get the better of him so he keeps his head down most of the time. I guess on here, he felt like he was untouchable.
I will be watching him closely. I cant just boot him if he is behaving.
Thanks for the info tho. What were the other names he used, just incase he trys that with me...if you remember?

message 16: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (countessofblooms) They all say he's from Mountain Top, PA so they're pretty easy to tell once he drops in.

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