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scherzo♫ (pjreads) Kathryn
Rain sounds on the roof
Readers cuddle with a book
Spring Challenge begins

Ms Anderson
Look! The white flurries
That sunbeams alight upon:
Not snow, but blossoms

Writing a haiku
ain't something i like to do
here is my attempt.

As I go about
my day, and about my evening,
I think of reading

Laura (private)
Task 15.5
Sylvia Plath's Ariel
I have finished with

Reading poetry,
my mind soars in the sky of

Little bee greeting
the morning with a smile.
Each day a new day!

Moment before day
The sunrise is on its way
The darkness remains

The birds are singing
Listen to the sounds of spring
The bees are buzzing

The sun is shining
A beautiful spring day
A breeze is blowing

Watch children playing
Couples strolling hand in hand
Love is in the Air

Spring Break has arrived
Time for sun and fun with friends
Next week school again

In the spring of life
Comes honesty and heartache,
Washed away by rain.

The calendar says it's Autumn
The leaves were falling and I caught 'em.

Read another book
For the seasonal challenge
Time to read some more...

Long, silky, white hair
Catch a pink octopus by
the toe. Bark with glee.

Spring is here again
Goodbye to the snow and cold
Time to be outdoors!

Snow covered the ground
I sat cozy in my chair
Reading from white pages

The litter box reeks
From half digested rodents
I take two Advil

If I did nothing
No one else would even notice
That is my despair

Goddess girls welcome
you to Shangri-L.A., dear
with tears and kisses

I don't like poems
Sorry if I offend you
Laughing makes better

(In my part of the world, "poems" is two syllables. I realize, that's not always the case.)

BJ Rose
Books are such pleasure
I read to find a treasure
within each story

Poems may rhyme words,
Books tell stories and fables.
Sun shines as we read.

Spring - cold rain outside
Woodstove keeping warm the house
No need to go out.

Wine glasses sparkling
Reds and whites and blushes wait
Party will start soon

Desert wildflowers
Seen then gone butterfly quick
Arizona spring.

Donna Jo
Hold it more closely
this little cocoon of thought,
Butterfly for reading.

The old snow softens.
Delicate petals stir.
A call to a new life.

"love is all around
so why can't I find the one
who makes me complete”

Billy Collins cheers me up
past poet laureate
(and I don't like poems)

Fiona (Titch)
Keep your faith in all beautiful things;
in the sun when it is hidden,
in the Spring when it is gone.

The sun warms the soil
And green shoots reach to the sky
Bringing renewal

Sunrise in the east
The day is almost over
Sunset in the west

I watched "Lost" tonight
I still have many questions
I am so confused

Summer is coming
In the desert, not so fun
Grateful for my pool!

Winter snow in spring
Quiet blossoms wait for birth
Bright sunlight sparkles

The best gift ever
Looking for what I wanted
Finding me this book

elfin pyramid
muted orange globes touching
one topples free...

Reading in the sun
Warms my skin and soothes my mind
Here's my happy place

Spring! Finally here
Birds chirp, flowers bloom, kids play
A beautiful time.

My day is always going
Here there and everywhere i run amuck
My day is always going.

Slippers slipping off
Slowly slipping under sheets
Head and pillow meet.

The rain comes down fast
Puddles become lakes, lakes become seas
Untill I'm on an island

The sun is shining
The golf clubs are a'waiting
And I grab my keys

Neko is my cat
Neko likes salmon a lot
Steals from my plate

Grancy graybeard blooms
Make sweet white memory trails…
I run away home

The Hills Come Alive
When Julie Sings Edelweiss
Lovely Flowers Grow

Really enjoy poems
Great fun to Read and to write
Challenge Completed!

They're here, daffodils!
Those sweet faces that shout "SPRING!"
Lovely yellow friends.

The rain falls gently
Smooth drops of liquid silver
Peace flows in the air

Lyn M
The leaves on the tree
blowing in the fierce wind
tell me to hang on

It's cold in here, but
I'll deal with it, since I don't
feel like getting up.

A poem colletion
The Dream Keeper and other poems
Made by Langston Hughes

Rachel Lee
Thunderstorms today,
At Least No Hail Is Coming,
House can take no more

Mrs. soule
Ranier’s poems are kind of weird
But some are deep and
Touch a hurting place inside.

books take us flying
imaginations soar wild
only dreams bring more

Once upon a time
there was a clever woman.
She rescued herself.

Blue water roaring
down the gray granite rock walls
beautiful view

Ballads of drovers
shearing sheds, rigged horse races
Banjo Paterson

Riding to the sea
so intense the daffodils
wet by darkened skies

dog scruffy and gray
goes nuts when its time to walk
he brightens our day

Emotions complete,
Love is lost and found, new babe
to love and hold now.

Laura (FL)
losing weight is hard
working out and eating less
wanting less of me

It is very late
I should be in bed asleep
but I'm on goodreads!

Julie McVey
Big Smiles and laughter
Bright sunshine and warm breezes
School's out for summer!

Jennifer N.
Some days my job stinks
Today is one of those days
I plan on drinking

Emotions complete,
Love is lost and found, new babe
to love and hold now.

A gentle spring wind
Turns the pages of my book
Read more, read faster.

A female Christian
Showed what men can do, women
Can do just as well.

message 2: by scherzo♫ (new)

scherzo♫ (pjreads) I hope I found everyone's haiku. Did this because I couldn't sleep -- doesn't mean I'm wide awake

message 3: by Rebecca NJ (new)

Rebecca NJ (njreader) | 1059 comments This is great! Good job pjreads.

message 4: by Lisa (new)

Lisa (lbhick) | 828 comments If you like haikus, then I recommend you read:

Beside a Burning Sea by John Shors Beside a Burning Sea by John Shors

It's a very good historical fiction that has lots of beautiful haiku. It had me daydreaming in haiku.

message 5: by Belinda (last edited Apr 17, 2010 06:25AM) (new)

Belinda (bindyb) | 253 comments I can't believe how creative everyone is! Great job pjreads! Does this make me a published author?

message 6: by Louvaine (new)

Louvaine | 104 comments Wow! Thanks pjreads--awake or not--awesome job!

message 7: by Louvaine (new)

Louvaine | 104 comments Lisa, that looks good. I think I'll add it to my to-be-read list.

message 8: by Leigh (new)

Leigh (leighc) | 125 comments Thanks pjreads, it's so nice to see what everyone's written all in one place :)

message 9: by Manday (new)

Manday | 311 comments I was thinking we should have a thread like this! Great to see what everyone came up with!

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