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message 1: by Rickard (new)

Rickard (flowertwig) | 1 comments I found no API methods for adding new books to goodreads. Are there any plans to add this?
I ask because I'm Swedish and many Swedish books are not in goodreads. I have written a small java program that reads a list of EAN codes and then adds the books to a goodreads account. I use an iphone app to scan my books.
It would be nice to be able to fetch data from another API, e.g. google books, and add books that are not already in goodreads. Failing this, is there a way to generate urls that auto-populate the web form for adding new books?

message 2: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) "It would be nice to be able to fetch data from another API, e.g. google book"

That would be nice, but last time we looked that violates googles Terms of Service.

If a book wasn't on our site, and it is on amazon, using the search should import it from either barnes and noble or amazon.

If its not on there, then we don't have a way to add the book via the api yet.

If you had an authorized source of book data, we'd be happy to provide a means to add them.

message 3: by Ragnarok85 (last edited Jan 06, 2011 02:47AM) (new)

Ragnarok85 | 3 comments Well...I think that could be possible to take a shortcut: how about an API to add new book which takes data, for example, from a CSV? In this way who wants can fetch data from Google or whatelse and put them in a CSV or similar (in this way Goodreads doesn't violate googles terms of service) and then the user submits data to Goodreads.
Could be possible? For sure it would be useful! :)

message 4: by Otis (new)

Otis Chandler | 18 comments I'm a little wary of opening that method up into the API as the potential for abuse, or just for cluttering up our database of books, is high. Perhaps we could do it with a white-list.

How many books are there that you haven't been able to add?

message 5: by Ragnarok85 (new)

Ragnarok85 | 3 comments I see the point and maybe a white-list of librarian that can automatically add books could be the best solution.

I haven't be able to add 46 books (almost Italian books) but that's not the point: I believe that a huge number of Italian users will join Goodreads in next months and maybe it could be useful to enlarge the amount of Italian books.
I think in addition that this idea could be very useful for every programmer and good-reader who wants to add considerable amount of books (which are not on Amazon or Barnes&Noble, of course).

message 6: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) Could you email a sample file to

Where are you getting your data from? The books themselves?

message 7: by Ragnarok85 (new)

Ragnarok85 | 3 comments Done

message 8: by Andreas (last edited Dec 04, 2013 11:50AM) (new)

Andreas Galazis | 2 comments I am also interested in an API for adding books which can be used along with another app that I develop. As authors add books to my system I can update yours! Seems like a good deal (you add value to my service because of this automation and I add value to yours because you can also feature eg Greek Authors whose books might be missing)...

message 9: by Andreas (new)

Andreas Galazis | 2 comments Just realized that this is an old post so I was wondering if this API feature now exists.

message 10: by Michael (new)

Michael Economy (michaeleconomy) It doesn't.

Where are you getting book data from thats not in our system?

message 11: by Caladria (new)

Caladria | 1 comments Hello, we create and sell our own eBooks from our own site and it would be great if we could use the API to add our books directly into the Goodreads Database. Our site is at

Is there any movement towards some form of adding books via the API?

message 12: by Ettore (new)

Ettore Pasquini Hi Caladria, you need an ONIX feed for your books. If you have it, please send the info to us at and we'll help you set it up!

message 13: by Tuula (new)

Tuula (tuulap) | 2 comments Hi, there are some Finnish books which are missing from Goodreads either those that are very old (before year 1900), or very new. Our library system offers an API for catalogue data, so it would be nice to just add book to GoodReads with information got there (author, title, publisher) . I probably have to just generate the csv file for importing data, while waiting addBook method, but then there is no opportunity add number of pages at least(?)

message 14: by Jeff (new)

Jeff (jeffwong) | 74 comments Mod
Hi Tuula,

You probably want to setup an ONIX feed for this data. Please contact to set this up.

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