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message 1: by new_user (new)

new_user Hey, guess who's playing in next year's Thor film, guys? The one and only Idris Elba, whoo!

message 2: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6610 comments Mod
What's Thor about?

message 3: by new_user (last edited May 17, 2010 09:57PM) (new)

new_user Yeah, I'm so happy! Arch, Thor is based on another Marvel comic where the hero is the mythological Norse god of thunder, Thor. I've seen some whining online because Idris isn't white and all Nordic-looking, but an all-white, all-Nordic cast would be super boring to watch, LOL. I'm sorry, it would be like invasion of the clones all over again.

message 4: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6610 comments Mod
Well, it's obvious that the movie director, etc. wanted Idris to play this Thor. It's all good.

message 5: by new_user (new)

new_user Yeah. He doesn't play Thor, but he plays another Norse god, I think.

message 6: by Arch , Mod (new)

Arch  | 6610 comments Mod
new_user wrote: "Yeah. He doesn't play Thor, but he plays another Norse god, I think."

Well, it's still all good.

message 7: by Davina (last edited May 18, 2010 03:15PM) (new)

Davina D. | 796 comments Thanks for sharing this. God, I'm deeply in lust with that man. Not that he needs it, but I'd give him a million for just one night! ;) I'm so tuning into this. Recently saw him in The Losers. The man is so freakin' hot.

I'm very curious to see if this opens in Norway. A black man playing one of their gods ... this should prove very interesting.

message 8: by JC (new)

JC (ainathiel) a Norse god should be able to look however they want, so if he wants to be black, he get too do that. Sometimes in description of deities, you read things like they were dark or have features that could be explained as black. But not everyone else in the culture is something else.

message 9: by Danielle The Book Huntress , Sees Love in All Colors (new)

 Danielle The Book Huntress  (gatadelafuente) | 7314 comments Mod
Hey, works for me! Go Idris!!!

message 10: by Yolonda (last edited May 19, 2010 04:57PM) (new)

Yolonda | 406 comments Idris Elba will be playing a character called Heimdall. Thor is played by Chris Hemsworth (he was Capt Kirk's father in the recent Star Trek movie).

From what I read...this movie is one of the lead up films to the big Avengers movie coming out in 2012. Ironman 2 is also a lead up movie that introduces some Avenger characters.

message 11: by new_user (new)

new_user They did that in the first Iron Man movie too, but I missed that scene after the credits, LOL.

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