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message 1: by Zakiya (last edited Jun 05, 2010 10:00AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) TTPBM = To The Person Below Me.

Game Rules: If you don't know how to play, I'll explain.
All you do is ask a question or give a statement, like this:

TTPBM: Would you rather have vanilla or chocolate ice cream?

The person below would answer and then do the same thing:

TTPBM: What's your fave school subj?

And so on and so on. Good Luck and Have fun!!

message 2: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) My turn first!

What's your favorite hobby--besides reading?

message 3: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) (you have to answer the question above before you give your question.)

TTPBM: What's your favorite colour?

message 4: by Zakiya (last edited Jun 05, 2010 09:48AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Can't choose. They're both awesome.
TTPBM: What Team are you on? Jacob, Edward, or some other person's Team? (I'm team alice)

message 5: by Zakiya (last edited Jun 05, 2010 09:52AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) I know he does. Have read Eclipse....
TTPBM: What's your favorite book in the series?

message 6: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Pasta, any kind but most def fave is either Mac and Cheese or Fettucine Alfredo.
TTPBM: Your favorite thing to do at home--besides reading?

message 7: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) to the prson below me. it was in msg 1.
TTPBM:Your favorite texting smiley? (I love texting as well!)

message 8: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) :^) or sometimes :> or maybe :D I have a lot of them actually :)
TTPBM:Favorite txt abbr.?

message 9: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Dilligac? Nsdama. (Do I look like I give a care? No so don't ask me again) or ROTFLMFBO (rolling on the floor laughing my frickin butt off). Lol

TTPBM:the maximum # of ppl you can text at once w/o getting conversations confused.

message 10: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) 5; at the most 10. but i forget conversations easily or its usually just 3 or 4.
TTPBM:your middle initial?

message 11: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) blonde

Where do you live?

message 12: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) black (technically a very dark brown, but most people would say black)
TTPBM:the grade you're either finishing now or have already finished

message 13: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Symko (csymko) | 13 comments 43
TTPBM: Do you think Breaking Dawn will be made into 2 movies?

message 14: by Mirza (new)

Mirza (mirzaarhasan) | 16 comments they bettter not.
TTPBM: How many books do you read each week?

message 15: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) with Mirza about BD! Lol

I read more than one at once, but rarely do I finish them within one week; once, it was like 3 or 4.
TTPBM: Your average pages a day? (estimate if you have no clue :))

message 16: by Cheryl (new)

Cheryl Symko (csymko) | 13 comments My average pages a day are usually about 70...sometimes more if I have time.
TTPBM: Do you read at work on your lunchbreak?

message 17: by Sherri (new)

Sherri (sherrij2003) Absolutely!!!

TTPBM: What's you favorite book of all time?

message 18: by Zakiya (last edited Jun 14, 2010 10:10AM) (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Graceling by Kristin Cashore
TTPBM: Sherri's question.

message 20: by Zakiya (new)

Zakiya LadyWings (zladywings) Okay so I actually have to change my previous answer, lol. My fave book of all time (now) is Flawless by Sara Shepard. It is the second book in the Pretty Little Liars series, which, yes, they now have a TV series for :).

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